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The following players were either listed by, signed to or made appearances with the Melbourne Football Club in an intra-club, practice, Under 19 or Reserves game but did not appear in a senior VFL/AFL/AFLW match. Does not typically include players from the Pre-Season Draft era who trained as prospective draftees but were not selected. These are generally listed under Players linked to Melbourne.




YearsTypeSenior VFL games
Harry Gardner 1898 Pre-season 5 with South Melbourne
Cyril Staples 1897Pre-season
Albert Treeby 1898Pre-season


YearsTypeSenior VFL games
William Annois 1905Recruit
Gus Blanc 1907Recruit
Jim Cullen 1902 Recruit 3 with Essendon, South Melbourne, Carlton
William Giles 1901 Recruit
Tom Heaney 1907Recruit154 with Richmond and Fitzroy
Tom Johnson 1909Recruit
William Knox 1904 Pre-season
Micky Lynch 1900 Pre-season 14 with Collingwood
Wally O'Cock 1904Pre-season
Bob Osborne 1907 Exhibition game


YearsTypeSenior VFL games
Edward Allister 1919Pre-season
Jack Baker 1910 Pre-season 55 with Geelong
Herman Bartlett 1910 Recruit 3 with Fitzroy and Carlton
Norm Bland 1911 Pre-season 1 with St Kilda
Sydney Bradley 1913 Unknown
Alan Couve 1912 Pre-season
Henry Couve 1912Pre-season
Norm Deas 1910Recruit
Frank Dossetor 1911 Recruit 3 with University
William Fleming 1912 Pre-season
Dugald Fraser 1910 Recruit
Rothwell Gordon 1910 Pre-season
Dick Gibbs 1915 Recruit 35 with University
Robert Hardiman 1914 Pre-season
George Holden 1911Pre-season165 with Fitzroy
Wally Johnson 1911Pre-season 190 with Fitzroy
Bill Jones 1913Recruit19 with Richmond
Dick Monteith 1913Pre-season 20 with Essendon
Roy Nettle 1913Pre-season
Percy Parratt 1911Pre-season195 with Fitzroy
Len Phillips 1914 Pre-season 11 with St Kilda and Essendon
Billy Schmidt 1912 Pre-season 165 with Richmond and St Kilda
Jack Sheehan 1912 Pre-season 17 with Collingwood
Arthur Slater 1911 Pre-season 1 with Essendon
Donald Wilson 1914 Recruit


YearsTypeSenior VFL games
Fred Barker 1927 Seconds 31 with Collingwood and Hawthorn
Arthur Batchelor 1924 Pre-season 115 with Fitzroy and North Melbourne
Frank Bell 1922 Recruit
Fred Birnstihl 1926Pre-season 2 with Footscray
Cyril Bogie 1927Pre-season
Martin Bolger 1926-1927 Seconds 185 with Richmond
James Brewis 1924 Recruit
Cyril Bright 1926Pre-season
Harland Brown 1926 Seconds
Sam Brownbill 1923 Seconds
Tom Brownlees 1924 Pre-season 116 with Geelong
Keith Campbell 1923 Pre-season
Eric Cock 1928 Recruit 36 with Collingwood
Dick Colleson 1922 Pre-season
Jim Crossan 1925 Recruit 4 with South Melbourne
Dave Dick 1927Recruit 8 with St Kilda, Essendon and Footscray
Edward Dimmick 1927Pre-season
Tom Elliott 1921 1921 Seconds
Ted Fergeus 1922, 1925 Seconds
Cecil Forty 1925Seconds
Phil Furlong 1920Recruit5 with Essendon
Rupert Gibb 1926 Recruit 16 with Richmond and Footscray
Gerald Gleeson 1926Recruit
Sam Glover 1929 Pre-season 8 with Footscray
Fred Goding 1928 Seconds 9 with Richmond
Robert Grigg 1921Recruit
Nelson Hardiman 1924 Recruit
Trevor Isbel 1927Pre-season
Jim Keddie 1926Pre-season
Jim Lake 1920s Unknown
Fred Lester 1927 Pre-season 1 with Hawthorn
Gerry Matheson 1927-1928 Unknown 16 with Footscray
Roy McDougall 1929 Seconds 8 with Fitzroy
Martin McKinley 1923 Pre-season
Jock McLorinan 1929 Pre-season 6 with St Kilda
Arthur McMahon 1921-1926 Seconds
Frank Mercovich 1921 Recruit 10 with Carlton
Roy Ostberg 1920 Recruit 22 with St Kilda
Joe Paul 1927 Pre-season 14 with North Melbourne
Jimmy Rodgers 1920-1921 Unknown 17 with South Melbourne and Geelong
Charlie Rowe 1923 Training list 55 with Footscray
Bruce Scharp 1926 Pre-season 7 with Carlton, 1 with Hawthorn, 2 with Fitzroy
Harry Smith 1925 Pre-season
Tom Soutar 1920Recruit1 with St Kildaf
Eric Sprague 1924Pre-season3 with Essendon
Jim Sprigg 1920-1925 Seconds
Howard Steele 1929Pre-season
Wilfred Stott 1921 Recruit 11 with Essendon and Richmond
Bill Stone 1920 Recruit9 with Fitzroy
Tom Strownix 1920 Recruit34 with Fitzroy and South Melbourne
Claude Teague 1925Pre-season
Frank Telfer 1927 Pre-season
Jack Wadmore 1921 Seconds
Syd Watson 1924 Seconds
Les White 1922 Pre-season77 with Essendon and St Kilda
Ed Wilson 1924Pre-season
Jack Young 1928Seconds


YearsTypeSenior VFL games
Roy Allen 1936Pre-season
Noel Alsop 1938Seconds7 with Footscray
Frank Anderson 1938Pre-season8 with North Melbourne
Bert Barton 1939 Seconds
Bob Bawden 1937Pre-season107 with Richmond
Ken Bell 1934 Pre-season
Stan Binns 1938Seconds
Billy Blair 1936Recruit2 with Geelong
Sid Blair 1937Recruit
Les Bogie 1934Pre-season 25 with Footscray
Eric Bolger 1933Pre-season
Ray Bond 1937Seconds
William Bourke 1934Seconds
Doug Bourne 1936 Pre-season 48 with St Kilda
Len Boyd-Gurney 1936 Pre-season
Ed Bray 1931 Pre-season6 with North Melbourne
Stan Brett 1936Pre-season9 with Richmond
Roy Burt 1933Recruit
Euan Campbell 1939Unknown
Jim Cardwell 1939-1940Seconds
Norman Carroll 1931Trained
Victor Carroll 1931Trained
Roy Cazaly 1931 Pre-season 198 with St Kilda and South Melbourne
Vic Chanter 1939Seconds108 with Fitzroy
Percy Cheffers 1934-1935Seconds8 with St Kilda
Harry Clack 1933Seconds
Alex Clarke 1934Pre-season15 with North Melbourne
Edmund Clauscen 1933Pre-season25 with North Melbourne
Les Cody 1934 Recruit
Lance Collins 1937-1938Recruit 33 with Carlton
Eric Cormack 1931 Recruit 11 with St Kilda
Henry Crane 1937 Recruit
Sid Dineen 1934 Pre-season28 with South Melbourne
Charlie Docherty 1932Recruit
George Dowler 1935 Pre-season
Hector Downing 1939Pre-season
Harcourt Dowsley 1938Seconds3 with Carlton
Milton Edgeworth 1938 Recruit
Bert Edwards 1930s Pre-season122 with Richmond
Col Eyles 1933Recruit
Clive Fairbairn 1937-1939 Listed player
Horrie Farmer 1933Recruit
Jack Fergus Late 1930s Seconds2 with South Melbourne
Hugh Fischer 1936Seconds
Reg Ford 1932 Pre-season
Ray Francis 1930Pre-season
Reg Geary 1939-1941Seconds
Dick Giles 1938 Pre-season
Harry Gray 1935-1939Seconds9 with South Melbourne
Reg Gregory 1939Recruit
Tom Guest 1930s Unknown
Johnny Hall 1939-1940, 1944Seconds2 with Hawthorn
Ted Hamilton 1937Unknown
Vic Harrison 1934Seconds2 with Geelong
Edward Henning 1932-1933Seconds
Pat Hjorth 1930s/1940sSeconds
Ern Jepson 1933 Exhibition game
Lloyd Johnson 1934Pre-season40 with North Melbourne
Reuben Johnson 1934Pre-season
Trevor Jones 1933 Seconds
Leo Keating 1935 Pre-season
Keith Kemp 1939Pre-season
Fred King 1935Seconds
Arthur Kingsbury 1933Pre-season
Wally Koochew 1933-1934Seconds
Milton Lamb 1934Recruit72 with Geelong
Vern Lamprey 1930 Pre-season
Mervyn Laurie 1934 Pre-season
Michael Leonard 1936 Pre-season27 with North Melbourne
Stan Livingstone 1937Seconds 16 with Footscray
Fred Matthews 1937Seconds
Jack McAlister 1932 Pre-season
Jack McDonagh 1937Seconds14 with Footscray
Kenneth McFee 1930sUnknown
Lindsay McIntyre 1936Seconds
Ken McKenzie 1934Pre-season
Pat Mill 1936-1937 Seconds
Bob Miller 1935-1938 Seconds
George Milne 1936Seconds
Frank Morgan 1934Seconds2 with North Melbourne
Alfred Morris 1932 Seconds
Jim Munday 1936-1937Seconds44 with Geelong
Robert Murray 1938 Trained
Harold Nation 1932 Pre-season
Dave Nelson 1930-1932Seconds7 with North Melbourne
William Newton 1938Pre-season
Ronald Nolan 1932Pre-season
George Nuttall 1930s/1940sThirds
Allan Oakley 1931Recruit 30 with Richmond
Joe Oakley 1936-1937 Reserves 2 with Essendon
Ken Onley 1933Recruit 3 with Hawthorn
Reg Outen 1935-1938Seconds
Bert Palmer 1934Recruit
Stan Palmer 1935Pre-season
Jim Park 1932Pre-season128 with Carlton
George Pattinson 1933Recruit67 with Essendon
Bill Pearson 1938Recruit
Frank Pierce 1937Seconds
Wally Power 1934-1935 Seconds
Billy Quinn 1931Pre-season
Artie Rennie 1930-1932Seconds23 with Essendon
Les Rennie 1934-1935 Seconds 13 with Essendon
Arthur Roberts 1937Pre-season31 with St Kilda
Bill Robertson 1933Pre-season
George Rudolph 1938Pre-season80 with Richmond
Frank Russo 1935Seconds
Hec Rutherford 1933Pre-season
Les Ryan 1935 Pre-season
John Seelenmeyer 1939Pre-season
Ivan Sharp 1932Recruit18 with Fitzroy
Cyril Sheehan 1934-1935Pre-season
Charles Sitch 1939-1941Pre-season and Seconds
Alf Steele 1937Seconds
Jim Steigenberger 1931Unknown12 with Fitzroy and North Melbourne
Charles Stewart 1939-1940sSeconds
Don Stewart 1937Seconds
Jeff Stewart 1939 Seconds
Harold Stone 1934Recruit
Norman Taylor 1935Pre-season
Allan Thompson 1938 Pre-season 23 with Fitzroy
Arthur Thompson 1938Recruit
Lew Thompson 1934-1935Pre-season
Reg Tierney 1930Seconds
Arthur Timms 1937-1938Pre-season
Len Wallace 1934Pre-season61 with Essendon
Bill Warne 1935Recruit6 with Fitzroy
Gordon Waters 1936Seconds32 with Hawthorn
Charlie White 1939 Seconds
Dick Whiting 1934Pre-season
Merv Wickham 1938Recruit1 with Hawthorn
Colin Wilcox 1936-1937Seconds
David Wilkie 1933 Pre-season 1 with Essendon
Colin Wilson 1938Unknown
Ray Wilson 1935Seconds
Roy Wood 1945Pre-season
Dave Young 1938Seconds


