Round 5 1910

Round 5, 1910
Collingwood vs Melbourne
Saturday 4 June
Venue: Victoria Park
Attendance: Unknown

Match Statistics

Collingwood win by 48 points

Goalkickers: Jim Fitzpatrick 1, Jack Strong 1, Wally Sykes 1, Hedley Tomkins 1

First Game
Bill Allen

MFC Debut
Bill Henderson

Even though they had won their first game of the season a week earlier, Melbourne were given next to no chance at beating Collingwood away even if they had their strongest team available. They had nothing like it, with a number of senior players absent, and it was no surprise when Collingwood won easily.

In a week where on-field thuggery had been in the news and both the Premier and Chief Commissioner of Police had announced that legal proceedings would be taken in the future umpire Bremner addressed both sides before the match and reminded them that his instructions were to report violent players without warning. The match passed without incident.

While they broke even at quarter time it was telling that the Magpies had five more scoring shots but were inaccurate as they had been the better side. Melbourne had several good individual players but the side was not playing with cohesion. With their rucks and forwards being easily beaten it was only Melbourne's defence and Collingwood's lack of interest in fully extending themselves which kept the margin respectable.

Best were Pearce, Sykes and Parke.

Punch - 09/06/1910
Australasian - 11/06/1910

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