Unknown Players

All players after the demise of the Under 19s competition are probably Reserves top-up players. Where possible the status of the player of the competition they played in is included but this is not always complete.

If you can shed any light on any of the players in this list please email mfchistory AT gmail.com.

See also Other Players, Unknown Players 1960s-1990s, and Pre-VFL players.


Dinsmore 1897 Mid-season recruit, captain of Wesley College. Possibly BS Dinsmore (Age 18/05/1896)
Edgar 1898 Reported as likely to play Round 6 but did not. From Ascot Vale. May have been stopped from playing by a permit dispute.
Gardner 1897 From Collegians. Probably Harry Gardner
Gilligan 1898 From Albert Park. Either T Gilligan or S. Gilligan. One of the Gilligans was at Essendon in the same pre-season.
Hourigan 1897 From Maryborough
Hughes 1898 Recruit
Johnson 1897 From Coranderrk. Follower. Possibly George Johnstone or M. Johnson
O'Driscoll 1897 To White Feather (WA) in 1898. May have been from the city rather than the club.
Paull 1899, 1902 Reappeared in 1902 pre-season
Price 1897 Forward from Rutherglen/Numurkah
Scott 1897 Played in a pre-season practice match
Searle 1899 Pre-season player.
Smith 1897 Played in a pre-season practice match
Thompson 1897 Winger from a 'second-rate' junior club. Probably the same as an 1896 Thompson from South St Kilda
Woods 1897 Pre-season player from Ballarat. Possibly Alf Wood


Blackwood 1904 Played in a pre-season 'new players' team.
Brown 1908 A recruit from 'Ports'
Collins 1902 Pre-season half back
Cordner 1904 Pre-season player. Probably Edward Cordner
A. Coutie 1905 Played in the 1905 exhibition match in Sale. Probably related to Vin Coutie
Dalrymple 1904 Played in a pre-season 'new players' team. Not Syd Dalrymple
Daniels 1909 Pre-season follower from Maffra
Davern 1907 Toured Tasmania
Dolphan 1905 Likely Bill Dolphin
Ellis 1905
Ferguson 1904 Played in a pre-season 'new players' team
Hodges 1909 Pre-season half forward from Brighton
G. Holland 1900
Humphreys 1904 Pre-season player
H. Hunter 1903 Signed to the club
A. Irwin 1909 Pre-season follower from Melbourne Swimming Club. Unlikely to be Les Irwin as they both played on Saturday 15 May.
Jacoby 1902 Pre-season backman from Collegians
Johnson 1904 Played in a pre-season 'new players' team.
Kirby 1905 From Bendigo
Knox 1904 Pre-season follower from Scotch College. Returned to the school team during the year
B. Langley 1905 Shown as Melbourne's representative in a running race for players. Not Frank Langley.
Lewers 1901 1901 pre-season player from Trinity College
Lloyd 1902 Pre-season wingman from South Australia
Lynch 1900 From Richmond City
Mallock 1905 From Western Australia. Possibly from Imperials
McBean 1904 Pre-season player
Moore 1902 Pre-season player
Moore 1904 Played in a pre-season 'new players' team.
Parker 1904 Played in a pre-season 'old players' team. Probably a misspelling of Harry Parkin
Pullen 1902 Pre-season player
Rowe 1902 Pre-season player
Schuncke 1909 Recruit from Carlton Juniors. Either Charlie Schunke or brother Eddie.
Sinclair 1904 Pre-season player
Small 1904 Played in a pre-season 'new players' team. Probably a misspelling of Lionel Smale
Smith 1904 Pre-season player from Tramways
Sutton 1900 Defender
Timms 1902 Pre-season player
Van Larnick 1904 Played in a pre-season 'old players' team.
J. Walsh 1903 From Carlton clearance refused at first. Likely Bobby Walsh.
Ward 1904 Played in a pre-season 'new players' team. From Northcote/Sydney
Woodhouse 1902 Pre-season player. Probably Reg Woodhouse


Adams 1912 Played on trip to Tasmania
Adams 1913 Pre-season tall follower/forward from 'one of the colleges' or Elsternwick
G. Allan 1914 Pre-season player from Hawthorn
Amsting 1913 Went on tour to Tasmania
LW Anderson 1912 To Western Australia before Round 5 1912
Armstrong 1914 From Daylesford. Likely returned to Daylesford after not winning a spot
Bailey 1911 Half-back and captain of a Bendigo junior team
Baker 1910 Pre-season player. Son of ex-Carlton player Jack Baker.
Barlett 1912 Ex-Fitzroy pre-season player]. Probably Herman Bartlett from 1910
J. Barnes 1914 1912 pre-season forward
T. Bayliss 1914 Pre-season forward
from Richmond District. Failed to make the side and went to Brighton. Likely 'Tom' who played for Collingwood District in 1915.
Bell 1910 Pre-season player
Bolton 1910 Pre-season player
Boulder 1913 Pre-season recruit winger from Hastings
E. Bourke 1913 Pre-season forward from Seymour
C. Buckley 1915 Wore #30. Possibly Ed Buckley
Burge 1912 Pre-season follower from Training College. Probably Cliff Burge
Burns 1913 Pre-season player from Caulfield
E. Cannale 1913 World War I serviceman who returned in 1919.
Carmichael 1913 From Carlton
Casanella 1911 Rover from CBC North Melbourne
Clarke 1911 From Essendon. Likely the same as the other 1911 Clarke
Clarke 1911 Pre-season half-back from Engineers.
Clemenger 1914 Pre-season recruit from Elsternwick. Rover. At Elsternwick since at least 1911. Possibly John Clemenger. Returned to Elsternwick in 1914.
H. Colquhoun 1915 From Deniliquin
Colley 1914 Pre-season follower from Coburg
Cowell 1910
Cowell 1914 Wore #39
Dean 1912 Pre-season forward from Shepparton
Dodemaide 1919 Also a policeman
Dougall 1912 Pre-season Follower from Fortrose
Eastaway 1914 Pre-season player from Northcote
Edwards 1911 Reserve for trip to Wagga
J. Fitzpatrick 1910 Possibly separate to Jim Fitzpatrick
Fitzpatrick 1915 Pre-season player and brother of Jim Fitzpatrick
W Fleming 1912 From East Sydney
Fontaine 1911
Fowler 1910 Pre-season player
Francis 1912 Follower from Hastings
M. George 1919 Cleared to Prahran. Probably Mick George - VFA Project profile
Gordon 1909-1910 Defender from a junior team. Possibly Rothwell Gordon. Also appeared in 1910 pre-season
C. Green 1914 Pre-season half-back from Richmond District
M. Guthrie 1914 Pre-season follower from Richmond District
B. Hair 1913 Pre-season winger from Brighton
Hall 1910 Pre-season forward from 23Collingwood District
RV Hardiman 1914 Pre-season player from Xavier College
Heineman 1912 Pre-season half-back from Norwood
Hook 1910 Pre-season player
Hoskins ? Shown as a Melbourne player in a wartime squad. Probably Phil Hosking.
J. Haughton/Houghton 1914 Pre-season follower from Toora.
E. Johnson/Johnston 1914 Pre-season recruit. Backman who won the league B&F playing for Richmond District in 1913
Jones 1910 Pre-season player
WH Jones 1913 From Richmond in May 1913, to North Melbourne in May 1914. VFA Project profile
Kellar 1913 Two Kellars played on Tasmanian tour
L. Kennedy 1914 Pre-season player from Ormond College
WH Kyte 1910 Club masseur
Lane 1912 Pre-season player from West Adelaide
Lethbridge 1910 Pre-season player
Lucas 1915 Wore #30. Listed in Round 7 only.
Malley 1914 From Wonthaggi
Mann 1910 Pre-season player
McEwan 1911 Follower from Beverley. Likey the same as a W. McEwan
W. McEwan 1912 To Richmond in May 1913
McKenzie 1912 Pre-season player. Brother of Bill McKenzie. Was said to be playing a senior game during June but did not appear.
