Round 12 1952

Round 12, 1952
Carlton vs Melbourne
Saturday 12 July
Venue: Princes Park
Attendance: 24,839

Match Statistics

Match Drawn

Goalkickers: Noel Clarke 3, Geoff McGivern 1, Tom McLean 1, Jim Wilson 1


In a match played in atrocious conditions the Demons staged a stirring last quarter fightback to hold the home side scoreless and snatch a draw but it wasn't enough to keep them competitive in the race for the top four. They'd reacted to defeat the previous week by dropping vice-captain George Bickford.

Carlton's inaccuracy in front of goal kept Melbourne in the match, but the Demons couldn't capitalise on the opportunities they'd been given and ended up with exactly the same score.

Jim Wilson kicked the first goal of the last quarter, before behinds to Clarke and McLean drew the margin back to a single goal. Clarke snapped truly and the scores were level. Carlton attacked a last time but they were repelled and both teams left Princes Park with two premiership points.

Melbourne might have won if a Ken Albiston point kicked after the first quarter siren had been counted. The ball was in the air when the siren went and a Carlton player fumbled it through the goals while trying to stop it. Under the rules of the day a point should have been awarded, as it was in Melbourne's favour a few weeks earlier in similar circumstances, but no score was awarded. They also missed out on what would have been their fourth goal when Tom McLean touched through what would have otherwise been a goal.

With time running out Carlton attacked, but Melbourne defused their attack and were pushing forward towards their own goal at the siren. The score was Carlton's lowest against Melbourne for 20 years.

Best were Wilson, McGivern and Cordner. Bickford replaced Beckwith (injured) in the last quarter. Ferguson was an unused 20th man.

Carlton 12.11 d. Melbourne 7.9

Melbourne 9.11 d. Carlton 5.8

Age - 11/07/1952
Argus - 12/07/1952
Sporting Globe - 12/07/1952
Argus - 14/07/1952
Argus - 14/07/1952
Football Record R13 1952

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