YearsTypeSenior VFL games
Ken Adams 1946Pre-season
Burton Allen 1947Recruit
Ron Allen 1940sUnknown
Claude Anderson 1946Training2 with South Melbourne
Joseph Ashdown 1940-1941Seconds1 with St Kilda
Frank Axelson 1943-1944Seconds
Arthur Bailey 1943Seconds
Ray Bastin 1945Pre-season
Mick Beckwith 1944, 1946Recruit
Alf Belton 1944Seconds
Bill Bracher 1945Pre-season
Jack Bray 1940Pre-season 17 with St Kilda
Kevin Burke 1944, 1947Pre-season
Geoff Byrne 1949Unknown
George Burls 1941Seconds
Norm Cain 1949 Seconds
Jack Carroll 1941Pre-season
Dean Chapman 1947Seconds17 with St Kilda
Don Chipp 1949Seconds3 with Fitzroy
Allen Christensen 1949 Pre-season
Howard Church 1948Pre-season
Kevin Cocayne 1940Recruit
Bill Coffield 1940-1941Reserves
Jack Commerford 1948 Recruit
Graham Coningsby 1947-1951Under 19s/Reserves
Wally Cook 1949Pre-season4 with Richmond
Jack Cooper 1949Pre-season3 with Carlton
Peter Cox 1947Recruit
Max Currie 1947 Pre-season34 with Richmond
Greg Curtis 1947Recruit
Stan Dalley 1944-1945Seconds/Pre-season
Ian Dawson 1944Pre-season
Lance Dobson 1943Recruit21 with North Melbourne
Jim Donnelly 1947Pre-season
Frank Dorgan 1940s Seconds
Peter Doyle 1948 Seconds
Kevin Dwyer 1944, 1946Recruit
Bernie Edge 1946Pre-season
Tom Egan 1944Seconds
Roy Eliason 1948Pre-season5 with North Melbourne
Brian Ellis1949-1950Thirds/Seconds
Owen Evans 1935 Pre-season 64 with South Melbourne
Bill Fallon 1946Pre-season
Jack Fallon 1945Pre-season
Des Farmer 1944Seconds
Ted Fay 1943Pre-season28 with Essendon
Jock Farquharson 1947-1948Seconds
Lloyd Fierakowski 1945Recruit
Joe Foden 1942Recruit
Gordon Forbes 1944 Recruit
John Fraser 1940sUnknown
Keith Fraser 1946 Pre-season
Arthur Frost 1946Pre-season
Bob Furler 1944Recruit
George Gale 1945Recruit
Fred Gallagher 1946-1947Recruit84 with Essendon
Bill Geddes 1949Pre-season
Wal Geier 1943Pre-season
Bruce Geraghty 1948List
Alex Gibson 1949Pre-season
Max Gilmour 1947Seconds
Roy Gough 1942-1943Seconds
Ray Gracie 1942Seconds14 with St Kilda
Russell Grambeau 1945Unknown
Ray Grattidge 1946-1947 Seconds
Jack Green 1945Pre-season
Jack Gregory 1941Pre-season
Jack Griggs 1945Pre-season
Gordon Harland 1942Pre-season
Reg Harley 1947Pre-season61 at South Melbourne
Peter Hellard 1943Recruit
Milton Harding 1944Recruit
Jim Heckle 1949Seconds
Ken Herbert 1946Recruit20 with Collingwood
Reg Hesford 1943Pre-season
Cec Hiscox 1941Pre-season
Brian Hoare 1944Pre-season
Ron Hocking 1946Pre-season
Jim Hogan 1949Pre-season
Jim Howell 1943Pre-season
Ernie Hughes 1943 Pre-season
Bill Hulme 1941Seconds
Jack Indian 1944Seconds1 with St Kilda
Noel Impey 1947-1950Seconds
Arthur Irvine 1945Pre-season
Keith James 1945Pre-season
Merv Jeavons 1943 Listed
Neil Jeffrey 1944Seconds6 with North Melbourne
Les Jones 1940s Recruit
George Joshua 1940s Ex-player
Ray Judd 1945Training
Arthur Barr-Kemp 1943Pre-season34 with Richmond
Billy Kingsbury 1941Recruit
Bert Knight 1944 Pre-season
Jack Laxton 1940 Training
Chris Lamborn 1943 Pre-season 10 with North Melbourne, South Melbourne and St Kilda
John Landy 1948-1949Thirds
Keith Le Page 1945 Pre-season
Jack Lee 1945Pre-season
John Leedham 1948Pre-season
Roy Lemon 1947 Recruit
Lloyd Lewis 1942-1945Seconds
Neil Lucas 1946 Training
Ron Mackay 1944, 1947Seconds/Pre-season
Lester Marks 1947Pre-season
Frederick Marsh 1944Seconds
Les Matchett 1945Pre-season
Geoff Matheson 1949 Pre-season
Jack Matson 1948-1949Seconds
Fred Matthews 1947Pre-season
Jack Matthews 1942Recruit
Doug McConchie 1943Pre-season
Jack McDonald 1944Recruit
Basil McGrath 1945Pre-season
Russell McIndoe 1947Pre-season
Alan McLean 1949, 1951Recruit
Lyndsay McNamara 1943 Pre-season4 with South Melbourne and Fitzroy
Hugh Melville 1943Pre-season
Rick Mollison 1949-1951Seconds
Don Morone 1943 Pre-season
Bill Morris 1941Seconds140 with Richmond
Lloyd Morvell 1940Pre-season
Laurence Muir 1943Seconds
Ray Murnane 1947-1948Unknown
Bob Murray 1942Recruit
Jack Nagel 1945 Pre-season
Don Nichols 1944Recruit
Bob O'Leary 1941 Pre-season
Bill Patton 1944Recruit
Ron Perkins 1947Seconds
Don Perritt 1947Recruit
Laurie Peters 1942Pre-season24 with Hawthorn
Ray Pincott 1949 Pre-season
John Poole 1945 Pre-season
Len Pyke 1946, 1948-1949 Thirds
Les Reeves 1946Recruit116 with North Melbourne
Lindsay Reid 1946 Recruit
Bill Roach 1946Seconds1 with Richmond
Dan Roche 1946-1947Recruit
Tom Roche 1945Pre-season
Doug Rolfe 1940Seconds
Graham Runge 1946-1948 Seconds
Alan Saker 1940Seconds2 with Hawthorn
Harry Salmon 1944Pre-season
Jack Sanday 1944-1946Listed player
Ron Short 1949-1950Thirds/Seconds
Roy Simmonds 1940sPre-season192 with Hawthorn
Claude Sinclair 1946Recruit
Sydney Sinclair 1944 Recruit
Eddie Skilbeck 1947Pre-season
Lyle Sligo 1945Recruit
George Smeaton 1940 Guest player149 with Richmond
Roy Southcott 1944Seconds
Kevin Spain 1944-1948Seconds/Exhibition game
Lionel Stanes 1949-1953Thirds/Seconds
Doug Starr 1945Pre-season
James Stead 1942Recruit
Ray Steele 1940Pre-season42 with Richmond
Gordon Stewart 1946 Pre-season
Alan Strang 1940s Seconds
Allan Strang 1949Pre-season15 with South Melbourne
John Stubley 1945Pre-season
Ray Summers 1947Recruit
Jack Sutherland 1949-1950Pre-season
Barry Talochino 1947Recruit
Fred Tate 1947-1949Seconds
Barry Taylor 1946-1947Seconds
Robert Taylor 1947Recruit
Jack Thomas 1949Seconds
Vern Thomas 1945Seconds
Jack Tiernan 1944Pre-season
Bill Tolland 1944 Recruit
Stanley Tomlins 1940Pre-season12 with Richmond
Kevin Tyquin 1943Pre-season
David Vale 1958Seconds
Paul Vincent 1944-45Pre-season
Mervyn Watson 1945Pre-season
Ron Watt 1946 Pre-season
Des Whitford 1944-1945Seconds/Pre-season
Douglas Wight 1940sUnknown
Charlie Williams 1944Recruit
Barry Woods 1941Pre-season
Norm Woods 1943Pre-season
Mick Younger 1945Pre-season