McFarland 1911 To Port Melbourne in June
McLeod 1912 Pre-season half-forward from Murchison
McNamara 1912 Pre-season player from Adelaide
Mills 1910 From Bendigo
S. Morris 1914 Pre-season player from Hawthorn
Morrison 1913-1914 Pre-season recruit from Elsternwick Had been their captain in 1912. Didn't get a game, then rejoined Melbourne in the 1914 pre-season. Also played cricket for St Kilda.
Nichols 1910 Pre-season player
J. O'Carroll 1913 Pre-season forward from CYMS Hawthorn. Possibly Joe O'Carroll
Oliver 1914 Pre-season wingman from Leopold
L. Park 1910 Pre-season player. Not Bert Parkes
Parratt 1910 Trained but did not play ex-Fitzroy
Patton 1912 Pre-season player from Rutherglen
Payne 1914 Pre-season follower from Everleigh
Potts 1913 Pre-season forward from Western Australia
Rademacher 1912 Pre-season half back from Leopold. Almost certainly Arthur Rademacher.
Rickards 1910 Pre-season player
Roberts 1910 Pre-season player
Ross 1911 Played against Wagga
CN Schafer 1914-1915 Pre-season from Hawthorn in 1914 and 1915. Wore #30. Off the team list by Round 7
Schuncke 1909 From Carlton Juniors. Joined Carlton in 1910.
Smith 1910
"Pop" Smith 1912 Pre-season half-forward or centre from Richmond District
Spears 1914 Pre-season follower/forward from Rutherglen
Sumner 1912 Pre-season player - half-back from Collingwood District
R. Sutcliffe 1914 Pre-season follower from Haileybury College
Taylor 1914 Pre-season follower from Brighton. Possibly Harold Taylor
Thompson/Thomson 1910 From Oakleigh. Pre-season defender.
C. Walker 1914 1912 pre-season player. Possibly George Walker.
Warrington 1919 Likely a misspelling of Boddington
Weeks 1910 Centreman/follower from Rowntree
Werner 1910 Pre-season player from Port Railways
West 1911 Pre-season half-back from California Gully
Wheatley 1910 Pre-season player from Fitzroy Juniors


A. Aitken 1923 Juniors
H. Alberry 1925 From Caulfield in May 1925 and a seconds player. Incorrectly spelt Albert in some sources.
Alford 1923 Pre-season player who was leading goalkicker in his Gippsland district in 1922
A. Allen 1923 Juniors
G. Almond 1920 From Shepparton
Andersen/Anderson 1925 Training list player
Anderson 1921Seconds
C. Anderson 1927 To Brighton. Possibly this player
J. Anthony 1923 Pre-season player from Tasmania
S. Anthony 1920 Pre-season rover
J. Archer 1925 Played in a seconds curtain raiser to an interstate game
Arren 1928 Seconds
Arthur 1924 Seconds
Atkins 1922 Pre-season defender
R. Atkins 1925 Played in a seconds curtain raiser to an interstate game
Atkins 1924 Seconds. Probably same as R. Atkins.
Atkins 1926 Seconds player. Probably same as R. Atkins and Atkins 1924
Atkinson 1924 Seconds
Banks 1928-29 Seconds. Cleared to Prahran in 1930. This Banks, probably not Jack Banks
E. Barker 1926 From Collingwood. Possibly Fred Barker or a misspelling of Edward Baker. Possibly the F. Barker who went to Hawthorn in April 1927
F. Barker 1926 Possibly the same as E. Barker. To Hawthorn in April 1927. Probably not Fred Barker.
Barlow 1922 Pre-season wingman
Bates 1921 Pre-season defender from Healesville
GL Baxer 1925 From Prahran. Possibly Ray Baxter
T. Beamish 1928 Follower from Alphington. Wore #22. Photo uploaded.
Beckwith 1924 From Lang Lang
V. Bell 1922 Possibly Frank Bell
Ball/Bell 1923 Pre-season defender
Beardsley 1922 Juniors player
F. Bissett 1923 Juniors
RV Bennetts 1929 From Jeparit before Round 12
Bowen 1923 Practice Matches
Bowman 1928 Seconds
J. Bowtell 1927-28 From Armadale. Seconds player. To Prahran in 1929. VFA Project profile
Brake 1925 Training list player
C. Bright 1926 Pre-season half back from Brunswick
Britt 1925 Training list player from Windsor Fire Station or Williamstown. Almost certainly Gerry Britt
Brown 1922 Juniors player
Bruce 1923 Seconds
Brumby 1920-1921Seconds
DG Bryan 1920 Probably not Claude Bryan
R. Buckway 1921 pre-season centre/forward from Maryborough
P. Burke 1922 To Ballarat in April 1923
Burnstihle 1926 Pre-season rover from Leopold
Burt 1925
Call 1922 Pre-season defender
Calleson 1922 Pre-season player
C. Cameron 1925-26 Seconds. Forward from Orbost.
Campbell 1921 Pre-season forward
Campbell 1923 Pre-season and Juniors forward.
J. Cannon 1924-1925 Seconds centre half-back. Injured ankle in Round 1, 1925
O. Carr 1929Seconds. Not Clem Carr
Carroll 1928 Pre-season centre half-forward from the public service
Carter 1923 [https://trove.nla.gov.au/newspaper/article/243797021Pre-season] player from Oakleigh. Brother of Wally Carter
Carter 1924 Pre-season ruck-rover from Ulverstone
F. Cayley 1929 From Moorabbin. Seconds.
Chandler 1926-27 Pre-season player in 1927. Seconds in 1926.
C. Chisholm 1923 Juniors
Chrystal 1921Seconds
TA Clarke 1929 To Hawthorn in June
Clements 1923 Practice match defender
Clements 1924 Pre-season rover from Ferntree Gully
Cochrane 1929 Pre-season forward from Chelsea who kicked more than 100 goals the previous year
Coe 1928 Seconds
M. Collins 1924 Seconds
Colliver 1927 Pre-season half back from Rushworth.
Colter 1924 Pre-season player from Charlton
PJ Condon 1929-30 Follower/forward from Gippsland. Signed in July 1929. To South Melbourne in 1930.
C. Coomber 1926 Cleared to the Seconds from Werribee
Cornish 1929 Pre-season half back
Coulter x2 1922 Pre-season defender. Possibly Bill Coulter. Two players with the same surname trained.
Cowden 1925 Pre-season winger
Crowle 1920Seconds
Coyne 1923 Prfactice Match defender
Crawford 1928 Pre-season player
E. Croft 1929 To Northcote before Round 5
Cronen 1926 Seconds
Davies 1924 Seconds full forward
JC Dennis 1927-28 Former Sandringham captain. Cleared to Nullawil before Round 4 1928
W. Dillon 1925-1926 Played in a seconds curtain raiser to an interstate game. To Camberwell in April 1927. VFA Project profile
Douglas 1924 Pre-season player. Wing/half-forward from the Juniors
J. Drake 1923-1925 Juniors/Seconds ruckman
Drew 1929 Pre-season forward from Williamstown. Either Con or Leo
TH Druie 1926 From Maryborough.Rover
Drummond 1926 Pre-season forward
Deuer 1927 Pre-season player from Lilydale. Also shown as Geuer
V. Dunin/Dunnin/Dunwin/Dunim 1925-1927 Played in a seconds curtain raiser to an interstate game. Pre-season player in 1927 and 1928
T. Durie 1926 Rover from Maryborough before R3 1926, to Coburg before R10 1926. VFA Project profile
Eady 1924-1925 Seconds
Eddy 1924 Backman from Melbourne Swimming Club. Probably the same as Eady.
