Goal with their first kick

Col Deane Round 4, 1925 vs Footscray
Bill Smeaton Round 1, 1951 vs Essendon
Frank Davis Round 13, 1964 vs North Melbourne
Kelvin Clarke Round 1, 1968 vs Fitzroy
Ray Carr Round 1, 1970 vs South Melbourne
Tony Dullard Round 19, 1973 vs Essendon
Des O'Dwyer Round 17, 1978 vs St Kilda
Dave McGlashan Round 4, 1981 vs St Kilda
Peter Tossol Round 6, 1982 vs Richmond
Andy Lovell Round 3, 1988 vs Geelong
Stephen Tingay Round 1, 1989 vs Fitzroy
Brent Heaver Round 11, 1990 vs Carlton
Andrew Lamprill Round 2, 1992 vs Geelong
Paul Hopgood Round 4, 1993 vs North Melbourne
Jeff Farmer Round 1, 1995 vs Geelong
Leigh Newton Round 3, 1997 vs Sydney
Cameron Bruce Round 1, 2000 vs Richmond
Troy Broadbridge Round 8, 2001 vs Essendon
Brock McLean Round 11, 2004 vs Collingwood
Colin Sylvia Round 21, 2004 vs Carlton
Matthew Bate Round 5, 2006 vs Kangaroos
James Magner Round 1, 2012 vs Brisbane Lions
Billy Stretch Round 6, 2015 vs Sydney
Sam Weideman Round 20, 2016 vs Hawthorn


Jacqueline Parry Round 4, 2020 vs Collingwood
Georgia Campbell Round 1, 2023 vs Collingwood


  • The R19, 1973 match report does not specifically name the feat, but it is fair to believe that kicking a goal in the first thirty seconds would mean it was with his first kick
  • Dullard, Tossol, Magner and Weideman kicked goals with their first two kicks
  • Broadbridge kicked a point with his 'first' kick but received a 50m penalty and converted the re-kick.
  • Sylvia and Campbell were playing their second match after not having a kick in their first.

Geoff McInnes kicked a goal within the first 60 seconds on debut in Round 1, 1932. It's likely that it was from his first kick.

Arthur Pound goalled nine minutes into his debut, possibly with his first kick.

Kerry Ryan may have achieved the feat. This article says he kicked a goal "at his first attempt"

Mike Collins 1961-1962 may have goalled with his first career kick in his second game.

Jeremy Nichols may have done it in Round 8, 1986.

Age - 16/08/1973

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