Famous Fans


Terry Bracks - Wife of former premier Steve Bracks
David Bridie - Singer/Songwriter
Nicky Buckley - Television presenter
Geoff Cox - Television presenter
Cr. Bernard Evans - Lord Mayor of Melbourne
Greg Evans - Television presenter
Neale Fraser - Tennis player
Ian Henderson - Newsreader
Rob Gell - TV weatherman
Derryn Hinch - Television/Radio presenter (lapsed)
Brad Hodge - Cricketer
John Landy - Runner
Rod Laver - Tennis player
Nick McCallum - Journalist and radio announcer
Neil Mitchell - Radio announcer
Steve Moneghetti - Runner
Sir Stephen Morell - Lord Mayor
Beverley O'Connor - Broadcaster
John "Dr. Turf" Rothfield - Radio announcer
Mike Sheahan - Journalist
Rob Sitch - Comedian
John So - Former Lord Mayor of Melbourne
Alan Stockdale - Former Victorian treasurer
Greg Sword - Union official
John Thwaites - Former deputy premier
James Tomkins - Rower
Mal Walden - Newsreader
Wilbur Wilde - Musician (Wilde's brother Chris Aitken played for the Demons)


Age - 22/05/1939
Age - 22/09/1960

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