Eakins 1926 Pre-season follower from Canterbury
S Edgar 1929 From NSW before Round 8
Egan 1924 Pre-season rover from Kooweerup
Elder/Eider 1923 Pre-season wingman
T. Elliot1921, 1923Seconds forward from Tungamah
Elliott 1925 Training list player
W. Evans 1925 From Hawthorn
Fagan 1928 Pre-season follower from Murrumbeena
Findley 1928 Seconds
Finlayson 1926 Pre-season player
Forness 1920Seconds
Forness 1921, 1924 Seconds. One of the Forness' was a rover.
H. Forness 1923-1926 Juniors in 1923. To Camberwell in April 1927
N. Forness 1925 Seconds
Finlay 1928 Half forward. Also shown as Findlay in some sources.
Fraser 1923 Pre-season full back
Frazier 1924 Pre-season player from Albury
Fulling 1921, 1923-1924 Seconds backman
Furlong 1923 Practice matches. Half-back. Possibly Phil Furlong
Gaby 1924 Seconds player
Gall 1922 Pre-season follower from Euroa
Gardiner 1923 Pre-season forward
Geuer 1927 Pre-season player
Gilder 1927 Pre-season player
W. Gillam 1921 Pre-season all-rounder from Mooroopna
Glenister 1922 Juniors player who joined Williamstown in 1923
W. Godfrey 1923 Juniors
Goding 1932 Pre-season winger from Oakleigh. Probably Fred Goding
AE, EA or C. Gosstray/Gostray 1925 From Diamond Creek. Played in a seconds curtain raiser to an interstate game. Also listed as being from "the tramways". Defender
Goldsworthy 1929 Tall forward from Ballarat recruited mid-season
Gracie 1929 Pre-season forward from South Yarra
JC Greening 1925 Cleared to Prahran. Possibly the same as JJ Greening. VFA Project profile
JJ Greening 1924 Winger from Charlton. Seconds player.
T. Greenwood 1923-24 Juniors
Gregory 1929 Pre-season half-back/forward from Murrumbeena
R. Griff/Grigg 1921 From Maldon or Malvern
Gurney 1924 Pre-season defender from Gawler
Hancock 1924 Player
Hannon 1927 Played practice matches. From South Yarra.
D. Harker 1920 From an 'unalloted district'
Hales 1920Seconds
F. Hall 1926 Pre-season rover from Ballarat
JJ Hall 1921 From an 'unalloted district'
Hall 1928 Pre-season Naval Depot half-back
N. Hardiman 1928 To St Kilda before Round 4
Harris 1929 Pre-season half-forward from Dookie
Hartley 1921 Pre-season forward
Hazel/Hazzell 1925 Seconds player
NG Heinke 1929 From Bruthen before Round 3. To Camberwell before Round 4. VFA Project profile
WJ Herton 1928 Seconds. From Prahran.
Hill 1926 Pre-season defender from Warburton
Holmes 1921Seconds
F. Holmes 1926 Pre-season winger from Seymour
Hore 1928 Half-back from Bentleigh. Possibly the same as Horton.
Horton 1928 Seconds
W. House 1929 From Dookie before Round 5
Howey 1927 Pre-season player from Port Melbourne Juniors. May be this Howey
Hutchison/Hutchison 1921Seconds winger. Also in 1922 pre-season
Hutchinson 1923 Juniors
Jack 1922 Pre-season player from South Yarra
Jackson 1924 Seconds
James 1927-1928 Ruckman who played Juniors then pre-season in 1928
Jeffers 1924 From Lang Lang
Johnston 1922 Pre-season defender
Johnson 1928 Seconds
Jones 1926-1927 Seconds player. Probably either C or T. Jones
Jones 1928 Seconds. Probably T. Jones from 1929
C. Jones 1925 Played in a seconds curtain raiser to an interstate game
H. Jones 1921 Pre-season rover from Albury
T. Jones 1929 Probably the Jones who played seconds in 1928
J. Kavanagh 1920 Pre-season centre/rover from Terang
G. Keady 1921 Pre-season all-rounder from Mooroopna
JA Kearney 1920 Pre-season half back from Elsternwick
R. Kelly 1929 From an unallotted area. To Hawthorn in June
R. Kennedy 1929 From Old Xavs
Kennedy 1929 Second player from Warrnambool. Also appeared in 1930 pre-season.
Kidd 1928 Pre-season forward from Alexandra
Knipp 1921Seconds
AE Keyhoe 1929-1930 Seconds also in 1930. To Port Melbourne in May 1930. VFA Project profile. Also shown as 'Keogh'
Kercheval 1926Pre-season forward from Warburton. Likely Ronald Kercheval.
Kyhoe 1927 Pre-season player from Preston. Possibly same as Keyhoe/Keogh.
J. Lake 1927 From Fitzroy. Maybe Jim Lake
King 1929 Pre-season wingman from Eaglehawk who played for Bendigo League against VFL in 1928
D. Lang 1921 From Wonthaggi in July
EV Langwell 1929 From Brunswick, and back to Brunswick before Round 9. VFA Project profile. Originally from Fitzroy Juniors.
Latham 1925 Training list player from Hawthorn/Oakleigh. Probably not Bill Latham
Lawrence 1926-1927 Seconds player from North Melbourne. Also shown as from South Melbourne Juniors
Layley 1929 Pre-season half-forward from Murrumbeena
W. Lee 1923-1924 Seconds - To Collingwood in June 1924
Lester 1923-1924 Pre-season defender in 1923 and seconds player in 1924.
Lester 1927 Pre-season players from Old Scotch
Leston 1925 Training list player
Loch 1928 Pre-season follower
Loh 1921Seconds
London 1928-1929 Pre-season forward from Sandringham who was injured in 1928 trial games then returned again in 1929.
F. Luttrell 1928 Winger from South Yarra. Wore #36. Son of the curator of the MCG
Lyons 1921 Pre-season and seconds player. A policeman
Lyte 1923 Seconds. May have been a returning Bill Lyte.
MacFarlane 1927 Pre-season wingman from Scotch College/Old Scotch
MacLeod 1925 Seconds
Maguire 1923 Practice match forward
A. Mahon 1923 Juniors
L. Makeham 1924 From Woodleigh. Pre-season player and brother of a Collingwood player
Marshall 1922 Pre-season follower from Brunswick Juniors
Marr 1929 Seconds
P. Marshall 1926 Pre-season rover from South Yarra Juniors. Recommended by Dick Taylor
W. Martin 1921 Pre-season backman from Scotch College
G. Matheson 1926 Pre-season forward from South Yarra. Recommended by Ivor Warne-Smith
Matthews 1923 Pre-season half back. May have been Herb Matthews
May 1921Seconds
McCarthy 1922 Pre-season player from Monbulk
J. McColl 1924-1925 Played in a seconds curtain raiser to an interstate game
McComb/McCombe 1921Seconds
R. McDonald 1920-1922 Winger from Alphington. To Williamstown in June 1922
WA McDonald 1929 Pre-season half-back from Albury. Photo uploaded.
McDonald 1929 Seconds ruckman
McDougall 1929 Pre-season player from Sandringham. Probably Roy McDougall
McGregor 1924 Pre-season player and brother of an Adelaide champion
B. McGregor 1929 From St Kilda Seconds to MFC seconds
McInnes 1926-1927 Pre-season and seconds forward. Nephew of George Haines. Spelt McGuiness in some sources. 18-years-old in 1926.
A. McLoughlin 1926 Pre-season rover from Benalla
M. McIsaac 1921 Pre-season follower from Mooroopna
McIver 1928 Seconds
McLorinan 1929 Pre-season player from public schools. St Kilda had tried to sign him.
