After The Siren

Shots after the siren that either changed or had the potential to change the result of a game.

For Melbourne

Lance Arnold North Melbourne Round 5, 1949 Out on the full to lose
Ron Barassi Sr Geelong Round 10, 1940 Behind to lose
Ron Baggott Collingwood Round 16, 1935 Goal to draw
Steven Clark Essendon Round 11, 1991 Fell short to lose
Jayden Hunt Geelong Round 1, 2018 Fell short to lose
Max Gawn Geelong Round 23, 2021 Goal to win

Against Melbourne

Bert Whittington Geelong Round 2, 1911 Behind to draw
Bert Smedley St. Kilda Round 17, 1928 Goal to win
Vin Arthur Carlton Round 15, 1930 Fell short to lose
Noel Teasdale North Melbourne Round 16, 1967 Fell short to lose
Alastair Clarkson North Melbourne Round 15, 1987 Goal to win
Gary Buckenara Hawthorn Preliminary Final 1987 Goal to win
Jeff Farmer Fremantle Round 8, 2002 Goal to win
Matthew Egan Geelong Round 20, 2005 Missed to lose
Jordan McMahon Richmond Round 18, 2009 Goal to win
Tom Lynch Gold Coast Round 19, 2016 Missed to lose
Zac Tuohy Geelong Round 18, 2018 Goal to win
Greta Bodey Brisbane Lions AFLW Round 9, 2021 Missed to lose
Greta Bodey Brisbane Lions AFLW Round 7, 2021 Fell short to lose
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