Coach: John Northey
Captain: Garry Lyon
Finishing Position: 4th
Best and Fairest: Jim Stynes
Leading Goalkicker: Allen Jakovich (71)
Best First Year Player: Allen Jakovich
Major Sponsor: Drake
Members: 10,153
Financial result: -$351,800

Matches Ladder Playing List Best and Fairest Reserves Under 19s

The first team to start pre-season training for the year, a week before their rivals, Melbourne travelled to Tasmania for a camp before their first pre-season game. They won that match, but were knocked out of the competition at the second stage.

Melbourne started their season by kicking just two goals in a thumping Round 1 loss to West Coast. It was an unusual start for a year where they ended up setting three of their five all-time largest scores, yet somehow still almost missed the finals. In a year when at various times Darren Bennett, Darren Cuthbertson and Allen Jakovich were putting opposition defenders to the sword, the first round score was the club's lowest of the modern era. Pride was regained the the next week with a thumping win over Fitzroy.

Cuthbertson was the toast of the town for three weeks in late April and early May when he snagged 7, 7 and 5 goals in his fourth, fifth, and sixth senior matches. His star shone brightly but briefly, he battled for just six more goals from ten appearances across the rest of the year. Meanwhile, in the Reserves something big was brewing. After an inauspicious debut in the Round 1 debacle and a single game in Round 10, Allen Jakovich returned to the side in Round 14 and kicked 71 goals for the season - winning both the senior and Reserves goalkicking. His second half of the home and away season included hauls of 11, eight twice, and six twice.

While Jakovich was the star in the front half of the ground, Jim Stynes was dominant in the ruck. He went into the Brownlow Medal count as red-hot favourite and won.

Despite the heroics of Jakovich, the Demons were outside the eight as late as Round 22. A tough win over Footscray the following week ensured that though they had a bye in the last round they would play finals no matter what else happened. Jakovich's run continued in the finals where he snared 8 against Essendon. He backed up with another four in a losing effort against West Coast a week later.

The ((Reserves) lost their second consecutive grand final.

The club made a loss of $351,826 for the year. They were fined $2000 for not completing their trade paperwork before the deadline. Early in the season St Kilda made an offer for Melbourne to share Moorabbin as a training venue, the offer was not accepted.

At the end of the year there was a contested board election, with 13 candidates vying for five positions. The factions were said to be split between loyalty to President Stuart Spencer and Chief Executive Tony King. Spencer was voted off the board at the election. Successful candidates representing the MCG were Keith Cheong, Bill Guest and Steven Smith - with Spencer and Kevin Jones unsuccessful. Football club members voted for Graham Coningsby and Andre Lebowski, unsuccessful candidates were John Monahan, Philip Earle, Bill Balcam and Julian Council.

Practice Matches

Richmond WIN
Essendon WIN
Brisbane Lions WIN

Fosters Cup

1 Richmond WIN
QF North MelbourneLOSS

Premiership Season

1 West Coast LOSS
2 Fitzroy WIN
3 St. Kilda LOSS
4 Carlton WIN
5 North Melbourne WIN
6 Collingwood WIN
7 Brisbane WIN
8 Footscray WIN
10 Adelaide LOSS
11 Essendon LOSS
12 Richmond LOSS
13 Geelong LOSS
14 Hawthorn LOSS
15 Sydney WIN
16 West Coast LOSS
17 Fitzroy WIN
18 St. Kilda WIN
19 Carlton WIN
20 North Melbourne WIN
21 Collingwood LOSS
22 Brisbane WIN
23 Footscray WIN
24 BYE
EF Essendon WIN
SF West Coast LOSS


West Coast1903162.276
St. Kilda1417120.458
North Melbourne1201091.248

Playing List

1 Steve O'Dwyer 13 7
3 Garry Lyon 1811
4 Tony Campbell 81
5 Earl Spalding 2214
6 Glenn Lovett 127
7 Rod Owen 919
8 Graeme Yeats 154
11 Jim Stynes 24 15
12 Todd Viney 2413
13 Allen Jakovich 1471
14 Rod Grinter 161
15 Stephen Tingay 155
16 Andy Lovell 56
17 Brett Lovett 244
18 Steven Stretch 193
19 Darren Bennett 2255
21 Steven Febey 193
23 Trevor Spencer 10
23/50 Kevin Dyson 229
24 Luke Beveridge 2127
25 Simon Eishold 1510
26 Jay Viney 111
27 Sean Wight 101
28 John Howat 41
29 Andrew Obst 152
30 Paul Bryce 130
31 Rod Keogh 51
32 Steven Clark 1810
33 Greg Healy 34
34 Phil Egan 10
37 David Flintoff 40
38 Brent Heaver 32
41 Peter Rohde 202
42 Fabian Francis 10
43 Andrew Ford 41
44 David Schwarz 67
45 Ricky Jackson 1022
48 Darren Cuthbertson 1629

Best and Fairest

1st Jim Stynes 650
2nd Todd Viney 449
3rd Allen Jakovich 338
4th Peter Rohde 251
5th Glenn Lovett 239
6th Kevin Dyson 226
7th Garry Lyon 221
8th Graeme Yeats 217
9th Andrew Obst 186
10th Darren Bennett 126
11th Brett Lovett 125
12th Darren Cuthbertson 122
13th Earl Spalding 103
14th Luke Beveridge 82
15th Steven Stretch 79
16th Steve O'Dwyer 75
17th Rod Owen 72
18th Stephen Tingay 63
19th Sean Wight 58
20th Jay Viney 45
21st Greg Healy 41
22nd Ricky Jackson 30
23rd Tony Campbell 27
24th Paul Bryce 24
24th Steven Febey 24
26th Simon Eishold 22
27th Rod Grinter 21
28th Andy Lovell 19
29th Steven Clark 16
30th Andrew Ford 14
31st David Flintoff 10

Other awards
Most Consistent - Jim Stynes
Most Improved - Glenn Lovett
Best Team Player - Peter Rohde
Best Clubman - Rod Grinter


Fosters Cup Round 1 Steven Clark Striking Not Guilty
Round 2 Steve O'Dwyer Striking Not Guilty
Round 7 1991 Under 19s Troy Shannon UnknownUnknown
Round 7 1991 Under 19s Troy Shannon MisconductUnknown
Round 10 Steven Clark Striking Not Guilty
Round 11 Reserves Jay Viney Striking Unknown
Round 12 Garry Lyon Striking 1 match
Round 14 Reserves Wayne Lamb Striking Unknown
Round 19 Garry Lyon Striking Withdrawn
Round 20 Allen Jakovich Abusive Language $750 fine
Round 22 Steven Clark Striking 3 matches
Round 23 Steve O'Dwyer Charging 1 match
EF Sean Wight Charging 1 match


1991 Reserves Season
Best and Fairest - Haydn Robins

Collingwood 1805133.568
Melbourne 1507126.360
North Melbourne1309109.052
St Kilda 12010114.948
Hawthorn 12010110.348


QF Collingwood LOSS
SF St Kilda WIN
PF Collingwood WIN
GF Brisbane LOSS

Under 19s

1991 Under 19s Season
Captain - Brian Goldberg
Best and Fairest - Scott Nelson

Collingwood 1705179.668
North Melbourne1606154.164
St Kilda601655.924


EF Richmond LOSS


Age - 17/11/1991, 24/11/1991, 06/12/1991
Teamworks - 12/1991

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