McMahon 1921Seconds
McMahon 1923 Juniors
A. McMahon 1924-1925 Played in a seconds curtain raiser to an interstate game. Wingman
L. McMahon 1926 From Ballarat Imperials. Required a clearance from Essendon. To Hawthorn in 1927. Seconds winger.
McRae 1928 Seconds
McRae 1929 Pre-season centre-half forward from Melbourne Grammar
R. Meade 1928 Seconds. Possibly a misspelling of L. Meade.
Meekin/Meeking 1923 Pre-season defender
McInnes 1927 Pre-season player. Also played Seconds
McKinley 1923 Pre-season half-back from New South Wales who played against Victoria in 1922
McMeekin 1925 Pre-season forward from Kerang
Middleditch 1923 Pre-season Ballarat junior who kicked 52 goals for his club in 1922
J. Moody 1928 From Echuca
Monks 1924 Pre-Season player
More 1923 Juniors
More 1928 Seconds
E. Moore 1925 To Richmond in July 1925
Mullins 1923 Pre-season centreman
Murray 1928 Pre-season player from Bendigo. Possibly Wyn Murray.
Nelson 1923-24 Practice Matches https://trove.nla.gov.au/newspaper/article/243786969 and Pre-Season player
W. Newsome 1920 Pre-season contender for a ruck position from Dandenong
KW Nicholson 1921 To Geelong in July 1921
G. Nylander 1926-28 From Ballarat. Cleared back to Ballarat before R1 1929
F. O'Brien 1925 Possibly the same as L. O'Brien from 1925. To Richmond before R1 1926. Probably Frank O'Brien.
O'Brien 1923 From St Kevins. Half-forward.
L. O'Brien 1925 Played in a seconds curtain raiser to an interstate game. Probably the 1926-27 O'Brien.
O'Brien 1926-1927 Seconds player. Also played midweek games with the Postal Employees. Probably the same as L. O'Brien. Not Tom O'Brien.
FH O'Callaghan 1925 First clearance refused. Newspaper says from North Melbourne, Football Record says from Essendon. Sporting Globe says from Oakleigh. Appeared on training list. May be more than one O'Callaghan.
O'Connell 1924 From Lang Lang
O'Connor 1926 Pre-season half forward from Fish Creek
O'Halloran 1929 Pre-season wingman From Wangaratta. Also shown as a ruck/defender.
O'Neill 1920 Half-back/centre who trained late in season. From Hastings.
Ockwell 1925 Training list player
Ohlen 1927 Pre-season player from Preston
Oldham 1923 Pre-season defender
Organ 1928 Former NSW state player. Defender
Pardy 1922 Pre-season half-forward flank
Parker 1923-1924 Seconds
Parker 1926 Junior player cleared to Geelong Association in 1927
Paul 1927 Pre-season player
A. Pearson 1923 Juniors
Pebarfald 1920Seconds
TA Pert 1928 Forward who wore #24. From Elsternwick. Also shown as Peart in some sources
FG Porter 1924 Follower From Ulverstone. Clearance initially refused a week earlier (Age 24/04/1924) because he hadn't completed 12 months in Victoria. Also centre half-forward.
FV Porter 1925 To St Kilda in June 1925.
HC/HE Proctor 1923-24 From Charlton. To Prahran in May 1924. VFA Project profile
Prunier 1922 Pre-season player. Possibly Bill Brunier
Rea 1929 Pre-season player
Rees 1925 Training list player
Rice 1928 Seconds
Richardson 1927 Played practice matches. From Geelong Association or Geelong Juniors. Also shown as from Port Melbourne
Roberts 1929 Seconds
Robertson 1921Seconds
R Rooke 1926 From Tasmania
Rosbeck 1921 Pre-season defender from Melbourne Juniors
Rosbach 1923 Juniors. Probably same as Rosbeck.
R. Rourke 1926 Pre-season back from Tasmania
J. Ryan 1923 Juniors
H. Salisbury 1926 Pre-season forward from Prahran Juniors
RD/WD Schrader/Shraeder 1928 From Hawthorn. To St Kilda Seconds in 1929
Schafer 1929 Seconds
W. Scott 1924 To Rutherglen in April 1925. Possibly Wally Scott
Scrithen 1925 Seconds
Sewell 1923 Pre-season defender
B. Scharp 1926 Pre-season player from Kew Juniors
Sharp 1928 Pre-season University half back
Sharpley 1926 Pre-season forward from Flying School
H. Shekan 1927 From Wangaratta
Sheridan 1921 Seconds player from Brighton. Back to Brighton in July. VFA Project profile
L. Shinkfield 1924-1925 Seconds backman who played in a seconds curtain raiser to an interstate game
Silivia/Silveria 1928-29 Seconds
E. Simmonds 1929 Pre-season player from Murtoa
W. or H. Slatter 1923-24 Juniors in 1923 and 1924. Possibly two different people. [http://trove.nla.gov.au/ndp/del/article/1850645561924] version was a firefighter. Broke his kneecap in early-1924 but a Slatter plays Seconds in June.
Skater 1924 Player
Smith 1928 Seconds. Probably the P. Smith to Prahran in 1929.
Smith 1924 From Lang Lang
G. Smith 1925 Pre-season half-back from Dimboola
South 1923 Practice matches
A. Southam 1921-1923 Juniors
Southern 1924 Seconds forward
Sprague 1922-23 Half-forward promoted from the MFC Juniors for 1923 pre-season. Possibly the same as J. Sprigg. Probably Eric Sprague
J. Sprigg 1920-1925 Juniors captain. Seconds in 1925. Possibly the same as Sprague. From South Yarra
Stanley 1928
Standish 1926 Pre-season player
F. Stanley 1926 To Dimboola in April 1927
Stokes 1924 Seconds player. Wingman
AJ Sullivan 1925 Seconds player from Port Melbourne. Probably not Jimmy Sullivan.
W. Sweeney 1923 Pre-season and Juniors
Tabart 1928 Seconds
Tatham 1926 Pre-season player
Taylor 1920Reserves
K. Taylor 1923 WA athlete who transferred to Melbourne for work to try and qualify for an athletics carnival in London. From West Perth. Appeared in pre-season games. Also shown as W. Taylor
Taylor 1925 Training list player
Thomas 1921 Pre-season defender from Mitcham. Either Ted Thomas or Enos Thomas
R. Thomas 1925 Played in a seconds curtain raiser to an interstate game
Thompson 1927 North Adelaide rover who trialed in the pre-season. Probably John Thompson.
P. Tierney 1920 Pre-season contender for a ruck spot from Northcote. VFA Project profile
Tory 1925 Training list player
Tucker 1921 Pre-season
JM Veale 1929 To Kerang before Round 6
Walker 1921 Pre-season defender. Possibly George Walker
Warren 1928-1929 Reserves player to Sandringham in 1930
S. Waterman 1929 From Brighton Vale
Waters 1937 Pre-season player
Watson 1921Seconds
Weaver 1923 Practice Matches
R. Webb 1923 Juniors
West 1926 Pre-season player from Mentone
Whalley 1929 Pre-season player from Williamstown
White 1922 Pre-season defender. Probably JL White
White 1923-1924 Broke his arm in 1923.
R. White 1925 Played in a seconds curtain raiser to an interstate game
V. Whiteley/Whitlely 1929Seconds wing
T. Whitfield 1923 Juniors
SG Wigg 1928 To St Kilda before R1 1929
Wilkins 1926 Pre-season player from Williamstownn - injured an ankle in a trial game VFA Project profile
F. Willett 1921 pre-season player from Ararat
Williams 1923 Pre-season forward
C. Wilson 1921 Pre-season follower from Brighton. Possibly Clarrie Wilson
E. Wilson 1923 Pre-season forward/wingman
Wise 1924 Seconds player and defender from Ballarat.
Woodman 1924 From Rosedale
Woods 1920Seconds
Woods 1921 Pre-season defender from Caulfield
RS/P Woolhouse 1928 Wore #34. Pre-season half-forward from Mentone who appeared in seconds games. To Eaglehawk in 1929
Wright 1923 Pre-season defender. May have been M or W Wright from 1925.
Young 1928 Seconds. Possibly the same as C. Young from 1925 or the Young from 1930. Possibly Charles Young
CE Young 1925 From an unallotted districted. Played in a seconds curtain raiser to an interstate game. Possibly Charles Young


Adams 1932 Pre-season player. Probably Bill Adams
T. Adams 1936 Pre-season player from the Victoria Police association
Ahlston 1934 Seconds training list
J. Aitken 1937 Pre-season player from Old Melburnians
Allen 1936 Pre-season player from Wycheproof
Amey 1933 Pre-season player
D. Anderson 1936 To Horsham in April 1937
Anderson 1937 Pre-season player. Brother of Jack from St Kilda.