YearsTypeSenior VFL games
Gavin Aitken 1958Fourths
Peter Aitken 1952Pre-season 11 with Carlton
Jack Allen 1951Pre-season
Ray Allen 1953Pre-season
Robert Allison 1957Seconds
Keith Anderson 1953Pre-season
Noel Anderson 1955Recruit
Ray Anderson 1956-1958Thirds
Robert Anderson 1957-1961Fourths/Thirds/Reserves
Brian Andrews 1952Pre-season
Bob Armstrong 1954Pre-season
Graham Arthur 1953Pre-season231 with Hawthorn
Don Ashcroft 1952Pre-season
Graham Ash 1953-1956 Thirds/Seconds
Kevin Avery 1958-1959 Thirds
Peter Bailey 1958Recruit
Darrel Baldock 1954Recruit119 with St Kilda
Bill Barham 1950Recruit
Carl Barassi 1955-1958Fourths/Thirds
Roy Barrett 1952-1953Seconds
Frank Barry 1952Recruit
Peter Beard 1951Pre-season
Ron Beck 1959Recruit
Arthur Bell 1951Recruit
John Bell 1951 Recruit
Rolly Betheras 1956Thirds
Stan Biggs 1956 Pre-season 2 with South Melbourne
Graeme Black 1956-1957Fourths/Thirds
Ian Black 1954Pre-season
Ron Blackburn 1954Pre-season
Sam Boddimer 1952Pre-season
George Bolding 1959Recruit
Tony Bolton 1959Recruit
Bill Bond 1952Seconds
Noel Bosch 1957-1960Fourths/Thirds/Reserves
Ron Bosey 1953Pre-season
Tony Bourke 1959-1963Seconds
Kevin Boyle 1955-1957Thirds
John Brady 1951Pre-season
Rupe Brasher 1950Pre-season
Garry Breen 1959-1962Under 19s/Reserves
Ken Brown 1951Unknown
Peter Bruce 1953Thirds
Barry Burke 1955Pre-season
Pat Burke 1959Pre-season
Tony Burke 1959-1960Seconds
Peter Burns 1956-1957Fourths/Thirds3 with St Kilda
John Burlow 1957Recruit
Gordon Bunning 1956-1957 Fourths/Thirds
Gary Buswell 1958-1959Thirds
Gary Butler 1958-1959Thirds/Seconds
Ray Buzza 1950sUnknown
Neil Byrne 1954Pre-season
Neil Campbell 1956-1959Fourths/Thirds/Seconds
John Carroll 1952Pre-season
Barry Capp 1956Pre-season
Bill Carteres 1954-1955 Pre-season
Pat Cash 1951Pre-season58 with Hawthorn
Reg Chinock 1955Pre-season
Bill Clarke 1951Pre-season
Bobby Clark 1959Recruit5 with Footscray
Daryl Clark 1950Pre-season
Jack Clarke 1954Recruit
Robert Clarke 1959-1960Thirds/Seconds
Trevor Clay 1956Thirds
Max Clear 1950-1951Thirds/Seconds
Trevor Collins 1951Seconds
Brian Collopy 1955-1956Seconds
George Conroy 1953Pre-season
Bob Constable 1958Pre-season
Don Cooper 1950Seconds
Brian Courtney 1954Pre-season
Michael Courtney 1954Reserves
Vin Cousins 1952Pre-season
Peter Cram 1953 Recruit
Jim Crasswell 1950Unknown
Brian Crissfield 1953Pre-season
Brian Crockett 1958Recruit
Jeff Crouch1953Thirds
Arthur Crouch 1955Pre-season
Allan Crowes 1951Pre-season
Laurie Crutchfield 1955Pre-season
Matt Cunningham 1953Pre-season37 with Fitzroy
Max Curren 1951Recruit
Phillip Cutler 1953Thirds
Alan Dale 1954 Exhibition match 45 with Essendon, 17 with St Kilda
Don Daly 1955Pre-season
Graham Davidson 1956Recruit
Ken Davidson 1955-1956Thirds
Pat Davies 1953 Pre-season
Ritchie Day 1953 Pre-season
Ian De Winter 1952 Pre-season
John DeLorenzo 1958Recruit10 with Richmond
Frank Denin 1953 Pre-season
Brian Dempsey 1956Recruit
Noel Dickson 1952Pre-season16 with Footscray
Derek Dighton 1957Pre-season
Darryl Dooley 1955-1956Thirds
Eric Douthie 1953Pre-season
Ron Dudley 1955-1957Fourths/Thirds
Graham Dunbar 1954Thirds
Frank Dunin 1953Unknown
Ian Dunkerley 1953-1956Seconds
Ian Dunlop 1953Thirds
John Eastgate 1959-1961Thirds/Seconds
Ron Edwards 1959Recruit
John Elliott 1952Pre-season
Hugh Ennis 1953Pre-season
Geoff Enright 1951Pre-season
Dick Evans 1955, 1957-1958Seconds/Pre-Season
Graham Evans 1958Recruit
Ron Evans 1954Pre-season
Wally Ewart 1955Pre-season
Rod Ferguson 1958Seconds
Tom Ferguson 1950-1952Thirds
Jack Findlay 1956Recruit
Bob Flanagan 1955Pre-season
Ivan Francis 1954Pre-season
Jack Freeman 1951Pre-season
Alister Fyfe 1955Recruit
Murray Gainger 1956-1959Thirds/Seconds3 with Richmond
Lindsay Gaze 1955Thirds
Lou Germaine 1956Recruit
Barry Gill 1952-1953Seconds
Kevin Glass 1959-1961Fourths
Warren Gleeson 1951Pre-season
Ian Glover 1953Pre-season
Peter Goyne 1956Seconds
Lee Grant 1955Pre-season
Geoff McGraw 1951-1952Pre-season
Keith Greenshields 1953Pre-season
Jack Greenway 1952Recruit
Harry Grellet 1954Recruit
Keith Griffin 1950Thirds
Ian Grover 1953Pre-season
Graham Gunn 1954Pre-season
Arnold Gunther 1953Recruit
Ian Hamilton 1955Seconds
Kevan Hamilton 1955-1956 Seconds11 with Carlton
Brian Hansen 1950 Trained
Jack Harman 1955Pre-season
Jack Harris 1953Recruit
Don Harrison 1953Recruit
Kevin Hartschorn 1954Recruit
Malcolm Hastie 1953Pre-season
Bill Hawes 1954Recruit
Peter Hawthorne 1955-1956Pre-season
Arthur Hayes 1952-1955Thirds/Seconds
Robert Hayes 1954-1957Thirds/Seconds
Max Hearl 1951 Recruit
Max Heathcote 1959 Recruit
Graham Herring 1952-1954Thirds
Geoff Hicks 1951 Pre-season
George Hill 1959-1964Fourths/Under 19s/Reserves
Ted Hill 1956Seconds
Ian Hinks 1954Training
John Hogan 1959Pre-season
Tom Hopkinson 1952Pre-season
Ron Horrocks 1953Pre-season
Lindsay Houston 1951-1953Thirds/Seconds
Bert Howell 1952Pre-season
Dave Hyland 1950Pre-season
Malcolm Innes 1957-1961Fourths/Thirds/Seconds
Roy Isles 1950Thirds
Bill Jackson 1954Pre-season
Robert Jeffreys 1952-1954Thirds
Neville Johnson 1952Pre-season
Barry Johnston 1959-1962Seconds/Reserves
Bob Johnson 1952Seconds
Dick Johnson 1953Pre-season
Terry Johnston 1959-1963Fourths/Thirds/Reserves
Bertram Jones 1958Pre-season
Bill Jones 1950 1950Thirds
Rex Jones 1954Recruit
Ken Jordan 1957Pre-season
Brian Jostlear 1953Seconds
Bert Kearney 1954-1955Seconds
Kevin Keil 1955Recruit
Geoff Keightley 1955Pre-season
Hayden Kellett 1954Seconds
Len Kempler 1953Pre-season
John Kerley 1957-1958Thirds
Ken Kick 1952, 1955Pre-season/Seconds
Ken Kilburn 1953Seconds
Ken Kimball 1952Seconds
John King 1959Recruit
Ian Kirwan 1950Thirds
Will Knersh 1953Recruit
Ray Koch 1950Pre-season
Max Kruse 1954Pre-season
Robin Laidlaw 1954 Thirds
Geoff Lane 1953 Pre-season
Ken Laughton 1955Pre-season
Adrian Lawler 1955Recruit
Tom Lay 1951-1958Thirds/Seconds
Rick Le Gassick 1950-1955, 1957Thirds/Pre-season
Nick Le Plastrier 1953Pre-season
Frank Leahy 1959Fourths
Bill Leech 1954Recruit
Don Liddle 1958Pre-season
Geoff Longney 1955-1956Seconds
Bill Lonie 1951Recruit
Ken Louttit 1950-1951Thirds
Tim Lowe 1953Pre-season
Peter Lumley 1953Pre-season
Max Lyons 1955Recruit
Alan Mance 1958Pre-season
Keith Marsh 1955Pre-season
Bruce Marshall 1954Pre-season
Keith Marshall 1953, 1955 Training
Paddy Martin 1953Pre-season
Geoff Maughan 1958Recruit
Brian McCarthy 1954Pre-season
Don McDonald 1955 Pre-season
Ian McDonald 1953 Pre-season
John McDonald 1951Pre-season
Graham McGilvray 1956Recruit
Ed McGowan 1957Recruit
Bill McGrath 1958Recruit15 with South Melbourne
Ross McGregor 1957Recruit
Ray McHugh 1956Pre-season61 with St Kilda
Alan McIntyre 1950 Pre-season
Doug McIver 1958Thirds
David McKay 1952Pre-season
Ken McKay 1950-1952Thirds/Seconds
Noel McKay 1957-1958Seconds
David McKenzie 1956-1958Thirds/Seconds
Rod McKenzie 1947-1948Thirds/Pre-season
Roger McLeod 1959 Seconds
Ron McLeod 1959Seconds
Alec McLellan 1951Pre-season
Barry McLorinan 1953Pre-season
Bill McMahon 1954Recruit
Bill McNamara 1951Pre-season
Ron McNamara 1951Pre-season
Doug Miller 1955-1956Fourths
Neal Miller 1953Pre-season
Bob Mills 1959-1960Thirds/Pre-season
Ron Milne 1951 Pre-season
Bruce Mitchell 1950Thirds
Merv Mitchell 1950Recruit
Brian Mogg 1953Pre-season
Neil Mooney 1966Reserves
Hector Moore 1950Seconds
Dinny Morrissey 1955Recruit
Ken Morten 1955Recruit
Fred Murray 1954 Trained
John Murray 1956Listed player
Ray Naylor 1950Thirds
Gordon Nicholl 1953 Pre-season
Neil Oakman 1957Recruit
Anthony O'Callaghan 1951-1954Thirds/Seconds
Maurie O'Connell 1952Pre-season
Alf O'Connor 1950Pre-season
Terry O'Farrell 1956 Pre-season
Ted O'Neill 1950Thirds
Dan O'Toole1956-1958Thirds
Ken Olliver 1959Recruit
Ray Olliver 1952Recruit
Fred Olssen 1959-1960Thirds/Seconds
Ken Ormiston 1957Pre-season
John Orton 1951Pre-season
Terry Ousley 1957-1958Thirds
Stirling Palmer 1950Thirds
Kevin Parkes 1953Pre-season
Peter Pannam 1954Recruit
Ray Pascoe 1949Pre-season
Kelvin Payne 1956Recruit35 with Footscray
John Pearce 1953Pre-season
Graham Peck 1950Pre-season32 with Hawthorn and St Kilda
Frank Perri 1950 Thirds
Noel Perry 1950 Thirds
Ian Petty 1959-1962 Thirds/Seconds
Roger Petty 1955Recruit
Ken Phelan 1954Pre-season9 with St Kilda
David Pie 1952Pre-season
Brian Pierce 1954Pre-season
Charlie Pierre-Humbert 1955Pre-season
Doug Poulter 1955Pre-season
John Power 1951-1954Thirds/Seconds
Bob Preece 1950 Thirds
Alan Preen 1957Pre-season
Dick Proffit 1953-1955Thirds/Seconds
Maurie Ranger 1952Pre-season
Neville Renshaw 1955-1957Thirds
Keith Ricardo 1953 Pre-season
Malcolm Richardson 1952, 1954 Pre-season
Peter Richmond 1954Pre-season
Brian Rickards 1951-1954 Thirds/Seconds
Alan Riddle 1959Fourths
John Riley 1953-1954 Thirds
Keith Robertson 1952Recruit
Ross Robertson 1951Seconds
John Robinson 1950Thirds
Ken Rodgers 1951Pre-season
Ken Rodier 1950 Pre-season
Michael Roet 1955Thirds
Allan Rogerson 1956-1957Seconds
Lance Rolfe 1957-1960Thirds/Seconds
Geoff Rosetti 1953Pre-season
Neil Ross 1956-1957Thirds/Seconds
Ray Rumbold 1958Recruit
Ray Runciman 1951Pre-season
Bill Russell 1954Pre-season
Roy Russell 1951Pre-season
Bill Salmon 1955-1956 Thirds
Michael Sanders 1958Thirds
Ian Sartori 1954Pre-season
Kevin Scott 1954-1956 Seconds/Thirds
Alan Schultz 1950s-1964Fourths/Thirds/Seconds
Bernie Scully 1953Pre-season
Geoff Sharp 1953Pre-season
Robert Shearer 1954Unknown
Roy Shaw 1950-1953Thirds
John Shelton 1953Recruit
Barry Sheppard 1959-1960Reserves
Keith Silver 1951Pre-season
Lindsay Smale 1951-1952Pre-season
Allan Smith 1956Recruit
Kevin Smith 1950-1951Thirds/Seconds
Lloyd Smith 1951Seconds
Bob Snow 1950-1952Seconds
Bill Sonie 1951 Unknown
John Standeven 1956-1957Fourths/Thirds
Bert Stanley 1950Pre-season
Jim Stedman 1950-1951Thirds/Seconds
Ron Stephens 1959Recruit
Bob Stephenson 1956Pre-season
Loy Stewart 1952Pre-season22 with Geelong
Hank Stern 1954Pre-season
Bill Stevens 1959-1960Seconds2 with Fitzroy
John Strainger 1952Pre-season
Peter Stronnix 1953-1956Thirds/Seconds
Alan Streeter 1951Pre-season 40 with Carlton
Jack Suttie 1952Recruit1 with St Kilda
John Taylor 1959-1960Fourths/Pre-season
Wes Taylor 1959Seconds
Len Templar 1953Pre-season60 with North Melbourne
Roy Thompson 1952Pre-season
Don Thorne 1957-1958Seconds
Des Tobias 1953Seconds
Peter Tossol 1955-1956Seconds
Robert Trim 1956-1958Fourths/Thirds
Lindsay Turnbull 1955Pre-season
John Vurlow 1957-1958Seconds
John Waddington 1957Recruit 132 with North Melbourne
Bill Waldron1953-1955Thirds/Seconds9 with St Kilda
Les Wallace 1953Seconds
Brian Watson 1953Thirds
Anthony Walsh 1950sSeconds
Paddy Walsh 1952Recruit
Bill Wandin 1955, 1957Pre-season/Seconds
Brian Waters 1955Pre-season5 at Hawthorn
David Watkins 1957Pre-season
Colin Watson 1954Pre-season
Joe Watson 1953Recruit
Brian Weidlich 1959-1961Thirds/Reserves
Bill Whitehead 1952Recruit
Don Whitehead 1953Pre-season
Ian Whitten 1954-1955Thirds
Jack Whelan 1954Recruit
Kevin White 1957Recruit10 with Footscray
Ivor Whitnish 1954 Pre-season
Les Whyte1956-1957Pre-season
Dick Wicks 1952Recruit16 with St Kilda
Brian Williams 1955Recruit
Bruce Williams 1959Recruit62 with Carlton
Len Williams 1958Recruit
Noel Williamson1956Thirds/Seconds
Brian Wilson 1954, 1956Pre-season
Ken Wilson 1951Pre-season
Bruce Winchip 1952Pre-season
Vernon Wise 1953Pre-season
Michael Witman 1956Recruit
Graham Wood 1953Pre-season
Kevin Wood 1950Pre-season
Peter Woodhouse 1958Recruit
Herb Zegelin 1945-1946Exhibition match/pre-season


