Amateur players

The following players didn't accept payment for matches. Some only played part of their career (shown below where known) as amateurs. This list is a work in progress

George Bickford 1945-1946
Artie Cambridge 1922
John Clennett 1972-1974
Denis Cordner 1943, 1948-1956
Vin Coutie 1901-1911
David Hone 1969
Frank Jorgensen 1925-1927
Bryan Kenneally 1959
Ken Melville 1953-1956
Derek Mollison 1923-1928
Bobby Monk 1907-1914
Joe Pearce 1904-1913
Brian Roet 1961-1968
Alby Rodda 1939*
Geoff Tunbridge 1957-1962
Francis Vine 1926-1934
Barney Wood 1928
Mike Woods 1949-1953

George Bickford and Alby Rodda - may have played as an amateur for longer than indicated.

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