Anderson 1938 Seconds player
G. Andrews 1935 Seconds player, injured at the start of 1936
GW Andrew 1936 Cleared from Parkdale in May 1936. Probably the same as G. Andrews from 1935
Andrew/Andrews 1934 Pre-season player. Brother of Collingwood Vice-President Bruce
J. Archer 1935-1936 Seconds player
J. Archer 1938 'Local' player
Archibald 1939 Follower from Tempy
Armstrong1936 Pre-season defender
Arrowsmith 1934 Practice match player who was dropped from the list before the season started.
Arthur 1933 Seconds player.
Arton 1938 Seconds player
L. Avery 1935 Pre-season player from Warracknabeal or Warrnambool.
Ayres 1934 Described as being from the local area. Did not make the final list.
J. Backway 1936 From Leongatha. Seconds player and brother of Fred Backway
R. Baker 1934 Pre-season player
J. Baldwin 1939-41 From Kilsyth. Pre-season player. Also shown as from Lilydale. Also shown as G. Baldwin Dropped from senior list in June 1941. Probably either Jeff or Geoff. Half-forward
J. Ball 1938 Seconds player. Possibly Jock Ball
H. Barclay 1932 Pre-season defender from Ballarat
R. Barker 1932 Pre-season player from Stawell
Barker 1938 Seconds player
Barrett 1936 Pre-season player
L. Barrow 1937 Pre-season player
Bartlin 1934 Practice match player who was dropped from the list before the season started.
AG Barton 1938 From St Patrick's Coburg to MFC Seconds. Also shown as Baston
Batten 1932 Pre-season player
V. Barwick 1930 Pre-season player from St Kilda
Bates 1934 Pre-season defender from Collingwood seconds. Likely George Bates.
Batter 1932
Bean 1936 Pre-season defender
AC Benjamin 1936 Cleared to Fitzroy for 1937.
Benjamin 1938 Seconds player
Bendle 1938 Pre-season player who broke his collarbone in a practice match. From a local junior team.
R. Bennett 1934 Seconds training list and pre-season defender
Bennett 1935 Seconds centreman
Bergin 1936 Pre-season player from Brunswick Juniors
WP Berriman/Berryman 1939-1941 Seconds player from Ballarat. In 1941 pre-season.
W. Bickford/Pickford 1932 Seconds premiership player
Biggs 1933 Seconds player. Also shown as Briggs.
Billman 1935 Played in pre-season games. From Glenrowan. Rover.
Bock 1934 Pre-season player
Bodycoat 1934 Practice match player who was dropped from the list before the season started. From Bacchus Marsh.
Bogie 1935 Pre-season
Bolger 1936 Pre-season player. Possibly Eric Bolger
Bolwell 1936 Pre-season player
Bond 1936 Pre-season player
H. Booth 1932 Seconds
Booth 1936 Seconds follower who joined Collingwood in 1937. Probably Frank Booth.
Brassey 1936-1937 Reserves player
W. Brettargh 1938 Pre-season half-forard from Warburton. Back to Warburton in May 1938. Also shown as from Dandenong
Broderick 1933 Pre-season half-back from Heidelberg or Greensborough
Bromley 1938 Pre-season player
Bourke 1934 From the Railways. Backman. Both Bourkes probably the same person. One on the Seconds training list
Bourke 1934 From West Melbourne Probably William Bourke.
E. Branchflower 1934 From Melbourne Grammar. Pre-season half forward.
Bravo 1940 Seconds player
J. Bray 1936 Pre-season follower. Possibly same as Jack Bray
C. Brede 1945 From Claremont
Breshanan/Bresencham 1932 Pre-season player from Beaconsfield
W. Briggs 1934 Pre-season player From Alphington. Ruck.
Briggs 1934 From South Melbourne. Full back. Both Briggs' are probbaly the same player.
Brodie 1934 From Castlemaine . Wing
Brown 1934 Backman from Trafalgar
Bryant 1933 Seconds player.
LG Buchan 1937 To Bruthen in April 1938.
Buldt 1937 Seconds - from Myer's
Bulger 1936 Pre-season player
Buller 1934 Seconds training list
Burgin 1936 Seconds player
Burt 1935 From Leeton
Bush 1931 Pre-season wingman from Camberwell
Burrows 1932 Pre-season player from Williamstown
Butler 1934 From Melton
Calder 1938 Pre-season defender from Melbourne Grammar/Old Melburnians
W. Callesen 1935 From South Oakleigh
Campbell1936 Pre-season. Probably same as JS Campbell.
JS Campbell 1935 From Old Melburnians. Wore #26. Melbourne shown as "trying to obtain his services for several seasons". Possibly Euan Campbell 1939 as another report shows him as E. Campbell
Carle 1932 Pre-season centreman from Stawell
Carr 1934 From Stawell
Carr 1935 Pre-season
Carr 1939 From Stawell
N. Carroll 1931 From Corowa. Ruckman.
N. Carroll 1931-1932 from Geelong College. Rover.
Caton 1938 Pre-season player from Swan Hill
Cavanagh 1938-1939 Seconds midfielder
Chamberlain 1934 Pre-season player
NH Clamp 1933 From Traralgon. Also shown as from Camberwell. To Maryborough before R1 1934. VFA Project profile
E. Clarke 1934 Practice match player from North Melbourne who was dropped from the list before the season started.
Clark 1934 From Prahran District. All three Clark/Clarkes probably the same
EN Clarke 1936 From Kew Sub Districts. Clearance initially refused.
WR Clarke 1930 To Richmond
Clauscen 1933 Backman from Williamstown. Possibly Edmund Clausen
Cocks 1933 Seconds player From Nathalia
Code 1930 Half-forward From South Bendigo
VM Coad 1932 Pre-season player from Eaglehawk. Probably the same as the 1930 Code
Coleman 1936 Pre-season player
J. Collins 1932 Pre-season player
M. Collins 1931 Emergency in Round 8. Likely Billy Collins.
J. Colman 1937 Pre-season player
LM Comb 1934 To Dunkeld before R3
Cook 1934 Seconds player
F. Cook 1935 Seconds. Probably the same as the 1934 Cook
N. Cooper 1936 Pre-season player
B. Corp 1936 Pre-season player from Oakleigh. Also known as 'Ray'
Cross 1932 From Geelong Seconds
Crowcott 1939
Cull 1934 Practice match player who was dropped from the list before the season started.
Cunningham 1932 Pre-season player from Nar Nar Goon. Brother of Dan Cunningham. Possibly SC Cunningham.
T. Cunningham 1932 Pre-season player cleared by Richmond
Curtis 1934 From Beechworth - Full Back
C. Cutriss/Cuttriss 1938-1940 Seconds player until 1940. Went to war by 1941. Likely one of two (1) (2) Clarence Cutriss' who served in the army
Daley 1937Seconds
Daley 1939
Dalton 1933 Seconds player.
D. Davis 1934 Pre-season player
T. Davis 1934 Seconds training list and Pre-season player
Dawkins 1933 From Ballarat
Dennis 1935 From a Port Melbourne junior side
Dexter 1939 Pre-season player
G. Dickinson 1937 Pre-season player from Coburg
C. Doherty 1932 Pre-season player from Tynong. Had recently won the Trafalgar Gift.
K. Dorney/Dotney 1935 Rover from University Blues or University Blacks. Opted not to play at the end of the pre-season
D. Dougherty 1932 Pre-season player
Dowler 1935 Pre-season
Douge 1938 Pre-season player from Walbundrie
J. Doyle 1935 Rover from East Malvern or Darling
Drury 1936 Pre-season player
JS Dudfield 1930-1932 From Brighton Vale, St Kilda or Old Melburnians or Old Scotch in May 1930. Follower. Seconds in 1932 before joining Sandringham for six senior games in 1932 and 1933. Reserves premiership player in 1931. In mid-1933 he joined Moorabbin. Also shown as being from Old Scotch. VFA Project profile
Duff 1935 Pre-season
J. Duncan 1935 From Marysville
Duncombe 1932 Pre-season player from Coburg
Dunn 1930 Seconds
Dunin 1932 From State Savings Back
RJ Dyke 1936 Pre-season player cleared from YMCA
Early 1934-1935 Seconds training list and Pre-season player from Melbourne High. Half-forward. Seconds centreman in 1935
Eason 1934 Pre-season forward pocket/rover from Footscray. Either Dick or Tommy. Rover and son of Alex Eason.