YearsTypeSenior VFL games
Bill Adams 1963-1965 Fourths/Thirds/Reserves
Brook Andersen 1960sUnder 19s
Graeme Anderson 1969-1970Reserves
Peter Armitage1961-1963Fourths/Thirds/Reserves
Wayne Athorne 1961Pre-season1 with Hawthorn
Brendan Behan 1966Reserves
Alf Bevan 1963Pre-season
Leighton Blackburn 1969-1971Fourths/Thirds/Reserves
John Bolton 1960Pre-season
Graham Bourke 1964Pre-season
Carl Brewster 1964-1965Reserves/Pre-season
Joseph Calleja 1967 Under 19s
John Callery 1966Under 19s
Graham Calverley 1963-1964Reserves10 with Fitzroy
Terry Carboon 1961Unknown
George Carey 1960Fourths5 with Fitzroy
Tom Carey 1961Pre-season1 with North Melbourne
John Cockburn 1963Pre-season
Des Collins 1965Reserves
Ian Collins 1960Pre-season161 with Carlton
Graham Cooney 1966Pre-season
Michael Copeland 1965 Pre-season
Ray Coulter 1963Pre-season
Colin Cox 1965Pre-season
Colin Coutts 1964Under 19s
Michael Crunden 1960Reserves
Leo Dempsey 1961Pre-season
Robert Donaldson 1966Recruit
Graham Douthie 1969Reserves
Carney Doyle 1961-1965Under 19s/Reserves
John Dwyer 1960Pre-season
Gary Edwards 1960-1961Thirds/Reserves
Robert Egan 1968Under 19s
Jeffrey Esdaile 1960s Unknown
John Esdale 1963Reserves
Tony Fahey 1968Reserves
Denis Farr 1967Recruit
Geoff Freeman 1960sFourths
Brian Gilchrist 1960-1962Pre-season
Kevin Glass 1959-1961Fourths
Steve Goodwin 1965-1967Fourths
John Gowdie 1966-1969Fourths/Under 19s/Reserves
Geoff Graham 1969Reserves
Alan Gray 1961Pre-season
Robert Green 1964-1965Recruit
George Griffiths 1963-1965 Fourths/Thirds
Kevin Griggs 1960Pre-season
Bill Grimme 1962Under 19s
David Groves 1963Recruit
John Guest 1967-1970Under 19s
Rod Harrington 1965Pre-season
Ted Heesom 1960-1961Reserves
Eric Heldon 1960Recruit
Brian Hepner 1964Pre-season
John Hollioake 1968Pre-season
Bill Howard 1966Recruit
John Hueston 1969Recruit
Ian Hunter 1960sUnder 19s
Roger Hutton 1966, 1968Pre-season/Reserves
Tom Hynes 1962Pre-season14 with South Melbourne
Tom Ingpen 1964Reserves
Garry Ireland 1961-1962Reserves
Don Irwin 1961Recruit
Bill James 1962-1963Reserves
Peter Johnson 1966Reserves
Reg Jones 1966Recruit
Ken Jorgensen 1963Pre-season
George Kirsanovs 1961Recruit
David Keech 1966Pre-season
David Kirby 1960-1963Under 19s/Reserves
Roger Kirby 1961Recruit
Alan Knape 1966-1967Reserves
Murray Knight 1966Recruit
Roger Lade 1966Pre-season
Charles Lane 1968Reserves
Graham Langsworth 1963Trained
Greg Leal 1966Recruit
Barry Lierich 1969-1974Fourths/Under 19s/Reserves
Doug Lockwood 1964Under 19s
Bob Lynch 1962, 1964Pre-season/Reserves9 with Fitzroy
Bernie Mackay 1964Recruit
Kevin Maher 1962Training
Ken Mangan 1960Reserves
Albert Marr 1964 Under 19s
Colin Marshall 1960Recruit
Peter Martin 1969-1970Under 19s/Reserves
Terry Mayne 1968Signed
Jeff McCubbery 1964Pre-season
Alan McGuiness 1967Listed player
Peter McKenzie 1963-1964Trained/Recruit
Eric McLeod 1964Training
Rod McNab 1963-1965Under 19s/Reserves
Kevin McNamee 1964-1965Under 19s/Reserves
Graham McRobert 1963Training
Rod Meldrum 1966-1967Reserves
John Millard 1964-1965Under 19s/Reserves
Adrian Minton-Connell 1966Reserves
Michael Minton-Connell 1964-1965Under 19s/Reserves
Rod Mishael 1966Recruit
Gavin Mooney1960-1962Under 19s/Reserves
Len Mottram 1961Recruit
Merv Mounter 1964Reserves
Robert Mulavin 1969Under 19s
Neil Mullavey 1961Reserves
Graham Muter 1960Pre-season
Ian Nankervis 1967Pre-season27 at Carlton
Michael O'Brien 1961, 1963Under 19s/Reserves
Rod Orr 1966Under 19s
John Osborne 1964Under 19s
David Papst 1960Recruit
Wayne Paul 1961Reserves
John Pembleton 1960Pre-season
Noel Pidgeon 1960Pre-season
Dick Read 1964Pre-season
Ray Read 1963-1964Reserves/Pre-season
Bill Rheinholdt 1964Recruit
Brendan Rice 1962Under 19s
John Richards 1960Reserves
Ken Roache 1961Pre-season
Alan Roberts 1963-1964Thirds/Pre-season
Bill Rodda 1960Pre-season
Bill Rodriquez 1969-1971 Fourths/Reserves
Bill Rohleder 1963Trained
Ron Rolfe 1959-1961Thirds/Reserves8 with South Melbourne
Damien Ryan 1969-1970Recruit
Ricky Sheers 1962-1963Fourths
Ian Sheppard 1965 Recruit
Geoff Shrive 1965Pre-season
John Sinclair 1964Fourths
Mark Skinner 1968Recruit
Geoff Slade 1962-1965Reserves
Peter Slattery 1966Recruit
Greg Smith1964-1968Fourths/Under 19s/Reserves
Norm Smith 1964Training 5 with Hawthorn
Michael Smith 1966Pre-season
Barry Sproule 1962Pre-season
Michael Stanton 1967-1970Under 19s/Reserves
Felix Strachov 1960-1962Reserves
Glenn Swift 1967, 1969-1970Fourths/Under 19s/Pre-season
Steve Szabo 1960-1961Pre-season
Warren Tassell 1969-1970Fourths/Under 19s
John Tenby 1966 Signed
John Thatcher 1964Pre-season
Jim Theodore 1968-1971Fourths/Under 19s/Reserves
John Thirsk 1963Pre-season
John Thorpe 1960-1961Training/Reserves
Greg Toll 1963-1964Trained/Pre-season
Garry Townsend 1962Pre-season
Jeff Trotman 1964Pre-season2 with Carlton
Brian Vaughan 1960-1964 Seconds
Doug Wade 1960Pre-season267 with Geelong and North Melbourne
Gary Watts 1967-1968Under 19s
Kevin Warren 1960s Unknown
Roger Webb 1960Pre-season
Eric White 1961Pre-season 21 with South Melbourne
Jim Whitelaw 1963Reserves
Reg Wicks 1960-1961Fourths/Under 19s
Lyle Wight 1962-1963Under 19s/Reserves
Bob Williams 1962-1963Reserves
Eric Wilson 1963Pre-season7 with South Melbourne
Peter Winter 1961-1963Under 19s/Reserves
Peter Wood 1963-1965Training/Reserves74 with Fitzroy
Roger Wood 1966 Pre-season


