Coach: Norm Smith
Captain: Hassa Mann
Finishing Position: 7th
Best and Fairest: Hassa Mann
Leading Goalkicker: Hassa Mann (38)
Best First Year Player: n/a

Matches Ladder Playing list Night Series Best and Fairest Reserves Under 19s

Coming off an 11th place finish in 1966, their worst under Norm Smith, the coach was appointed for another season. He boldly said he wouldn't be surprised to see the Demons back into the four, but while they were much improved his side still finished well short of finals. Hassa Mann was reappointed as captain, but after two seasons Bryan Kenneally lost the vice-captaincy, replaced by Tassie Johnson.

For the first time a Little League competition was played, sponsored by the State Savings Bank. Each team had a squad of players which appeared at half time and the matches were umpired by the Emergency Umpire of the main match. Melbourne won the inaugural competition.

The VFL was involved in a wrangle with country leagues about recruiting zones and a player draft was suggested as a possible alternative. The idea was rejected by an overwhelming majority of clubs including Melbourne.

In the same year that his brother Len passed away after a series of heart attacks, Norm Smith missed the second half of the Round 15 match against Carlton, and another match the week after with his own heart issues. John Beckwith took over as coach both times and was appointed to the senior job when Smith retired at the end of the year.

The Under 19s failed to win a match for the season.

Terry Leahy and Graeme Jacobs were sacked by the club after misbehaviour on the side's trip to Surfer's Paradise.

Melbourne's VFL delegates were Arthur King and Tom Trumble.

Practice match

Port Adelaide LOSS32-54

Premiership season

1 North Melbourne WIN67-62
2 Geelong LOSS62-95
3 St Kilda WIN69-67
4 Carlton LOSS45-104
5 Footscray LOSS82-83
6 Fitzroy WIN93-51
7 Essendon LOSS46-72
8 Hawthorn WIN125-80
9 South Melbourne WIN128-89
10 Richmond LOSS81-158
11 Collingwood LOSS65-98
12 North Melbourne WIN55-52
13 Geelong LOSS57-90
14 St. Kilda LOSS58-91
15 Carlton LOSS49-52
16 Footscray WIN54-51
17 Fitzroy LOSS62-66
18 Essendon WIN60-56


St. Kilda1107122.744
North Melbourne711094.230
South Melbourne511282.022

Playing list

1 Rob Foster 142
2 Robert Stewart 100
4 Peter Smith 1518
5 Chris Aitken 46
6 Frank Davis 170
7 Graham Osborne 137
8 Tassie Johnson 171
9 Brian Dixon 186
10 Ken Emselle 1819
11 Tony Anderson 140
12 Chris Fowler 50
15 Stan Alves 187
16 John Townsend 65
17 John Comben 10
18 Neville Stone 126
19 Terry Leahy 82
20 Graeme Jacobs 53
21 Ted Lees 21
22 Bryan Kenneally 176
23 Adrian Bowden 100
24 Ross Dillon 1319
25 Geoff Whitton 30
27 John Murnane 20
28 Derek Feldmann 20
29 Hassa Mann 1738
30 Bob Langford 10
31 Ray Groom 181
32 Barrie Vagg 147
33 Gary Hardeman 81
34 Brent Jones 10
35 Don Williams 170
36 Ken Osborne 62
37 Bernie Massey 70
38 Rob Dowsing 815
39 Rick Feldmann 32
40 John Toll 20
43 Tony Sullivan 20
44 Tom Quinn 50
46 Max Walker 72

Golden Fleece Night Series

1 North Melbourne LOSS88-93

Best and Fairest

1st Hassa Mann
2nd Stan Alves
3rd Bryan Kenneally
4th Brian Dixon
5th Frank Davis

Other Awards
Outstanding Service - Brian Dixon


Round 2 Reserves Tom Quinn Striking Unknown
Round 6 Reserves Geoff Whitton UnknownUnknown
Round 6 Reserves John Comben UnknownUnknown
Round 12 Under 19s Danny Jennings Abusive language Unknown
Round 12 Under 19s Michael Stanton Abusive language Unknown
Round 13 Reserves Tom Quinn Striking Unknown


1967 Reserves Season
Leading Goalkicker - Rob Dowsing
Best and Fairest - Derek Feldmann
Second Best and Fairest - Tony Sullivan
Outstanding service - Rob Dowsing, Greg Parke

Richmond 1503151.060
North Melbourne 1404118.456
Collingwood 1305120.352
Geelong 1107121.244
Melbourne 918102.738
St Kilda7011101.928
South Melbourne601285.724
Fitzroy 601284.224

Under 19s

1967 Under 19s Season
Best and Fairest - Joseph Calleja
Second Best and Fairest - Greg Smith
Best Clubman - A. McGuinness
Leading Goalkicker - Paul Callery
Outstanding service - R. Hooper, G. Watts

Richmond 1503137.760
Footscray 1305131.052
Collingwood 130598.852
Fitzroy 1206114.048
Essendon 1107120.444
St Kilda 918108.638
South Melbourne909103.736
North Melbourne601284.324


Best and Fairest - A. Hollings
Second Best and Fairest - John Gowdie
Best Clubman - R. Girdwood
Outstanding service - G. Swift, S. Goodwin

Age - 09/05/1967, 10/05/1967

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