Edgeworth 1938 Pre-season wingman from Warrnambool. To Sydney in March 1939
Eglinton 1932 Pre-season player
Ellard 1934 Pre-season player
Ellaway 1934 Seconds and Pre-season player. Also spelt Elleway.
Elliot/Elliott 1938 Seconds player from South Yarra.
Emblem 1934 Practice match player who was dropped from the list before the season started.
G. Evans 1933 Seconds player.
Evans 1934 Pre-season player
Eyles 1933 Follower/half back. From Longford. Called "the best kick in Tasmania"
R. Feltscheir 1935 Probably Ken Feltscheer
H. Ferguson 1939 From Gardenvale
Ferrarro 1936 Recruit half-back
A. Findlay 1932 Seconds. To Old Scotch in May 1933.
H. Fischer 1936 Pre-season and Seconds player
K. Fisher 1936 Pre-season player
R. Flanagan/Flannagan 1935 Pre-season ruckman from Alphington who also trained at Fitzroy
Flegg 1923 Pre-season forward from Wangaratta
Fletcher 1934-35 Said to have been "19th man" in 1934 and a regular player with the second eighteen. From Moe
Foley 1939
Forysth 1934 From Malvern. Did not make the final list.
Fothergill 1934 Pre-season defender
Francis 1930 Pre-season player from Mentone
CR. Francis 1932-33 From Murrumbeena. Seconds. To Sandringham in May 1934
Francis 1936 Pre-season player
Francis 1937 Pre-season
Frawley 1934
Fricker 1934 Pre-Season player
Fuller 1934 Pre-season player
J. Fulton 1937 Pre-season player
Furniss 1933 Seconds training list. Likely Jack Furniss
L. Georges 1935 Cleared from Carlton in July
Giavanetti 1934 Practice match player who was dropped from the list before the season started.
Gibbins/Giddens 1934 Practice match player who was dropped from the list before the season started.
Gibbs 1936 Pre-season player
HT Gibson 1931 Seconds. From South Bendigo.
Giles 1938 Pre-season rover from Fairfield
Gilmour 1935 From Marysville
Gotz 1933 Son of Carlton's Martin Gotz. Seconds player.
Graham 1939 Pre-season player
H Gray 1937 Pre-season player. Utility. In addition to Harry Gray, who also played Seconds the same year.
Green 1932 Pre-season player
A Greenway 1935 Seconds. From Murrumbeena. Served in World War II
SR Grigg 1935 Seconds follower/half-back from Box Hill City
Gwillim 1936 Seconds player
Gyles 1933 From Tasmania
Hack 1933 Seconds player.
Hagan 1934 Pre-season player
Hague 1932 Pre-season player
Hardy 1936 Pre-seasonrover from Sunshine
Harley 1937 Pre-season player
K. Harper 1933 From Darling
R. Harper 1934 Cleared to Collingwood seconds in 1935
Harris 1930
Harris 1937 From Rowsley
Harrison 1934 Pre-season player from Prahran District. On seconds training list
J. Hardy 1936 Pre-season player
Hart 1930 From Port Melbourne. Centreman. VFA Project profile
Hartley 1932 From Drouin South
Hatch 1937 Recruit from Nyora
Hause 1922 Pre-season forward. Probably a misspelling of Jack House
HB Hawkins 1934 Brother of a Prahran player. Did not make the senior list.
Heimur 1932 Pre-season player. Also spelt Helmer
Henderson 1935 Half-forward/follower from a Port Melbourne junior side
Henning 1933 Seconds player.
Herron 1934
Hill 1939 Pre-season player who was seeking a clearance to Hawthorn
Hogan 1934 Pre-season rover from Glen Iris CYMS
Hogder 1932 Pre-season player
RV Holmes 1931 From Tooradin in July
F. Honig 1932 Pre-season player from a VFA club. Possibly Harry Honig
R. Horne 1932 Seconds premiership player
R Horman 1931 From Dalmore. Also shown as being from Tooradin. Ruckman. Played Seconds
Hosie 1934 Pre-season player
Hulme 1937-1938 Seconds rover from Essendon District. Also shown as Hulne.
Hunting 1934 Practice match player who was dropped from the list before the season started. From Essendon
Hurley 1937 Pre-season player
Hutton 1932 Pre-season player from Stawell.
A. Ireland 1937 To Ivanhoe in May 1938
Ireland 1938 Seconds player from Northcote. Not the same as A. Ireland
Irwin 1934 Practice match player who was dropped from the list before the season started.
James 1932 Lang Lang. Possibly a pair of brothers.
R. Johnson 1934 Pre-season follower from Chelsea
Johnson 1938 Pre-season defender from Prahran. Probably William Johnson. Had played for the VFA three times.
Johnstone 1939 Pre-season player
Jones 1934
Jones 1935 From Maryborough. Possibly the 1934 Jones.
Jones 1937Seconds
A. Jones 1938 Pre-season player from Moorabbin
Jones 1938 Seconds player. Probably A. Jones.
S. Jones 1932 Played pre-season
T. Jones 1930 Seconds
TC Jones 1931 From St Kilda in July
Jones 1932 Seconds premiership player
W. Jordan 1932 Half-back from Northcote who was On the Collingwood list two years before
Joyce 1933 Pre-season player
Keating 1934 Pre-season player. Possibly Leo Keating
F. Keenan 1936 Pre-season player from Diamond Creek
Keetch 1934 Pre-season player
Kendall 1933 Seconds training list
Kelly 1930 Pre-season player from Bendigo
J. Kelly 1931-33 Seconds. 1931 Seconds Premiership player.
Kegner 1938 Pre-season
AW Kendall 1933-34 Reserves player. To State Savings Bank, May 1935
D. Kennedy 1930 Seconds
Keogh 1930 From Port Melbourne. Midfielder. Probably the same as AE Keyhoe
Killigrew/Killegrew 1937 Pre-season rover from Ivanhoe.
J. King 1932 Seconds player. Probably not the same J. King as 1935
J. King 1935 Seconds premiership back pocket from New South Wales who was cleared to Tooronga as playing coach in 1936.
Laco/Lacco/Laceo 1934 Centre from Rosebud
A. Lake 1936 Warrnambool wingman signed in March 1936 then dropped from the list in April 1936 after the practice games
Lamb 1933-1934 Brother of Geelong's Milton. From Geelong. Rover. Also in 1934 pre-season.
Land 1934 Seconds defender
A. Langley 1931 Seconds player from Abbotsford. Previously played one game with Northcote.
Laurie 1934 Pre-season player from South Camberwell. On the seconds training list
Lawrie 1934 Pre-season player different to Laurie.
H. Law 1932 Forward from Darling. Suffered a broken hand early in the season.
Ledbridge 1937 Pre-season player from Wagga who broke his nose during an intra-club game.