YearsTypeSenior VFL games
Greg Abbott 1973-1974Fourth
Mark Adams 1979-1980sUnder 19s/Reserves
James Ahern 1971-1974Fourths/Under 19s/Reserves
Gregory Aldridge 1974Fourths
John Aldridge 1973Fourths
Michael Allinson 1975Under 19s
David Anderson 1972Reserves
David Arundale 1973-1976Under 19s/Reserves
Giles Ashford 1979Recruit
Brendan Atley 1979Scholarship squad
Colin Aubrey 1971Reserves
Andrew Baker 1973-1974Fourths/Reserves
Geoff Baker 1978Scholarship squad
Chris Bailey 1973Fourths
Michael Baldwin 1977Reserves
Simon Baldwin 1979Scholarship squad
Albert Bardoel 1976Scholarship squad
Peter Bardoel 1978Scholarship squad/Under 19s/Reserves
Robert Barkley 1976-1978Under 19s/Reserves
Russell Barnes 1979Scholarship squad
Shane Barnes 1979Scholarship squad
Stephen Barnes 1972Reserves or Under 19s
Brendon Bateman 1979Scholarship squad
Steve Bawden 1976Scholarship squad/Fourths
Graeme Beattie 1970sUnder 19s
John Begg 1977-1979Reserves
Chris Bell 1978-1981Scholarship squad/Under 19s/Reserves
Robert Bence 1978Scholarship squad
Barry Besanko 1973-1978Under 19s/Reserves3 with Essendon
Shane Besanko 1977Scholarship squad
David Bickford 1975 Reserves
Murray Black 1975 Under 19s
Peter Blood 1971Fourths
Alf Boccabella 1977-1978Under 19s/Reserves
Tony Boyanton 1973-1974Fourths
Ray Boyce 1972-1973Under 19s
Geoff Boyle 1979-1980Under 19s
Greg Boyle 1979-1980Under 19s/Reserves
Chris Brady 1975Scholarship squad
Phillip Britten1978Scholarship squad
Tony Brodie 1976Reserves
Martin Buckley1976Scholarship squad
Tom Buntz 1979-1980Unknown
Richard Burn 1979Under 19s/Reserves
Stewart Buzza 1972 Under 19s
Damien Caddaye 1975-1978Scholarship squad/Under 19s
Bob Campbell 1976Reserves
Geoff Campbell 1973, 1975Fourths/Under 19s
Glen Campbell 1972-1973Fourths/Under 19s
Peter Carey 1973Recruit
Jeff Chapman 1978Under 19s/Reserves
Paul Chappel 1977, 1979Scholarship squad/Under 19s/Reserves
Andrew Chisholm 1974-1975Under 19s/Reserves
John Clark 1979Scholarship squad
Geoff Clarke 1975, 1977-1979Scholarship squad/Under 19s/Reserves
Ross Clarke 1973Fourths/Reserves
Peter Cloke 1974Pre-season28 with Richmond
Stephen Clydesdale 1979Scholarship squad
Michael Cochrane 1978-79Under 19s
Peter Coleman 1971-1972Fourths/Under 19s
Peter Conley 1971Reserves
Stephen Cook 1970-1971Under 19s/Reserves
Gary Cooper 1979Recruit
Ian Cordner 1974, 1977Recruit
Colin Cormick 1979Scholarship squad
John Cortese 1976-1978, 1980Under 19s/Reserves
John Counsel 1975-1976Reserves
Lance Counsel 1971-1973Under 19s
Gregory Coughlan 1974Under 19s
Mal Crawford 1971-1972Recruit
John Cunningham 1971-1973Under 19s
Robert Cunningham 1978Under 19s
Ross Curry 1972Under 19s
Mark Czarnecki 1976-1981Reserves
Mark Davidson 1975-1977Under 19s/Reserves
Ken Davis 1971-1972 Under 19s and Reserves
Michael Davis 1977Scholarship squad
Luke De Munk 1975-1979Scholarship Squad/Under 19s/Reserves
Ross Deakin 1978, 1980-1982Scholarship Squad/Under 19s
Peter Deans 1976, 1978Under 19s/Reserves
Geoff Delaney 1975Under 19s/Reserves
Craig Derrick 1975 Fourths/Scholarship squad
Ross Dickson 1976-1977Fourths/Under 19s
Phil Doran 1971Fourths
Shane Doyle 1978Scholarship squad
Wayne Duke 1977Recruit9 at Fitzroy
Ken Dunn 1974Reserves
Michael Dunne 1978Scholarship squad
John Dwyer 1979Scholarship squad
Peter Dwyer 1978Scholarship squad
Trevor Eddy 1970sTrained
John Einsedel 1977Recruit11 with Richmond
John Ellingworth 1976-1977Fourths/Under 19s
Stephen Ellingworth 1973, 1975-1976Fourths/Reserves
David Evans 1973Fourths
Steven Fanning 1979-1980Scholarship squad/Under 19s
Neil Fergus 1976Under 19s/Reserves
Tim Ferguson 1979Scholarship squad
Brian Field 1970Pre-season
Graham Finlayson 1977Scholarship squad
Barry Fisher 1973-1974Fourths
Peter Flanagan 1974-1975 Reserves
Gavin Folan 1979-1980Scholarship squad/Under 19s
Bruce Ford 1974Fourths
David Fox 1974Reserves
Gary Fox 1978Scholarship squad
Russell France 1978-1979Scholarship squad/Under 19s/Reserves
Andrew Fraser 1975-1976Scholarship squad/Reserves
Greg French 1979Scholarship squad
Phillip Friedman 1974Under 19s/Reserves
Nigel Friend 1976Scholarship squad
Michael Fry 1978Scholarship squad
Peter Fuller1977-1978Under 19s/Reserves
Dean Furnell 1975Scholarship squad
Peter Gabron 1974Fourths
Con Galileos 1976Under 19s
Peter Geddes 1976-1977Under 19s/Reserves
Peter George 1973Fourths
Mark Gilder 1974Fourths
Michael Giulieri 1975-1978Scholarship squad/Under 19s/Reserves
Alan Glanville 1978Scholarship squad
Ross Goodman 1979-1980Under 19s/Reserves
David Gough 1973Fourths
Peter Gough 1974Fourths
Adrian Graham 1970-1971Fourths
John Grant 1974Fourths
Ross Gray 1979Reserves
David Green 1974Reserves
Martin Green 1979Scholarship squad
Neville Green 1971Recruit
Phillip Greene 1976-1980Scholarship squad/Under 19s/Reserves
John Hall 1974Fourths
Greg Halls 1978Scholarship squad
Robert Halsall 1978-1979Scholarship squad/Reserves
Gregory Hartland 1974Fourths
Geoff Hayes 1977-1978Under 19s/Reserves
Chris Hickey 1978-1979Scholarship squad
Gerald Hickey 1974Fourths
Paul Hicks 1978Scholarship squad
David Higgins 1973Fourths
Gary Hitchcock 1979Scholarship squad
John Hilton 1971Fourths
Steve Hilton 1973-1974Fourths/Under 19s
Dean Hipworth 1979-1980, 1983Under 19s/Reserves
John Hogan 1970-1971Fourths/Under 19s
Greg Hollick 1973Recruit
Garth Honey 1971Reserves
Andrew Hope 1979Scholarship squad
Matthew Hope 1975-1977Scholarship squad
Brett Hughes 1978Scholarship squad
Scott Hunter 1979Scholarship squad
Trevor Jerram 1974-1975 Under 19s/Reserves
Barry Jones 1974Fourths
Stuart Jones 1974Fourths
Michael Juliffe 1976, 1978 Scholarship squad/Under 19s/Reserves
Glen Kane 1978, 1980Scholarship squad/Under 19s
Ian Kavanagh 1972-1973Fourths
David Keane 1974, 1976-1977Under 19s/Reserves
John Keast 1974Pre-season 8 with Footscray
Mick Keenan 1978Scholarship squad
Terry Keenan 1975Reserves
Mark Kellett 1970sFourths155 with St Kilda, Footscray and Sydney
Tony Kelly 1979-1980Reserves 10 with Collingwood
Robert Kerley 1974Fourths
Gary Kitto 1979Reserves
Peter Knight 1976Scholarship squad
Randall Kuramoto 1978Scholarship squad
Max Lack 1978Pre-season
Ross Laidlaw 1976Scholarship squad
Jim Lakes 1971Recruit
Alan Lanyon 1978Scholarship squad
John Leary 1970-1975Reserves
Mimo Lia 1977Recruit
Tony Lingard 1977Scholarship squad
Ian Lloyd 1970Recruit
Mark Lockwood 1976, 1978-1979Scholarship squad/Reserves
Gary Loetsch 1979Scholarship squad
Philip Loft 1974Fourths
James Logie 1979Under 19s
Clinton Love 1976-1978Scholarship squad/Under 19s
Bruce Lowe 1978Scholarship squad
Gavin Ludeman 1978Scholarship squad
Michael Lutterell 1974Under 19s/Reserves
Russell Macdonald 1971-1972Under 19s
Robert Mactaggart 1971Fourths/Under 19s
John Mackay 1975-1977Reserves
Robert MacKay 1976-1977Fourths/Under 19s
Russell Mackay 1977Scholarship squad
Ian MacKenzie 1972Under 19s
Jeff Mackie 1974-1975Fourths
Peter Manson 1972Under 19s/Reserves
Christopher Marshall 1974Fourths
Ian Maxey 1974Reserves
Brendon McCarty 1979Scholarship squad
Brian McCarty 1979Scholarship squad
Ian McCormack 1974-1975Fourths
Ken McCormack 1978-1979 Scholarship squad/Under 19s/Reserves
Trevor McIllvenna 1971-1972Fourths/Under 19s
Cameron McKaige 1973Recruit
Mark McKaige 1973Recruit
Rohan McKaige 1973Recruit
Peter McKenna 1970Pre-season
Lindsay McKenzie 1977Reserves
Brendan McKerrell 1978Scholarship squad
Cameron McLean 1977-1978Under 19s/Reserves
Phillip McNaught 1971-1972Fourths/Under 19s
Ray McQueen 1970Fourths
Mark Meda 1978Scholarship squad
Andrew Mehrten 1978Scholarship squad
Phillip Mehrten 1977-1978Under 19s/Reserves
Jim Mercoulia 1975-1976Scholarship squad/Reserves
Stephen Mercovich 1974Fourths
George Miller 1974 Reserves
Wayne Miller 1975Scholarship squad
Graham Mills 1973Scholarship squad
Neville Mills 1976-1978Under 19s/Reserves
Chris Mitchell 1979Scholarship squad
Wayne Mobbs 1976, 1978Scholarship squad/Fourths/Under 19s
Kevin Moloney 1979Scholarship squad
Russell Moncrieff 1976-1979Scholarship squad/Under 19s/Reserves
Geoffrey Moore 1974Fourths
Guy Moorhouse 1971-1975Fourths/Under 19s
Kent Morgan 1973Fourths
Stephen Morgan 1974Fourths
Glen Moulton 1979Reserves
Bernard Munday 1976Scholarship squad
John Newton 1974Recruit
Steven Nicholls 1972Recruit
David Nolan 1973Fourths
Tim Nolan 1976Fourths
Robert Meades 1971-1973Under 19s/Reserves
Peter Morgan 1971-1972Reserves
Chris Munday 1974-1975Under 19s/Reserves
David Nolan 1973-1974Fourths
Michael Norris 1975Reserves10 with South Melbourne
Michael Oaten 1979Scholarship squad
Mark O'Brien 1978Scholarship squad
Tim O'Gorman 1978 Scholarship squad
Daniel O'Kane 1971Recruit
Francis O'Keefe 1975 Recruit
Tony Oliver 1976-1977 Scholarship squad/Fourths
Murray Osborne 1979Scholarship squad
Geoff Osmand 1973-1974Fourths
Darren Palmer 1979Scholarship squad
Peter Palmer 1978Scholarship squad
Wayne Parish 1979-1980Under 19s/Reserves
John Parker 1978Scholarship squad
David Parkinson 1979Scholarship squad
Jim Payne 1979Recruit
Kevin Payne 1977-1979Reserves
Brendan Pendergast 1975Reserves
Ross Perrett 1975Recruit
Ian Peters 1973-1974Under 19s/Reserves
Ralph Peterson 1973Reserves
Peter Phillips 1977Scholarship squad
John Pilkington 1972Reserves
Colin Pilkington 1973Fourths
Greg Pimm 1973-1976Fourths/Under 19s/Reserves
Rory Pincott 1973-1974Under 19s
Tony Pittard 1976-1977Scholarship squad/Under 19s
Ray Potter 1971-1973Fourths/Under 19s
Alan Preston 1975Reserves
Mark Pritchard 1973Fourths
George Quine 1976-1977Under 19s/Reserves
Carl Rachele 1979Scholarship squad
Colin Rackham 1974Fourths
Graeme Rackham 1971Fourths
Michael Rafferty 1976Scholarship squad
Malcolm Ramsay 1977Scholarship squad
Bruce Reid 1975, 1977Recruit86 with Footscray and 33 with Carlton
Wayne Richardson 1971Reseves
Michael Ritterman 1971Reserves
Trevor Roberts 1970 Under 19s
Peter Rogerson 1979Recruit
Brian Ross 1973, 1975Fourths/Under 19s
Mark Rowlands 1974Listed player
Stephen Russell 1973Fourths
Brendan Ryan 1979Scholarship squad
Shane Ryan 1978Scholarship squad
Faustas Sadauskas 1976-1978Scholarship squad/Under 19s
Peter Salter 1975, 1977Scholarship squad
Colin Sampson 1975Under 19s
Robert Sandilands 1970-1971Fourths
Dennis Sandral 1979Recruit
Robert Santagada 1973-1976Fourths/Under 19s/Reserves
Cyril Saunders 1971Reserves
Greg Schaper 1979Scholarship squad
Michael Schulze 1979Scholarship squad
Rod Sellwood 1978Scholarship squad
Michael Sember 1974Reserves
Peter Shemshedin 1977Recruit
Joe Sier 1979-1980Under 19s
Ken Sinclair 1973Fourths
Lyle Skinner 1971Pre-season2 with Fitzroy
Michael Smith 1975 1975Under 19s
Gary Smith 1971Fourths
Ray Smith 1978-1979 Scholarship squad/Reserves
Gary Snell 1971Fourths
David Southam 1979Scholarship squad
Dale Stanley 1977Scholarship squad
Hilton Stephenson1970-1971Under 19s/Reserves
Brett Straker 1978-1979Scholarship squad
Ian Sutton 1974Fourths
Louis Tesoriero 1972-1973Under 19s/Reserves
Ron Thomas 1971Reserves11 with Richmond
Rory Thomas 1976-1978Scholarship squad/Under 19s
Chris Thomson 1977Reserves
Greg Thomson 1978Scholarship squad
Ron Thornycroft 1971-1974 Under 19s/Reserves
Paul Tobin 1975Under 19s
Mark Todman 1978Scholarship squad
George Traianidis 1979Scholarship squad
Lance Turner 1978Scholarship squad
David Webster 1978Scholarship squad
Steven Vick 1978Scholarship squad
Brian Volkering 1973-1974Under 19s/Reserves
Neil Vorbach 1973Fourths
Chris Walker 1970-1971Reserves
Greg Walker 1975Scholarship squad
Robyn Ward 1971 Fourths
David Warming 1975Recruit
Michael Warnett 1979, 1981-1982Scholarship squad/Reserves
Greg Watson 1978Scholarship squad
Phillip Watt 1979Scholarship squad
Peter Watts1973-1974Reserves
Greg Welsh 1970Fourths
Alan West 1979Scholarship squad
Mike Whittaker Late 70s Under 19s
Gary Williamson 1979Scholarship squad
Ian Williamson 1978Scholarship squad
Greg Withers 1974-1976 Under 19s/Reserves
Jeff Woods 1974-1975Under /Reserves
Grantley Woods 1974Reserves
Greg Woods 1974-1975Under 19s/Reserves
Mark Workman 1979Scholarship squad
Brett Wright 1977-1978Scholarship squad
Chris Wylie 1974Fourths
Shane Young 1973, 1975Fourths/Under 19s/Reserves
Mike Zemski 1972 Under 19s
Robert Zubin 1976-1977Under 19s/Reserves


