Round 9 1911

Round 9, 1911
Melbourne vs Carlton
Saturday 17 June
Venue: MCG
Attendance: 8,745

Match Statistics

Carlton win by 33 points

Goalkickers: Harry Brereton 3, Vin Coutie 3, Jim Fitzpatrick 1, Mal Kennedy 1, Hedley Tomkins 1

First Game
Harold Curran

Last Game
Vin Coutie

Yet again the ground was in a poor state, and it ruined the match as a spectacle. In the slog Carlton took a quarter time lead and never looked back. Both sides spent much of the game kicking the ball along the ground instead of trying to pick it up, but given the conditions the side

Having announced his retirement on the eve of his wedding Vin Coutie was literally chaired from the ground at the end of the match. His teammates sat him in a chair, then lifted the chair and carried him around the ground.

Best were Naismith, Tompkins and Hickey.

Argus - 19/06/1911
Punch - 22/06/1911

Blueseum match report

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