Round 7 1935

Round 7, 1935
North Melbourne vs Melbourne
Saturday 8 June
Venue: Arden Street
Attendance: 7000

North Melbourne4.
Match Statistics

Melbourne win by 60 points

Goalkickers: Maurie Gibb 9, Percy Beames 3, Jack Foster 3, Ray Wartman 3

Last Game
Richard Taylor

Statistical categories led
Most goals in a game at Arden Street - Maurie Gibb

A match between two of 1935's great disappointments saw Melbourne up against a side who had said to have been unlucky on several occasions, but they soundly beat the Shinboners courtesy of a storming last quarter.

The Reds had been the better side all day thanks to better teamwork and speed, but it wasn't until the final term when they kicked away. Nevertheless it was their best performance of the year so far, and they were only troubled during the quarter when North had their best run of the day.

Both sides defenders wandered from position in the first quarter, giving forwards ample chances to rack up a score and two late goals to the Demons gave them an advantage at the first break. They began the second quarter playing over confidently and their teamwork broke down which allowed North to play the better football but they couldn't capitalise on the scoreboard.

After a half-time spray from Checker Hughes the Reds proved they were a far superior team during the third quarter, playing unselfish football which then caused North to put extra men around the ball to try and stem the tide. The lead increased but the Shinboners were not out of the game until they fell apart in the last term, Melbourne's superior fitness showed through and they held the home side to a point for the quarter.

Best were La Fontaine and Gibb.

Melbourne 21.21 d. North Melbourne 15.9

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