YearsTypeSenior VFL games
Dugald Aitken 1986-1988Under 19s/Reserves
Dean Alford 1989Under 19s
Geoff Allardice 1986-1988Under 19s/Reserves/Exhibition match
Ben Armitage 1983Recruit
Richard Armstrong 1985Reserves
Michael Atkins 1989Reserves
Cameron Aubrey 1989-1991Under 19s
Campbell Barber 1984Under 19s or Reserves
Wayne Barclay 1986-1987Under 19s/Reserves
Jamie Barkley 1982-1984Scholarship squad/Under 19s
Colin Barnes 1982-1983Reserves
Gavin Bayes 1988Reserves5 with Richmond
Jamie Beaton 1986Recruit
Matthew Beesley 1989-1990 Under 19s or Reserves
Ralph Bergman 1980-1984Scholarship squad/Under 19s/Reserves
Steve Betts 1982, 1984Scholarship squad/Under 19s
Chris Bevilacqua 1980Scholarship squad
Warwick Beynon 1982 Scholarship squad
Terence Blythman 1988Under 19s or Reserves
Andrew Braun 1988 Scholarship squad player
David Bregazzi 1989Under 19s
Darren Bourke1988-1989Under 19s/Reserves32 for St Kilda
Rohan Brand 1987Under 19s or Reserves
Ross Brasher 1988 Under 19s or Reserves
Robert Britten 1986 Senior listed
Mark Brodie 1985-1986Under 19s
Chris Brook 1988 Under 19s or Reserves
John Brunner 1985Reserves
Phillip Bunn 1980-1981Reserves
Wesley Byrns 1988 Under 19s or Reserves
Rob Callender 1982, 1984Scholarship squad/Under 19s
Mark Calleja 1981Under 19s
Stephen Camilleri 1988-1989Under 19s or Reserves
Leigh Capsalis 1989-1991Under 19s/Reserves1 with St Kilda
Norm Cartledge 1986-1987Under 19s/Reserves
Chris Chant 1984-1985 Under 19s or Reserves
Gilles Cheung 1984 Under 19s or Reserves
David Chick 1988Under 19s or Reserves
Dean Clark 1987Under 19s or Reserves
Roland Clark 1980Scholarship squad
Justin Clarkson 1987Under 19s3 with Sydney
Darren Comi 1984-1988Under 19s/Reserves
Tim Conway 1987Under 19s
Campbell Cooney 1980Reserves
Geoff Cooper 1980Scholarship squad
Brian Corboy 1982-1983Under 19s
Dean Coupar 1984Under 19s or Reserves
Paul Courtney 1985Under 19s or Reserves
Malcolm Cowling 1984Under 19s or Reserves
Mark Crawford 1987Under 19s
Leigh Crosby 1986Under 19s
Keiran Cross 1984Under 19s
Scott Curran 1981-1983Under 19s
Dermot Dann 1984-1986Under 19s/Reserves
Leo Darveniza 1986Reserves
Chris David 1985Under 19s or Reserves
Brett Dawson 1985Under 19s or Reserves
Joseph Dent 1988-1990Under 19s/Reserves
John DiStefano 1981-1983Under 19s/Reserves
Murray Dickson 1984Under 19s or Reserves
Bill Dooley 1989Under 19s
Mark Ducker 1988Recruit
Dean Duerkop 1984-1986Under 19s/Reserves
Ross Duffy 1984Under 19s or Reserves
Greg Dunstan 1984Under 19s or Reserves
Dean Duursma 1986, 1988Under 19s/Reserves
Russ Dyer 1985 Trained
Bruce Edwards 1983-1987Under 19s
Brad Evans 1987Reserves
Alan Ezard 1983Pre-season184 with Essendon
James Fahey 1984Recruit
Simon Fanning 1989-1990Under 19s/Reserves
Chris Farrell 1988-1991Reserves
Mark Fedoruk 1989Reserves
Amit Field 1989 Under 15s squad
Andrew Fisher1986Pre-season
Mark Fisher 1981-1982Under 19s/Reserves
Mark Fitzpatrick 1986Recruit
Dan Foley1985Pre-season13 with Richmond
David Forbes 1986Reserves
Chris Ford 1981-1982Under 19s/Reserves
Chris Gardner 1983, 1987Under 19s
John Gazeas 1987-1988Reserves
Scott Gilder 1987-1988Under 19s/Reserves
John Gilpin 1980Scholarship squad
Keith Goonewardene 1989-1991Under 19s/Reserves
Robbie Gow 1986-1987Under 19s
Anthony Graham 1986-1990Under 19s/Reserves
Sean Gray 1983Under 19s
Tom Grehan 1989Under 19s
Stuart Griffiths 1988Reserves17 with Richmond
Tony Griffiths 1980Under 19s
Joe Grimes 1980Scholarship squad
Stephen Gumley 1986Reserves
Peter Hale 1988Under 19s or Reserves
Ashley Hamilton 1987Under 19s or Reserves
Ian Hamilton 1980 Scholarship Squad
Glenn Hanlan 1987-1988Under 19s or Reserves
Matthew Hanlan 1989Under 19s or Reserves
Tony Hannant 1984-1986Under 19s/Reserves
Danny Hanvey 1980Scholarship squad
Merv Harbinson 1986Pre-season2 with Essendon
Graham Hawkins 1987-1990Under 19s/Reserves
Martin Hay 1984-1985Under 19s or Reserves
Matthew Healy 1987Under 19s
William Heath 1983Under 19s or Reserves
Les Hedger 1981Under 19s/Reserves
Peter Helms 1986 Pre-season
Robert Hendriks 1980Scholarship squad
Leigh Herbel 1987-1988Under 19s or Reserves
Ashley Hewitson 19851987Under 19s
Dennis Hickey 1982Under 19s
Andrew Higgins 1981Pre-season
Tim Hille 1983-1984Under 19s
Rohan Hillman 1986Under 19s
Michael Hobbes 1989-1990Reserves
Stephen Hogan 1980Scholarship squad
Brad Hollingsworth 1987-1988Under 19s or Reserves
Ron Howard 1981-1983Under 19s/Reserves
Richard Hume 1988Under 19s or Reserves
Mike Hunt 1987Reserves
Steven Jackson 1980-1981Scholarship squad/Under 19s
Neil Jamieson 1984Under 19s or Reserves
Darren Jarman 1986Draftee230 with Hawthorn and Adelaide
Tom Jobling 1983-1984Recruit
Andrew Johns 1988Reserves
Tony Johnson 1980-1983Scholarship squad/Under 19s/Reserves
Stuart Johnstone 1988-1990Under 19s/Reserves
David Jones 1985 or 1986Under 19s or Reserves
Jason Jones 1988Under 19s or Reserves
Peter Jonson 1986Under 19s or Reserves
Bruce Joycey 1980Scholarship squad/Under 19s/Reserves
Brad Judd 1981-1984Under 19s
Tom Keipert 1988-1989Under 19s
Tony Keenan1984Recruit3 with Collingwood
John Kelly 1988Under 19s or Reserves
Mark Kennedy 1988 Reserves
Patrick Kerr 1980Scholarship squad
Glen Kiley 1984-1987Under 19s/Reserves/Exhibition match
Craig King 1980, 1983-1986Scholarship squad/Under 19s/Reserves
Denis Knight 1987Under 19s/Reserves
Danny Lamb 1987-1988Reserves
Anthony Lance 1987-1990Under 19s/Reserves
Peter Lane 1984-1987Under 19s
Dale Lawrence 1982-1987Under 19s/Reserves
Robert Lawson 1982Reserves
Shaun Lee 1989Under 19s or Reserves
Shane Lethlean 1987Under 19s or Reserves
Peter Light 1982Reserves2 with Essendon
Hugh Litchfield 1987Pre-season
Rocky Locandro 1980Scholarship squad/Under 19s
Tony Loorham 1981Under 19s
Michael Lovett 1986-1989Under 19s or Reserves
Brett Lynch1988Under 19s or Reserves
Nick MacAulay 1985Under 19s or Reserves
Tim McCaughan 1986 Pre-season
Glen McDermid 1980-1981Reserves
Greg Marra 1984-1986Under 19s/Reserves
Jamie Marra 1985-1986Under 19s or Reserves
Justin Marshall 1989Under 19s/Reserves
Aaron Martello 1985-1987Under 19s/Reserves
Vic Mather 1981Under 19s
Eamonn Mathieson 1985-1989Under 19s/Reserves
David Matthews 1984-1985Reserves
Tony Mazurek 1982-1983Scholarship squad/Under 19s/Reserves
Paul McCarty 1982-1984Under 19s/Reserves
Peter McCarty 1984-1987Under 19s/Reserves
Peter McColl 1987Under 19s or Reserves
Adrian McCorkell 1986Under 19s
Peter McCormack 1986Recruit
David McDonald 1980 Scholarship squad
Mark McDonald 1980-1984Scholarship squad/Under 19s/Reserves
Jason McGaw 1987Under 19s or Reserves
Tony McGivern 1981Under 19s or Reserves
Neil McIntosh 1980sReserves
Glenn McKissack 1979-1980Under 19s/Reserves
Paul McLean 1983-1986Under 19s or Reserves1 with Fitzroy
Rob McLuskey 1989Under 19s or Reserves
Ian McMullin 1984Pre-season49 with Collingwood and Essendon
Tim McNeil 1988Draftee
Kevin Meehan 1980 Scholarship squad
Paul Mihan 1988Under 19s or Reserves
Robert Miller 1986Under 19s or Reserves
Paul Millett 1989Under 19s or Reserves
Brett Minchington 1987-1988Reserves
Darren Mitchelson 1988Reserves
Tim Moreland 1989-1990Under 19s/Reserves
Nik Morey 1988-1990Under 19s/Reserves
David Muir 1981-1983Under 19sReserves
Ryan Murphy 1986Under 19s or Reserves
Paul Nankervis 1986Under 19s
Robert Newton 1987Under 19s or Reserves
Tony Nilsson 1980-1981Scholarship squad/Under 19s
Dallas Normington 1986-1989Under 19s/Reserves/Exhibition match
John O'Callaghan 1986Under 19s
David O'Riley 1985Under 19s or Reserves
Sean O'Sullivan 1988-1989Under 19s or Reserves
Darren Ogier 1988Recruit23 with Carlton, North Melbourne and Sydney
Nick Oman 1983Under 19s
Justin Opyrchal 1984-1986Under 19s
Darren Pallant 1989Pre-season
Phil Partington 1987-1989Under 19s/Reserves
Sid Pappas 1980-1984Scholarship squad/Under 19s/Reserves
Rick Patterson 1980Recruit
Rohan Patullo 1987Under 19s or Reserves
Andrew Peck 1987-1990Reserves
Glen Philbey 1983-1984Under 19sReserves
Jeff Phillipe 1984Recruit
Darren Poskitt 1980Scholarship squad
Stewart Powell 1987Under 19s or Reserves
Matthew Power 1988-1989Under 19s or Reserves
Corey Prendergast 1989Under 19s
Ashley Pritchard 1987Under 19s or Reserves
David Putamorsi 1988-1989Under 19s/Reserves
Wayne Rebbechi 1985, 1988Under 19s/Reserves and pre-season
Peter Rennie 1988-1989Reserves
Paul Richards 1985-1986Recruit
Ashley Roberts 1989-1990Under 19s
Trevor Robinson 1986-1987Under 19s
Anthony Roe 1985-1986Under 19s or Reserves
Danny Rosen 1989 Under 15s squad
Shane Rossborough 1987-1988Under 19s or Reserves
Paul Rouvray 1989Recruit21 with Adelaide
Mark Russell 1986Reserves14 with Sydney
Glenn Ryan 1982Recruit
Peter Ryan 1985-1987Reserves
Ali Sadiku 1988Under 19s or Reserves
Steven Salvador 1988 Reserves
Shannon Sargent 1989Under 19s or Reserves
Dominic Scardamaglia 1989Under 19s or Reserves
Darren Seccull 1983Under 19s
Matthew Sherlock 1985Under 19s or Reserves
Peter Sherwen 1980Reserves
Shane Sibraa 1989Under 19s or Reserves
Terry Siderellis 1989-1991Under 19s/Reserves
Nathan Skudutis 1987Under 19s or Reserves
Paul Smit 1985-1987Under 19s or Reserves
Cameron Smith 1985-1987Under 19s/Reserves/Exhibition matches
Andrew Smythe 1985-1986Reserves/Pre-season
Jamie Solyom 1989-1990Under 19s/Reserves
Dominic Spillane 1986 Pre-season
David Stephenson 1980Scholarship squad
Matthew Stevens 1986Under 19s or Reserves
Chris Stiegler 1989Reserves
Martin Stillman 1987Under 19s or Reserves
Damian Stoney 1988Under 19s or Reserves
Tim Stoney 1984-1988Under 19s/Reserves
Mark Summers 1985-1986Under19s/Reserves/Pre-season15 with Richmond
Lino Taglieri 1986-1988Under 19s/Reserves
Paul Takerei 1984Triallist
Dale Tapping 1988Reserves
Basile Theoharis 1985-1987Under 19s
Thomas Thigpen 1982Recruit
Keith Thomas 1982Draftee28 with Fitzroy
Mark Thomas 1981-1983Reserves
Robert Thomas 1982-1983Scholarship squad/Under 19s
Warwick Tinsley 1988Under 19s or Reserves
James Tomkins 1989Reserves
Barry Tossol 1984Under 19s or Reserves
Tony Triffitt 1980Pre-season
Paul Tschappeller 1985Under 19s or Reserves
Nick Tunbridge 1981Recruit
Peter Tunbridge 1981Recruit
John Turnbull 1981Under 19s/Reserves
Scott Turner 1988-1989Reserves/Exhibition matches144 with Richmond
Kevin Van Eede 1987Under 19s or Reserves
Murray Varcoe 1986-1987Under 19s or Reserves
Paul Wagland 1984Under 19s
Cameron Waldron 1984Under 19s
Craig Walker 1988-1989Reserves
Michael Walker 1987Reserves
Richard Warburton 1983Recruit
Shane Ward 1982-1986Under 19s/Reserves
William Ward-Ambler 1987Under 19s
Matthew Werner 1989Under 19s or Reserves
Clinton West 1987Under 19s or Reserves
Ian Westmore 1983, 1986-1987Under 19s/Reserves
Sean Whitworth 1980-1981Scholarship squad/Under 19s
Grant Williams 1983Under 19s
Kyle Wilson 1986Recruit
Simon Woodman 1981Under 19s
Stephen Woolfe 1980, 1983Scholarship squad/Recruit


