Round 11 1959

Round 11, 1959
Melbourne vs North Melbourne
Saturday 11 July
Venue: MCG
Attendance: 31,263

North Melbourne2.
Match Statistics

Melbourne win by 82 points

Goalkickers: Neil Crompton 7, Ron Barassi 5, Robert B Johnson 2, Alan Rowarth 2, Peter Brenchley 1, Brian Dixon 1, Hassa Mann 1, Geoff Tunbridge 1

First Game
Bryan Kenneally

After taking top spot on the ladder a week before the Demons came against one of the sides they had jumped to get there. With a number of injury problems, and the surprise demotion of Don Williams to the reserve bench they may have been vulnerable but instead registered a thumping win which stamped them as premiership favourites.

Without their two regular rovers Melbourne were expected to troubled by North, but their dominance in the ruck and a firing forward line which added six straight goals helped the Demons run away to a big lead at quarter time, which they extended at the end of every quarter. At one point they were 15.1 before inaccuracy started to creep in, but they still registered an extremely accurate performance.

North had been poor all day, with a forward line lacking height and restricting them to four goals in the first three quarters. Despite being forced to play the last quarter with 17 men after losing two through injury they still kicked two goals and kept the margin under 100.

Despite his seven goals as a rover Neil Crompton was dropped the next week when Melbourne's regular rovers returned.

Best were Barassi, Beckwith and Crompton. It was Melbourne's highest score against North since 1941. Mann and Tassie Johnson were replaced by Kenneally and Williams respectively during the last quarter.

North Melbourne 11.12 d. Melbourne 8.15
Goals - J. Leahy 5, Stevens 1, Pinfold 1, McIver 1
Best - Webb, Turner, Leahy

Melbourne 4.13 d. North Melbourne 2.14
Goals - Jeffrey 1, B. Leahy 1, Anderson 1, Williams 1
Best - Baker, Olsen, Clarke

Age - 08/07/1959
Age - 13/07/1959
Football Record R12 1959

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