Round 15 1995

Round 15, 1995
Fitzroy vs Melbourne
Saturday 15 July
Venue: Western Oval
Attendance: 8862

Match Statistics

Melbourne win by 81 points

Goalkickers: Garry Lyon 6, David Neitz 4, Andy Lovell 3, Shaun Smith 3, Glenn Lovett 2, Jeff Hilton 1, Stephen Tingay 1

Brownlow Votes:
3 - David Neitz
2 - Garry Lyon
1 - Andy Lovell


Statistical categories led:
Biggest win at Western Oval

Melbourne's biggest ever win at the Western Oval further cemented their position in the race for the 1995 finals after recovering from a disastrous first six weeks of the season when they failed to win a game.

David Neitz and Garry Lyon were a deadly forward combination against the troubled Lions, with Neitz beating three opponents on the way to having 16 marks and four goals, while Lyon kicked six. With the game well won, Todd Viney was rested forward for most of the second half. Clay Sampson and Adem Yze weren't called off the bench until the last quarter.

Best were Neitz, Lyon and G. Lovett. Darren Kowal was reported for attempting to kick Chris Johnson during
the first quarter but the charge was withdrawn after the umpire reviewed video evidence.

Neil Balme said, "We set ourselves to keep them to a fairly low score because percentage is important to us. I think our blokes played pretty honestly today." He said "It was a pretty loose game, I'm not sure what they are trying to do but it was a bit easy going forward at times".

Melbourne 10.5.65 d. Fitzroy 9.10.64
Goals - Grinter 3, Clarke 2, Rohde 2, Butterworth 1, Heppell 1, Irving 1
Best - Gaspar, Rohde, Grinter


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