Round 13 1972

Round 13, 1972
Footscray vs Melbourne
Saturday 1 July
Venue: Waverley
Attendance: 14,184

Match Statistics

Melbourne win by 37 points

Goalkickers: Greg Parke 4, John Tilbrook 3, Greg Wells 3, Lloyd Burgmann 2, Stan Alves 1, John Gallus 1, Peter Keenan 1, Graham Molloy 1

50 Games
Ray Biffin

The Demons continued their mid-season revival with a first win at league headquarters for the season. Bulldog coach Bob Rose accused his side of overconfidence, but they were beaten in the air all day at either end of the ground and with Dog captain Garry Dempsey out of sorts his side couldn't kick a winning score.

Three goals in the first six minutes set the Demons on their way, but despite the win they remained two games outside the five.

Best were Wells, Sullivan and Hardeman. Keenan (knee) was replaced by Letcher during the third quarter and Sullivan (thigh) by McSperrin in the final term.

Melbourne 16.17 d. Footscray 8.14
Goals - Harrold 6, Dillon 3, Osborne 3, Ritterman 2, Queay 1, Williamson 1
Best - Queay, Harrold, Osborne

Under 19s
Melbourne 12.18 d. Footscray 9.7
Goals - McIlvenna 4, R. Macdonald 2, McLean 2, Tesoriero 2, Thornycroft 2
Best - Watts, McIlvenna, MacKenzie
Reported - Thorneycroft (attempted striking)

Age - 03/07/1972
Inside Football - 08/07/1972
Football Record R14 1972

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