Round 12 1967

Round 12, 1967
Melbourne vs North Melbourne
Saturday 15 July
Venue: MCG
Attendance: 19,191

North Melbourne0.
Match Statistics

Melbourne win by 3 points

Goalkickers: Stan Alves 2, Rob Dowsing 2, Peter Smith 2, Hassa Mann 1, Max Walker 1

First game and first goal
Max Walker

Last Game
Tom Quinn

North travelled to the MCG facing off against a 15 year hoodoo on the ground and came within a few seconds of victory before throwing the match away. They had already missed their chance to put the match away by bad kicking with 12 more scoring shots but still went into the final few seconds of the match in front and ready to fall over the line. North spearhead John Dugdale had been the main offender in front of goal, booting just one from eight shots.

The Demons first half was sublime, racking up a near six goal lead at the long break and restricting the visitors to 1.9, but their second half was just as bad as their first with 2.2 to 4.13 by North.

The Kangaroos stormed home in the last quarter, but were still in front in the last minute. With time running out and North kicking out from the backline, Peter Steward missed his target and the ball landed with a Melbourne player who booted it back towards the goalmouth. Hassa Mann, who had been held scoreless by Darryl O'Brien all day, snuck off O'Brien and kicked the winning goal.

Despite the dramatic finish there was more in store, from the centre bounce North went forward and Noel Teasdale took a mark 60 yards from goal. He kicked after the final siren but his shot landed 15 yards short of the goal and Melbourne won.

Best were Davis, Alves and Groom. Jacobs (cramp) was replaced by Stone in the last quarter.

After the siren

North Melbourne 10.9 d. Melbourne 7.13
Goals - Townsend 3, Sampson 2, Murnane 1, Hardeman 1
Best - R. Langford, G. Fowler, Townsend

Under 19s
North Melbourne 9.17 d. Melbourne 7.4
Goals - Horner 3, Smith 2, Anderson 1, Hill 1
Best - Watts, Smith, Kingston
Reports - Jennings and Stanton (both abusive language)

Football Record R13 1967
Canberra Times - 17/07/1967
Age - 17/07/1967

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