Round 12 1955

Round 12, 1955
Melbourne vs St. Kilda
Saturday 9 July
Venue: MCG
Attendance: 15,624

St. Kilda1.
Match Statistics

Melbourne win by 97 points

Goalkickers: Stuart Spencer 3, Tony Bull 2, Noel Clarke 2, Robert B Johnson 2, Laurie Mithen 2, Ian Ridley 2, Athol Webb 2, Ron Barassi 1, Noel McMahen 1

First Game and First goal
Athol Webb

On the previous Saturday Melbourne had lost their 10 game unbeaten streak when poor kicking for goal cost them victory against Collingwood, but a week later they had no such problems against the worst team in the competition. St Kilda had won their first game of the season a week before but returned to type seven days later despite the Demons making several experimental team moves and debuting Athol Webb at full forward.

After a mediocre start, the Demons took advantage of a woeful St. Kilda attack to rack up a huge victory and get their season back on track. They would have recorded an even bigger win if they'd have been more direct instead of trying to short pass around the forward line, but as it was the win still took their percentage past 150.

Faced with a dominant defence that continually kept them at bay it was St Kilda's lowest score since 1921, and their worst against Melbourne since 1900.

Best were Johnson, McLean and Spencer. Carroll was replaced in the selected side by Noel Clarke due to appendicitis. During the game Clarke (shoulder) was replaced by Bull and Barassi (cramp) by Gleeson.

Melbourne 14.13 d. St. Kilda 10.9
Goals - Webster 4, Longney 4, Germaine 2, Bob McKenzie 2, Baker 1, Wilson 1
Best - Wilson, Baumgartner, Webster

St. Kilda 6.11 d. Melbourne 5.7

Age - 11/07/1955
Argus - 11/07/1955
Argus - 11/07/1955
Argus - 13/07/1955
Football Record R13 1955

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