Round 15 1981

Round 15, 1981
Melbourne vs Collingwood
Saturday 11 July
Venue: MCG
Attendance: 30,803

Match Statistics

Collingwood win by 22 points

Goalkickers: Gerard Healy 4, Mark Jackson 3, Brent Crosswell 1, Kelly O'Donnell 1, Michael Young 1

Last Game
Robert Elliott
Glenn Giles

200 Games
Brent Crosswell (also with Carlton and North Melbourne)

Having been belted two weeks in a row, and not having won in nearly four months, there was nothing to suggest that the Demons were a chance of knocking off the top of the table Magpies. Ron Barassi had claimed in a TV interview that he had a "feeling" that his side was going to win, but few took the master coach seriously. His side responded by coming out of the rooms aggressively, Brent Crosswell led his teammates onto the ground in recognition of his 200th game and smashed through the banner 50 metre in front of anyone else. Once the game started, the Demons attacked the ball fiercly and openly argued with umpires. Their mood wasn't helped by Collingwood registering three goals from dubious decisions, with one fan reportedly so worked up that she screamed out that the umpire was "a galoot".

Despite the much improved performance, and four goals in the first ten minutes of the second quarter, the Demons trailed at the long break and Barassi risked sanction from the league when he charged onto the ground at half-time to confront the umpires. His side trailed by 17 points, but they were playing well above themselves and he believed they were still a chance. Asked later for a comment on the umpiring he said "We can't afford the fine, and you can quote me on that" before adding "But don't put in 'and you can quote me on that.'" The next day he appeared on World Of Sport to claim that Crosswell was badly treated by the men in white, too many "tiggy touchwood" decisions were paid and that the kicking in danger rule was one of the 'worst' ever introduced to the VFL. He was reprimanded by the league for the comments.

Collingwood players later told the media that they were shocked at the language the Demons were using towards umpires Carbines and James but the vicious approach their opponents were taking to the match started to pay dividends again in the third when they booted four goals to one to draw to five points behind. 17 minutes into the last quarter the Demons were still a chance, but shortly after Tony Elshaug missed a chance to level the scores, Phil Pinnell spilled an overhead mark he should have taken on his chest and allowed Peter Daicos to goal. The Pies booted away to win.

Best were Fowler, Keenan and Elshaug. Gary Hardeman received a broken nose.

Melbourne 10.16.76 d. Collingwood 8.14.62
Goals - McGlashan 5, Walters 2, McLean 1, Seddon 1, Whitfort 1
Best - Whitford, O'Dwyer, Korn

Under 19s
Melbourne 10.16.76 d. Collingwood 8.14.62
Goals - Battiston 1, Connolly 1, Cordner 1, McCarthy 1
Best - Battiston, Connolly, Loorham

Canberra Times - 12/07/1981
Age - 13/07/1981
Age - 13/07/1981
Football Record R16 1981

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