YearsTypeSenior VFL games
Lee Anderson 1998-1999Reserves
Ivan Bartul 1993-1995Recruit/Reserves
Nathan Bassett1997Reserves210 with Adelaide
Kane Batzloff 1991 Under 19s
Matthew Bell 1998-1999Reserves
Adam Benjamin 1995Reserves
Micah Berry 1992Reserves
Craig Black 1997Reserves
Jason Blake 1990sReserves187 with St Kilda
Matthew Blake 1998Reserves
Mark Bolton 1997Reserves top-up124 with Essendon
Matt Bonadio 1999Reserves top-up
Mark Bouw 1992Reserves
Jason Bram 1991 Under 15s squad
Luke Brennan 1990Unknown
Peter Brough 1990Unknown
Brant Chambers 1998Reserves top-up
Dean Brown 1994Reserves
Andrew Browne 1991Under 19s
Niall Buckley 1991Under 19s
David Bunning 1996Reserves top-up
Paul Butterworth 1995Reserves
Jamie Cann 1998-1999Reserves
Damien Carroll 1991Under 19s/Reserves
John Carroll 1991,1994-1995Under 19s/Reserves
Paul Chapman 1999Reserves top-up251 with Geelong
Daniel Clarke 1993-1995Reserves
Bruce Cohen 1993Reserves
Travis Coote 1990Under 19s
Paul Corrigan 1996Reserves53 with Geelong
Michael Coutts 1992Reserves
Troy Cox 1992Reserves
Trent Crothers 1998Reserves
John Cunningham1993 Reserves2 with Geelong
Christian Davidson 1992, 1996Reserves
George De Crespigny 1997Reserves
Paul Dooley 1995Reserves14 with Western Bulldogs
Luke Donald 1992Pre-season 3 with St Kilda
Jason Dullard 1992Reserves
Cameron Eabry 1992Reserves
Shaun Ellis 1990Under 19s
Andrew Eslick 1994Reserves
Brett Evans 1993-1994Reserves28 with Richmond
Bill Fafatoulis 1991Under 19s
Anthony Ferraro 1998Reserves
Robert Fields 1994Reserves
Justin Foot 1991Under 19s or Reserves
Paul Foot 1990-1991Under 19s/Reserves
Eachan Fraser 1991Under 19s
Glenn Freeborn 1993Reserves138 with North Melbourne and Collingwood
Chris Frost 1997Reserves
Ricky Frost 1997, 1999Reserves
Clayton Gardiner 1997Reserves
Ashley Gehling 1996-1997Reserves
Shannon Gibson 1999Reserves28 with Hawthorn and Collingwood
Brett Gniel 1991Under 19s or Reserves
Heath Goodale 1997Reserves
Brian Goldberg 1990-1991Under 19s
Phillip Goldberg 1990-1991Under 19s/Reserves
Marc Gordon 1990Under 19s
George Gorozidis 1991-1992Reserves
Leigh Gray 1994Reserves
Jordan Grigg 1991Under 19s
James Guest 1996Reserves
Brad Hall 1994-1995Reserves
Anthony Hardie 1997Reserves
Darren Harris1997Reserves
Ricky Hartman 1991-1993Under 19s/Reserves
Jason Harwood 1991Under 19s
Tom Hayden 1992Reserves
Steve Hazelman 1999 Reserves top-up
Campbell Heath 1991Under 19s or Reserves
Brad Hodge 1994Reserves top-up
Glen Hoffman 1994Reserves
Paul Hogarth 1990Reserves
Chris Holcombe 1996Reserves
David Innella 1993Reserves
Brett Jeffrey 1993Reserves
Adam Jones 1994Recruit
Austinn Jones 1990sReserves top-up226 with St Kilda
Ben Judd 1992Reserves
Haydon Kilmartin 1992-1993Reserves10 with Hawthorn
Matthew Kluzek 1993Recruit24 with Adelaide
Robert Lemon 1990-1992Under 19s/Reserves
Ty-Ty Lim 1991Under 19s or Reserves
Tim Livingstone 1992Reserves top-up8 with Richmond
Matthew Mackay 1992-1993Reserves
Mark Mackenzie 1991Under 19s
Robert Makinson 1991Under 19s
Steve Moloney 1990Pre-season
Danny McCarthy 1990-1991Under 19s
Gary Merritt 1991 Under 19s
Travis Millar 1994Recruit
David Morrison 1991Reserves
Shane Mottram 1990Under 19s or Reserves
Glenn Muehllechner 1999 Reserves
Damon Munt 1993Draftee
Stuart Nagle 1995Reserves
Allen Nash 1996Reserves
Scott Nelson 1990-1992Under 19s/Reserves
Cristian OBrien 1991-1992Under 19s/Reserves2 with Geelong
Ryan O'Keefe 1999Reserves top-up286 with Sydney
Michael O'Neill 1993Reserves
Mark O'Sullivan 1990-1991Under 19s
Duncan O'Toole 1996Recruit
Scott Oram 1998Reserves
Lee Orchard 1995Reserves
Damian Orlando 1999Reserves
Robert Panozzo 1991Reserves
Emil Parthenides1996Reserves
Justin Pascoe 1994Reserves
Nick Perry 1992Reserves
Mark Peterson 1990-1991Under 19s
Damien Peverill 1999Reserves144 total
Ben Physick 1997Reserves
Brad Pinches 1991Under 19s
Michael Prentice 1993-1995Reserves
Rohan Price 1996Reserves
Rob Railton 1996Reserves
Cameron Ramsay 1999-2000Reserves
Ashley Reade 1994Reserves
Warren Reuhland 1991Under 19s
Paul Ridley 1994Reserves
John Ruecroft 1995Reserves
Jason Saddington1997Reserves top-up162 with Sydney
Claude Sampieri 1993Reserves
Matthew Schrama 1997Reserves
Craig Scrimizzi 1990 Under 19s
Nick Sebo 1991-1992Reserves
Matthew Sexton 1990Reserves
Adam Shanahan 1994Reserves
Troy Shannon 1990-1991Under 19s.
Tom Shelton 1992Reserves
Jess Sinclair 1996Reserves top-up192 with Fremantle and North Melbourne
Damien Slater 1994Reserves
Nathan Smart 1992Reserves
Brad Smith 1993Reserves
Stephen Smith 1992Reserves
Paul Steiner 1991Under 15s squad
Fraser Stevenson 1999Reserves top-up
Anthony Stocker 1990-1991Under 19s/Reserves
Guyan Stroud1990-1991Under 19s/Reserves
David Stynes 1997Reserves
Jeremy Sutcliffe 1997Reserves
David Taylor 1991-1993Under 19s/Reserves
Scott Teal 1992Reserves
Paul Theodore 1991Under 19s or Reserves
Simon Theodore 1990-1992Under 19s/Reserves
Greg Tivendale 1997Reserves top-up188 with Richmond
Anthony Tohill 1990-1991Under 19s/Reserves
Olly Trand 1999Reserves top-up
Anthony Tucker 1993Reserves
Peter Van Der Meer 1990Reserves
Troy Weller 1997 Pre-season
Nick White 1991Reserves
Glenn Wilkins 1990-1991Under 19s/Reserves
Adam Williams 1991Under 19s or Reserves
Brent Williams1998Reserves7 with Adelaide
Adam Williamson 1995Reserves
Scott Williamson 1990Reserves
Mark Winterton 1997-1998Reserves
Robert Woodland 1991Under 19s
Ashley Woods 1990 Under 19s or Reserves
Damien Yze 1996-1997Reserves
Brett Zorzi 1997, 1999Reserves top-up