D. Lees 1939 From Wodonga. Full-back. Also shown as Leeds
R. Le Seuer 1937 Pre-season player
Ledwidge 1937 Pre-season player
Legge 1934 Pre-season rover from Frankston
Lindsay 1933 Cleared to Prahran in 1934. Probably Gordon Lindsay
J. Little 1931 To Pascoe Vale in May 1932
WH London 1933 Cleared to Sandringham in June. Possibly Bill London
N. Long 1930 Seconds
Long 1934
Longhurst 1934
L. Loughran 1934 Reserves player
Lowry 1936 Pre-season player. Also a Prahran cricketer who won the 1935 Drapers League best and fairest. Almost certainly Jack Lowry
HR Lucas 1936-37 Seconds player from Prahran. To Carnegie in May 1938. VFA Project profile
V Lucas 1932 Pre-season player from Albert Park
F. Luke 1936 Possibly the same as 'Lake'
Macdonald 1932 Pre-season player
Mahon 1937Seconds. Possibly a misspelling of Jack Maher.
MC Mahoney 1932 To Myrtleford in May 1933
L. Maloney 1937 Pre-season player
W. Maloney 1933 To Myrtleford. Possibly the same person as MC Mahoney.
Manning 1935 Pre-season
J. Manning 1936 Pre-season player from Ormond
Martin 1934 Pre-season defender
EB Mason 1932 From Ballarat. Possibly Ted Mason
Matthews 1934 Pre-season player. Rover from Bealiba.
Matthews 1937 From Wodonga
AR Matthews 1939 To Coburg in June 1939. VFA Project profile
J. Matthews 1936 Possibly the Matthews from 1934
R. Matthews 1936 Seconds player
Matthews 1938 Seconds player
McCarthy/McCarty 1934 Pre-season player
N. McClelland 1933 From Erica
McCoy 1937 Pre-season player from St Kilda District
W McDonagh 1937-1938 Probably the same as J or F McDonagh. Follower/Forward
McGrath 1934 Pre-season player from Western Australia. Possibly a misspelling of Eric Glass.
McGregor 1930
KM McKenzie 1934 Pre-season follower from Port Melbourne. Probably Ken McKenzie
N. McClellan 1934 From Police in 1934. To Preston in June 1934. Also shown as WH. McClelland. VFA Project profile
McNamara 1934
McNaughton 1922 Pre-season defender
McNaughton 1935 Pre-season
JW McNiff 1932 From Brighton in June. VFA Project profile
McPhee 1935 Pre-season defender
Meehan 1936 Pre-season player
Meehl 1933 Half back from West Coburg. Possibly the same as V. Meehl.
V. Meehl 1934 Pre-season player. Likely not Sid Meehl
Message 1938 Pre-season player
Metherall 1936 Pre-season player
Middleton 1933 Pre-season player from Portland. Half-back. Seconds player.
Meffage 1938Pre-season player from Baringhap.
Meenan 1939-1940 Pre-season and supplementary list player
B. Mill 1937 Probably the same as MW Mill
MW. Mill 1936-37 Reserves player From Walpepup or Ballarat Grammar School. Half-forward. Probably the same as B. Mill
Miller 1935 Pre-season
Miller 1936 Pre-season player
G. Miller 1936 Seconds player
Miller 1937 Pre-season player
Millinger 1938 From League Sub-Districts
A. Mills 1936 Pre-season follower from Ballarat
J. Milne 1936 Pre-season forward from Geelong Grammar
Minney 1935 From East Brunswick, returned there in June 1935. Possibly Bert Minney.
VT Mithen 1938 From Northcote CYMS in April 1938. Introduced to club by Gordon Ogden
Mollison 1935 From University. Brother of Derek Mollison
Moody 1937 To Brighton in May 1938
Morgell 1940 Supplementary list player
G. More/Moore 1930 Seconds
G. Moore 1931 To North Seconds in May 1932
N. Moore 1939 Utility from McKinnon
Moran 1931 From Old Melburnians
Morgan 1934 Practice match player from Caulfield who was dropped from the list before the season started.
R. Morgan 1934 From Warrnambool
Morris 1932 Pre-season player
Morris 1933 From Old Xavs
Muhl 1935 Pre-season player from Alphington. Possibly the same as Meehl.
Muir 1934 Practice match player who was dropped from the list before the season started.
Munday 1932 Played pre-season
Munday 1936 Pre-season player
Murphy 1930 Rover from New South Wales who had played interstate football in 1929.
Murphy 1934 Pre-season player
D. Murray 1934 Pre-season defender
R. Murray 1938 From Scotch College. Almost certainly Robert Edward Murray DOB 05/03/1920
V. Mythen 1938 Supplementary training list
H. Nation 1932 Pre-season player from Lilydale
Needham 1936 Pre-season player
V Neenan 1938 From Brunswick CYMS. Almost certainly Bernie Neenan
H. Neill 1934 From Williamstown. Almost certainly Harry Neill.
Nilan 1932 Pre-season player
Neason 1933 Seconds player. Possibly Dave Nelson
Newton1938 Pre-season follower from Melbourne Grammar
Newman 1936 Pre-season player
R. Nolan 1932 Pre-season ruckman from Albury. Not Leo Nolan
RV Norman 1934 To Catani in May
B. Noseda 1930-1932 1931 and 1932 Seconds premiership player. From Railways
T. O'Brien 1934 Pre-Season player who didn't make the senior list
A. O'Donohue 1934 Picture uploaded
C. O'Rourke 1938 Seconds player from Richmond
L. O'Shea 1938 From CYMS
W. Oakford 1932 Pre-season ruckman from Preston
J. Oakley 1936-37 From Gisborne. Seconds player from Gisborne. To Sunbury in 1938
Ogden 1931 Brother of Gordon Ogden. Trained with Collingwood in April 1932.
Olliver 1935 Pre-season player
Olney 1933 Best and Fairest in the 1932 Tramways League. Possibly a misspelling of Ken Onley. Suffered a leg injury in a practice match.
Oliver 1934
Olliver 1935 From Footscray. Possibly Arthur Olliver. Melbourne failed to obtain a clearance
AW Oswald 1934-36 Seconds and pre-season
Outen 1934-35 From Collingwood. Pre-season in 1935
D. Page 1936 Pre-season half back from Eltham
Pattinson/Pattison/Patterson 1934 From Narandera. Pre-season
Pearce 1935 From Mordialloc
C. Pearce 1936 Pre-season defender from Auburn
Pierce 1936 Pre-season player. Possibly Frank Pierce.
Park 1933-35 From Alexandra. Seconds player. Son of Roy Park. Defender.
Park 1937 Pre-season fullback from Marysville
Patton 1938 Pre-season player from Woorinen
Pearson 1937 Pre-season player
Pendergast 1938 Trained in June. From Coburg Juniors.
A. Peters 1938 Seconds player from Port Melbourne
Peters 1939-1940 Seconds player. Probably A. Peters.
F. Pritchard 1935 July 1935 From St John's. Seconds
T. Pullen 1942 From Preston - VFA Project profile
R. O'Neill 1934 September 1934 recruit from Ararat. Utility.
Pierce 1935 Pre-season player from Mordialloc. Rover.
GH Radford 1932 To Fitzroy in May 1933
Rae 1930 Ruckman from Old Melburnians
W. Raftis/Raftus 1932 Pre-season player from Nar Nar Goon
Redgate 1935 Pre-season player
R. Reid 1930-1931 Seconds player from Brighton or Old Melburnians. 1931 pre-season player
Reid 1935 Pre-season
Regner 1938 Pre-season follower/backman from Moorabbin. On the supplementary training list in 1938.
Reilly 1937 Seconds player. Not Beres Reilly
Rhodes 1931 Trained in June after returning from playing rugby in New Zealand
Rice 1937 Pre-season player from Wagga Wagga
Richards 1934 Pre-season follower from Pakenham
O. Richards 1932 From South Melbourne
H. Richardson 1935
J. Richardson 1935 From Ballarat
Rippon 1932 Pre-season ruckman from East Malvern. Recommended by Harry Moyes.
