Round 9 1897

Round 9, 1897
Geelong vs Melbourne
Saturday 3 July
Venue: Corio Oval
Attendance: Unknown

Match Statistics

Geelong win by 5 points



Statistical categories led:
Lowest score against Geelong and at Corio Oval

In one of the lowest scoring VFL games in history, Melbourne had their first league game with a goal yet still came within one straight kick of winning the match. A stiff westerly wind blowing across the ground made scoring difficult and the only goal of the match was scored just before half time.

What advantage the wind gave one end of the ground was in favour of Melbourne but they managed just four behinds - almost half their total score for the afternoon. Two of the points came from a 'poster' and a Geelong player forced to retreat over the line in the face of pressure.

It was the nadir of Melbourne's first VFL season, having shot to premiership favouritism by winning their first six games they had now managed just six goals in three weeks.

Despite the low score Melbourne were by no means disgraced, and their performance was a great improvement on their two previous defeats. They were unlucky too, an early kick by Moysey was carried into the post by the wind and a late shot on goal by Young just missed levelling the scores.

They were unlucky to have been robbed of the services of ruckman Herbert Fry who missed almost all of the second half with a knee injury. It hurt their ability to get the ball from ruck contests, but as there was only one centre bounce other than the start of the quarters they were not significantly affected in the middle.

Best were McGinis, Sheahan and Wood.

Lowest scores

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