Round 7 1996

Round 7, 1996
Melbourne vs Sydney
Saturday 11 May
Venue: MCG
Attendance: 23,660

Match Statistics

Sydney win by 44 points

Goalkickers: Jeff Farmer 2, Shaun Smith 2, Alastair Clarkson 1

Brownlow Votes:
1 - Alastair Clarkson

First Game
Todd McHardy

100 Games
Alastair Clarkson (also with North Melbourne)

"Re-enactment Week" saw the sides who played each other in Round 1, 1897 back up again. The Swans had long since moved to Sydney, and the result of that first game was reversed with "South" running out comfortable winners.

The Demons had been forced into damage control during the week when Neale Balme was quoted in the newspapers as describing his side as "no bloody good" in the wake of their hundred point loss to West Coast a week earlier.

Despite running into the Swans, and Tony Lockett, without best defender Paul Prymke or most consistent midfield Craig Turley the Demons managed to avoid humiliation despite kicking just five goals for the day.

Best were Clarkson, B. Lovett and Obst.

Sydney 12.13.85 d. Melbourne 9.12.66
Goals - Doyle 4, Sampson 2, Yze 2, Bradly 1
Best - Price, Bunning, Ormond-Allen

Age - 10/05/1996
Football Record R8 1996

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