Round 8 1979

Round 8, 1979
Hawthorn vs Melbourne
Saturday 26 May
Venue: Princes Park
Attendance: 10,977

Match Statistics

Hawthorn win by 43 points

Goalkickers: Tom Flower 2, Maurice Wingate 2, Garry Baker 1, Phil Carman 1, Robert Flower 1, Graham Gaunt 1, Wayne Gordon 1, Greg Wells 1

Only game as coach
Frank Davis

First MFC game
Cameron Clayton

On a dark, rainy day at Princes Park suspended playing-coach Carl Ditterich had to watch from the coaches box while banned from entering the ground due to a suspension. Frank Davis addressed the teams at each break and is credited as coaching the match. When Ditterich was suspended, the club announced it would seek a change in league rules to allow him to continue coaching. They were unsuccessful in time for this game, but a further appeal during the week allowed him to coach in Round 9.

Robert Flower dominated but he was one of the Demons few shining lights. One passage of play in the last quarter exemplified his brilliance. He took the ball on the half-back flank, kicked to a teammate, caught his teammate for the handball and kicked the goal from 35m out on an angle.

At the other end Laurie Fowler was playing a lone-hand in the backline. Michael Moncrieff was damaging but only managed 2.7.

Also amongst the best for the Demons was Garry Baker.

Melbourne 21.16.142 d. Hawthorn 12.12.114
Goals - Whitford 5, Gull 4, Biffin 2, Martyn 2, Wallace 2, Woodman 2, Code 1, Durnan 1, Maynard 1, Moir 1
Best - Giles, K. Whitford, McCormack

Under 19s
Melbourne 18.20.128 defeated Hawthorn 7.9.51
Goals - Boyle 3, Burn 3, Walters 3, Bardoel 2, Chappele 2, Hope 2, McKissick 1, Moncrieff 1, Parish 1
Best - Parish, Boyle, Bickford

Sun - 23/05/1979
Age - 28/05/1979
Football Record - R9 1979

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