Round 20 1999

Round 20, 1999
Port Adelaide vs Melbourne
Saturday 14 August
Venue: Football Park
Attendance: 26,000

Port Adelaide2.
Match Statistics

Port Adelaide win by 17 points

Goalkickers: Scott Chisholm 2, David Schwarz 2, Matthew Febey 1, Shane Woewodin 1

Brownlow Votes:

Last Game
Darren Kowal

Melbourne were left playing for pride, and for the second week in a row they were left with just one goal on the board at half-time. In a week where recently retired champion Garry Lyon and President Joseph Gutnick had disagreed in the media it was another knife in the back of a season that promised so much.

With Jeff Farmer dropped to the reserves, and David Neitz a late withdrawal Melbourne had no power up forward and it showed. David Schwarz played a lone hand and when the side did have chances they usually botched them.

The Herald Sun described the contest as one where "fluency was rarely achieved, but Port won because its back section was more resilient and its running players were more capable of scrounging scoring chances".

Best for Melbourne were Rigoni, Woewodin and Matthew Febey.

Melbourne 23.10.148 d. Sydney 17.15.117
Best - Smoker, Collins, Bruce
Goals - Farmer 4, Bruce 4, Ferraro 3, Collins 2, Cockatoo-Collins 2, Smoker 2, Ramsay 2, Williams 2, Godfrey 1, Grgic 1

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