Coach: Mark Neeld
Captains: Jack Grimes and Jack Trengove
Finishing Position: 16th
Best and Fairest: Nathan Jones
Leading Goalkicker: Mitch Clark (29)
Best Young Player: Tom McDonald
Major Sponsor: Energy Watch (until Round 2), Webjet (from Round 3), Opel (from Round 4)
Members: 35,435

Matches Ladder Playing List Best and Fairest VFL Tribunal Drafts and Trading

Former Collingwood premiership assistant Mark Neeld filled the coaching vacancy left by the sacking of Dean Bailey and almost immediately had to deal with scandal, suspending Colin Sylvia from the first game of the new season for a late night drinking incident.

The new coach replaced Brad Green as captain after just one season in favour of youthful co-captains Jack Grimes and Jack Trengove. The rest of the leadership group consisted of Clint Bartram, Mitch Clark, James Frawley, Colin Garland, Mark Jamar and Nathan Jones. On February 10, Melbourne had a joint practice session with Collingwood where coaches Neeld and Nathan Buckley regularly stopped play to make tactical adjustments, with no score kept.

Neeld's up and down pre-season continued, luring former AFL senior coaches Jade Rawlings and Neil Craig to join an extended coaching group but losing ruckman Max Gawn to a season ending injury and livewire forward Liam Jurrah to a combination of complications from a wrist injury and legal troubles stemming from an incident in the Northern Territory while he was recuperating.

The death of Jim Stynes caused further turmoil in the club before Round 1, and after a bad loss in the first match of the season Neeld was embroiled in a controversy following ex-St Kilda coach Grant Thomas posting false allegations about treatment of indigenous players which was passed to him by an employee of the AFL.

A bad season got even worse days later when the Demons were forced to drop their multi-million dollar sponsorship with Energy Watch after the company's CEO was revealed to have posted a number of racist comments online. The team were left without a paying major sponsor for a week before Webjet signed to replace Energy Watch.

With his side unable to win for the first nine weeks of the season both Neeld and the side came under heavy scrutiny with some commentators suggesting he was the wrong man for the job or that the Demons had been hasty in appointing him. Eventually his drought breaking first win as a senior coach came in a shock victory over the 9-1 Bombers in Round 10.

It would be the only victory over an established AFL club for the season, with just two victories against Greater Western Sydney and one against Gold Coast following as injuries further cut down an already depleted playing list.

Melbourne's total score of 224.236.1580 was their second lowest of the 22 game era, second only to 2008.

In August the AFL launched a probe into Melbourne's 2009 season amid allegations they have deliberately played to lose and gain draft picks. The investigation was ultimately finalised in February 2013 where Melbourne were found not guilty of 'tanking' but were forced to pay a $500k fine for the behaviour of employees Dean Bailey and Chris Connolly, both of whom were suspended.

Brad Green announced his retirement before the Round 22 match against Gold Coast, and shortly after the season ended Brent Moloney announced he would leave the club as a free agent and eventually signed with Brisbane.

Jared Rivers joined Moloney in leaving as a free agent, joining Geelong, and Neeld continued to turn over the list he had inherited by trading Jordan Gysberts, Stefan Martin and Cale Morton. Senior listed players Matthew Bate, Jamie Bennell, Lucas Cook, Liam Jurrah and Ricky Petterd were all delisted as well as rookies Kelvin Lawrence, Jai Sheahan and Leigh Williams. Clint Bartram retired after failing to beat a degenerative knee complaint.

The club gaines Chris Dawes from Collingwood, Cameron Pedersen from North Melbourne and David Rodan from Port Adelaide during the trade period, as well as signing unrestricted free agent Shannon Byrnes from Geelong. The club also gained Dominic Barry and Jesse Hogan in a trade from Greater Western Sydney.

Melbourne made an operating profit of $77,618 for the season.


1 Gold Coast LOSS
1 Brisbane WIN
2 Collingwood WIN
3 Hawthorn LOSS

Practice Matches

Port Adelaide LOSS

Premiership Season

1 Brisbane LOSS
2 West Coast LOSS
3 Richmond LOSS
4 Western Bulldogs LOSS
5 St Kilda LOSS
6 Geelong LOSS
7 Hawthorn LOSS
8 Sydney LOSS
9 Carlton LOSS
10 Essendon WIN
11 Collingwood LOSS
12 BYE
13 Greater Western Sydney WIN
14 Brisbane LOSS
15 Richmond LOSS
16 Fremantle LOSS
17 Port Adelaide LOSS
18 North Melbourne LOSS
19 Gold Coast WIN
20 St Kilda LOSS
21 Greater Western Sydney WIN
22 Adelaide LOSS
23 Fremantle LOSS


Hawthorn 1705154.668
Adelaide 1705132.568
Sydney 1606140.664
Collingwood 1606116.564
West Coast 1507124.260
Geelong 1507117.160
Fremantle 1408115.756
North Melbourne 1408112.556
St Kilda12010123.348
Richmond 10111111.642
Port Adelaide511678.922
Western Bulldogs501767.020
Melbourne 401867.516
Gold Coast301960.812
Greater Western Sydney202046.28

