Treasurer/Secretary - Sydney Woolley
Committee - Thomas Smith, William Hammersley, Morrison, Hope, Stypmann
Captains - Dick Wardill, Henry Harrison, Thomas Smith

At a meeting on April 27 it was put that Melbourne and the original Richmond clubs merge. A motion to the contrary was passed, rejecting the move but the club's line-ups remained interchangeable throughout the year.. The club's financial balance was 4p, 7s, 6d and they resolved to adopt a Magenta uniform. The colour was abandoned within three years.

The season opened with a scratch match on Saturday 20 April. A further game was played on 11 May, before the season proper started a week later. Another scratch match was played on 22 June. On 10 August a further scratch match was played when a match scheduled against University was called off.

The 28 December match against University ended with University a goal in front. The match was meant to be restarted the next season, but when the students couldn't field a team on 31 May the next year Melbourne won by default.


18 May Richmond DRAW0-1
24 May Geelong WIN2-0
1 June
6 July
University DRAW0-0
8 June Richmond DRAW1-0
29 June St. Kilda LOSS0-2
13 July Geelong LOSS0-2
27 July Richmond LOSS0-2
3 August St. Kilda WIN2-0
28 December University WIN Forfeit


G. Abbott, E. Amsinck, F. Armytage, D. Arnott, John Baker, Jerry Bryant, James Byrne, D. Cameron, G. Carter, Jack Conway, W. Conway, G. Cosstick, Sam Cosstick, W. Doherty, G. Elliott, WJ Greig, William Hammersley, Henry Harrison, J. Heath, A. Hope, C. Kenworthy, W. Lucas, J. MacPherson, George Marshall, A. May, J. McGregor, R. Morrison, G. Nichols, A. Petrie, R. Petrie, JW Rayer, J. Russell, JB Russell, M. Ryan, J. Shiels, G. Shoosmith, RM Smith, Thomas Smith, L. Stypman, J. Sutton, George Tait, H. Thompson, Richard Wardill, Welch, H. Woolley, S. Woolley, Thomas Wray


G. Nichols 1, W. Lucas 1, Thomas Wray 1, Unknown 1

Some sources suggest the match against University as part of the Caledonian Games was cancelled when the ground was found to be too small.

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