YearsTypeSenior VFL games
Ryan Ayres 2002-2003Reserves
Mark Berts 2001Reserves
Daniel Breese 2001-2003Reserves
Dale Carson 2003-2004Reserves
Joel Campbell 2004Reserves
Mitchell Craig 2001Reserves
Kevin Devine 2001Reserves
Benjamin Doherty 2001Reserves
Adam Fisher 2003-2004Reserves
Andre Gianfagna 2006Reserves
Nick Gill 2000-2001Reserves17 with Adelaide
Rhys Healey 2009-2010Reserves
Thomas Marshall 2001-2002Reserves
Luke Molan 2002-2004Reserves
Shane Neaves 2006-2007Reserves
Heath Neville 2006-2007Reserves
Paul Newman 2004Reserves
Shannon O'Brien 2000-2001Reserves
Ezra Poyas 2003Reserves9 with Richmond
David Robbins 2002Reserves
Aaron Rogers 2002-2003 Reserves2 with Sydney
Luke Speers 1999-2000Reserves
Luke Taylor 1999-2000Reserves
Brendan Van Schaik 2005Reserves
Nicholas Walsh 2002-2003Reserves
Trent Zomer 2008-2009 Reserves


YearsTypeSenior VFL games
Robert Campbell 2011Reserves116 with Hawthorn
Lucas Cook 2011-2012Reserves
Lachlan Filipovic 2017-2018Reserves
Liam Hulett 2016-2017Reserves
Cameron Johnston 2011Reserves
Dion Johnstone 2017-2018 Reserves
Max King 2014-2016Reserves
Mitch King 2016-2018 Reserves
Kelvin Lawrence 2011-2012Reserves
Pat McKenna 2017-2018 Reserves
Jai Sheahan 2012Reserves
Nathan Stark 2013Reserves
Rory Taggert 2012-2013Reserves
Guy Walker 2018-2019Category B Rookie
Maia Westrupp 2013-2014Reserves
Leigh Williams 2012Reserves


YearsTypeSenior VFL games
Majak Daw 2021-2022 Reserves
Kobe Farmer 2021Pre-season
Fraser Rosman 2021-2022 Reserves
Deakyn Smith 2021-2023 Reserves
Kye Turner 2023Reserves

Active players

Jed Adams
Kynan Brown
Kyah Farris-White
Tom Fullarton
Matthew Jefferson
Shane McAdam
Andy Moniz-Wakefield
Oliver Sestan
Will Verrall

Unknown era/unproven claims

The following players are listed in news articles or on websites as either playing for Melbourne Under 19s or Reserve teams but do not appear in other sources. or being involved in another way have not been seen in team lists, match reports etc... to confirm.

Robert Bayliss Before 1980sUnknown
Lindsay Campbell Before 1980sReserves
Edward J. Cordner Before 1930s Committeeman who died 1930
Peter Crystal 1920sSeconds
George Falloon Before 1930sUnknown
Brian Hartman 1991/1992 May have played Under 19s.
Pat Kelly Before 1980sUnknown
Ted Mason Before 1980sUnknown
Michael O'Brien Before 1980sReserves
Prosper Sandral Before 1980sUnknown
Stuart Stevens 1990sReserves



YearsTypeSenior AFLW games
Madeline Brancatisano 2019 Listed 43* with Richmond
Stephanie De Bortoli 2017 Listed
Jordann Hickey 2019 Listed 9 with Gold Coast
Talia Radan 2018 Listed 10 with Adelaide, 6 with Gold Coast
Pepa Randall 2017 51 with GWS
Maddie Shevlin 2018 40* with Richmond


YearsTypeSenior AFLW games
Georgie Fowler 2023 Listed 3 with GWS
Melanie Hogg 2022 spring Injury replacement
Jacinta Hose 2024 - Listed
Lily Johnson 2024 - Listed
Mietta Kendall 2021 Injury replacement
Ella Little 2022 Listed
Delany Madigan 2024 - Listed
Alyssia Pisano 2024 - Listed
Jemma Rigoni 2024 - Listed
Isabella Simmons 2021 - 2022 summer 7 with West Coast
Saraid Taylor 2023 - Listed
Belinda Woolcock 2022 summer Injury replacement
Ryleigh Wotherspoon 2024 - Listed
Jordan Zanchetta 2022 summer Injury replacement 13 with Brisbane, 3 with Essendon
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