Senior List


2 Nathan Jones 2116
3 Clint Bartram 81
4 Jack Watts 155
5 Jordan Gysberts 10
6 Matthew Bate 128
7 Jamie Bennell 63
8 James Frawley 190
9 Jack Trengove 228
10 Cale Morton 92
11 Mitch Clark 1129
12 Colin Sylvia 1715
13 Jordie McKenzie 203
14 Lynden Dunn 189
15 Ricky Petterd 40
16 Jack Grimes 211
17 Sam Blease 1619
18 Brad Green 1319
19 James Strauss 70
20 Colin Garland 228
21 Lucas Cook 00
22 Brent Moloney 153
24 Liam Jurrah 10
25 Tom McDonald 200
27 Jared Rivers 2213
28 Joel Macdonald 160
30 James Sellar 169
34 Stefan Martin 77
35 Luke Tapscott 142
36 Aaron Davey 87
37 Max Gawn 00
38 Jeremy Howe 2219
39 Neville Jetta 61
40 Mark Jamar 141
41 Troy Davis 00
42 Jake Spencer 82
43 Rory Taggert 00
44 Rohan Bail 188
46 Josh Tynan 20
48 Jack Fitzpatrick 22

Rookie List

26 Daniel Nicholson 110
32 Michael Evans 00
45 Kelvin Lawrence 00
47 Tom Couch 30
49 James Magner 174
50 Jai Sheahan 00
51 Leigh Williams 00

Best and Fairest

The senior coach and three main assistants ranked each player from 1 to 7 for their performance in a match.

1st Nathan Jones 368
2nd Jack Grimes 348
3rd Tom McDonald 314
4th Jordie McKenzie 312
5th Jared Rivers 310
6th Colin Garland 297
7th Jeremy Howe 293
8th Jack Trengove 275
9th James Frawley 266
10th Lynden Dunn 257
11th Rohan Bail 238
12th Colin Sylvia 233
13th Joel Macdonald 228
14th James Magner 219
15th James Sellar 197
16th Jack Watts 195
17th Mitch Clark 182
18th Daniel Nicholson 166
19th Mark Jamar 157
20th Sam Blease 157
21st Brent Moloney 153
22nd Luke Tapscott 142
23rd Matthew Bate 135
24th Brad Green 130
25th Clint Bartram 119
26th Jake Spencer 99
27th Cale Morton 97
28th Aaron Davey 82
29th James Strauss 69
30th Stefan Martin 62
31st Neville Jetta 55
32nd Jamie Bennell 35
33rd Tom Couch 26
34th Ricky Petterd 26
35th Josh Tynan 16
36th Jack Fitzpatrick 14
37th Liam Jurrah 8
38th Jordan Gysberts 6

Other awards
Norm Smith Memorial Trophy - Jordie McKenzie
Ron Barassi Jnr Trophy - Jack Grimes and Jack Trengove
Ian Ridley Memorial Trophy - Max Gawn
Troy Broadbridge Memorial Trophy - Tom Couch


2012 Casey Scorpions season
Best and Fairest - Tom Couch
14 wins, 0 losses, 4 draws, 1st place

QF Werribee LOSS 28-46
SF Williamstown)) LOSS38-75


Practice Match Jared Rivers Wrestling $1200 fine
Practice Match Tom McDonald Wrestling $1200 fine
Round 3, 2012 Jack Grimes Rough Conduct 1 match
Round 3, 2012 Nathan Jones Umpire Contact $900 fine
Round 11, 2012 Luke Tapscott Striking 1 match
Round 13, 2012 Nathan Jones Melee instigation $1800 fine
Round 13, 2012 Nathan Jones Melee $1200 fine
Round 13, 2012 Mark Jamar Melee $1200 fine
Round 13, 2012 Brent Moloney Melee $1200 fine
Round 13, 2012 Daniel Nicholson Melee $1200 fine
Round 17, 2012 Jeremy Howe Misconduct Reprimand
Round 18, 2012 Neville Jetta Rough Conduct 1 match
Round 21, 2012 Lynden Dunn Staging Reprimand
Round 23, 2012 Colin Garland Rough Conduct Reprimand
Round 23, 2012 Rohan Bail Rough Conduct Reprimand

Drafts and Trading

Free Agents In

Shannon Byrnes Unrestricted Geelong 23

Free Agents Out

Brent Moloney Unrestricted Brisbane
Jared Rivers Unrestricted Geelong


Pick 20
Dominic Barry
Jesse Hogan
Greater Western Sydney Pick 3
Chris Dawes
Pick 58
Collingwood Pick 20
Pick 45
David Rodan Port Adelaide Pick 88
Cameron Pedersen
Pick 74
North Melbourne Jordan Gysberts
Pick 63
Pick 53
Pick 73
Brisbane Stefan Martin
Pick 88 West Coast Cale Morton

National Draft

4 Jimmy Toumpas Woodville-West Torrens 27
26 Jack Viney (f/s) Oakleigh Chargers *
48 Dean Kent Perth 63
53 Matt Jones Box Hill 61
70 Dean Terlich Norwood 35
73 Daniel Nicholson Rookie Promotion n/a
88 Michael Evans Rookie Promotion n/a

Rookie Draft

3 Nathan Stark Glenelg 0
19 Mitch Clisby North Adelaide 8

Age - 11/02/2012

2012 Scores - AFL Tables
2012 Player Stats - AFL Tables


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