Ripper 1934 Pre-Season player
Roberts 1934-35 Possibly the same as the 1932 Roberts
Robertson 1930 Half-forward from Traralgon or University Blues. Possibly two different people
A. Robertson 1935 From Murrembeena. Centre-half back
R. Robertson 1935 Cleared to North Melbourne on residential grounds in April 1936
Robertson 1936 Pre-season player from South Yarra
AH Robinson 1931-32 From Ivanhoe/University Blues
J. Robinson 1931 Wore #26. Possibly the same as AH Robinson
LM Robinson 1933 To Collingwood before R1 1934
T. Ross 1938 Trained in May as a friend of Len Catton.
P. Russell 1937 Pre-season half-back from Kilmore.
Russo 1935 Pre-season backman
Rutherford 1933 From Ivanhoe
Ryan 1935 Pre-seaon
Ryan 1939 Pre-season
Salvis 1936 Pre-season
Sanders 1936 Pre-season player
Sanderson 1936-1937 Seconds and pre-season player
Searle 1934 Pre-season player from North Melbourne Juniors
Sheehan 1934 Seconds training list
Sherran 1930 From Old Xavier
BG Sheerin 1932 To Carlton in June 1933
Shurnan 1937 Pre-season player
Sibthorpe 1932 Pre-season rover from Malvern
J. Skehan 1934 From Windsor Districts in July 1934, to East Brunswick in May 1935
Simmonds 1932 From Glen Iris
GM Skuce 1933 From Carlton
FH Slade 1937 From Collingwood and Mordialloc in July 1937
L. Smail 1932 Pre-season rover/forward from Essendon
W. Smith 1935 Pre-season player. Probably a misspelling of Norm Smith
R. Spicer 1934-1935 Seconds player. Injured at the start of 1936. Played for the League Seconds rep side in 1935.
Spry 1932 Pre-season player from North Melbourne. Nephew of timekeeper Wally Spry.
DM Staveley 1932 Pre-season utility
Stewart 1937-1938 Seconds player. Also shown as Steward in 1938. Probably Jeff Stewart. Also shown as 'Stew' in the 1938 pre-season.
G. Stewart 1939 Amateurs wingman who played Seconds in August 1939. Possibly Jeff Stewart
R. Stone 1934 Pre-season player Probably Harold Stone
A. Storey 1937 To Warburton in June 1937
J. Steele 1937 Seconds player from Dandenong
Street 1933 Seconds. Rover.
WE Stevenson 1932 To South Melbourne in May 1933
Sullivan 1934 Pre-season defender
Sutherland/Sunderland 1930 Seconds player from University. Sutherland
WG Sweeney 1933-35 Rover/half-forward From Wonthaggi and Assumption College
RW Symes 1933 From Matong
H. Tanner 1934 Pre-season forward. On Reserves training list.
L. Taylor 1945 Pre-seasonrover
R. Taylor 1936 Pre-season player. Possibly Bert Taylor
HM Temple 1931 Seconds player. From Fitzroy. To Preston in May 1932 and Oakleigh in 1933. VFA Project profile
Terry 1935
Thompson 1938 Pre-season player from Prahran. Possibly Alan Thompson
B. Thompson 1934 From Winton, NSW
GH Thompson 1930 From Carlton in June 1930. Possibly Henry Thomson.
C. Thomson 1935 Pre-season player
L. Thompson 1935 From Leeton. Probably Lew Thompson
DL Tipping 1931/1932 Seconds premiership player
Toppenger 1939 Pre-season player
J. Tuff/J. Tough 1938 From St Kevins or Collingwood. Seconds player
Turner 1938 Pre-season player
Vanderbist 1938 Parkdale player who trained in August 1938
Vawden 1937 From Morwell
Vincent 1945 Pre-season rover from Camden
Vontom 1933 Pre-season player from Wesley College. Probably Clarrie Vontom
Wade 1934 Pre-season player
F. Walker 1934 Pre-season player from Alphington
Wallace 1938 Seconds player
Walsh 1934 Pre-season rover
W. Walsh 1934
Walsh 1935 Pre-season
Walsh 1936 Seconds player
P. Walters 1936 Pre-season player from Albury
Waring 1938 Pre-season defender
A. Warne 1934-35 From Scotch College. Not Bill Warne. Possibly Colin Warne.
W. Warne 1934 Backman from Glenorchy. Possibly the same as A. Warne. Not Bill Warne
Warne 1935 Pre-season backman
PJ Watt 1932
Watkins 1934 Practice match player who was dropped from the list before the season started.
Watson 1933 To Prahran in March 1934. Possibly K. Watson
K. Watson 1930-1932 Seconds. from Numurkah. Seconds premiership player. Possibly the same as the Watson from 1933
Weire 1934 Pre-season player
Wearing 1938 'Local' player
Weisell 1936 Pre-season player
F. Weston 1937 Pre-season player
G. Westhorpe 1935 Utility from Cheltenham
Whelan 1934 Practice match player who was dropped from the list before the season started. From Bacchus Marsh
BJ White 1932 To Dunkeld in May 1933
H White 1935 From Prestige
R. White 1939 Probably Ron White
White 1940 Seconds player
Whitehead 1935 Pre-season brothers from Old Xaverians
F. Whiting 1934 Pre-season player from Old Melburnians. Possibly Dick Whiting
Wilkes 1936 Pre-season player from Auburn
Wilkins 1934 Pre-Season player. Probably the Wilkins who applied for a clearance to St Kilda in 1936 - Darrell Wilkins.
Wilkinson 1934 Pre-season forward. On Seconds training list.
JF Williams 1931-34 From Mitcham in April 1931. To Yarraville in April 1935.Centre half back. VFA Project profile
Williams 1932 Pre-season player
Williams 1933 Seconds player.
R. Williams 1939
Williamson 1937 Pre-season player from Juniors
RR Wilson 1936 Seconds player, to Yarra Junction in May 1936
Wilson 1936 From 'the country'
H. Wilson 1935 Played in pre-season games.
R. Wilson 1935 From Yarra Junction
RG Wilson 1934 Practice match player who was dropped from the list before the season started. From Wonthaggi
Winslow 1936 Pre-season player
RS Woodhouse 1930 To St Kilda
Woods 1936
Worthington 1934 Pre-season player
Worthington 1936 Pre-season player
Young 1930 Possibly the Young from 1928
Young 1931 From Hamilton but did not apply for a permit during 1931
J. Young 1931-1932 1931 and 1932 Seconds premiership player. Not Jack Young
JP Young 1937 From East Brunswick


D. Abbott 1945 From SA
Adams 1940-1941 Seconds player. Not Bill Adams
Adams 1943Possibly the 1941 Adams
C. Adams 1945 From Sturt
Aitken 1943 Pre-season player, ex-AIF
J. Allen 1940 From Kenworth in the Sunday Morning League
A. Anderson 1942 Seconds player who served in the AIF during 1942
Anderson 1943 From Hawthorn. Probably same as B. Anderson
B. Anderson 1943-44 From Kew. Wingman
D. Ansell 1940-1941 Seconds player. Also in 1941. To Northcote in 1946.
L. Antoni 1949-1950 Half-forward from Bentleigh
CH Antler 1940s Shown as Melbourne player in wartime football report.
Armstrong 1943 Pre-season ruckman from Malvern
Archibald 1940 Pre-season player. Possibly same as 1939 Archibald
Ashdown 1946 Pre-season player. Likely Joseph Ashdown
Atkinson 1940 Pre-season player
R. Aubrey 1943 St Kilda applied for clearance from Prahran in July 1943. May have only been residentially tied and not actually joined
Backman 1942 Recruit. Possibly description of player.
C. Bailey 1943 Pre-season player
CH Bailey 1944 From St Kilda
F. Baldwin 1941 Player who may have been same as J or G Baldwin
Ballard 1939 Pre-season player
Barker 1940 Joined Camberwell in 1940. Possibly DW Barker
A. Barnes 1947 Recruit who did not play seniors. Forward.
F. Bateman 1947 Recruit from Poowong who did not play seniors. Half-forward.
Bell 1948 or 1949 Follower at Mornington in 1949
R. Belton 1944 To Brighton in March 1945. Almost certainly Alf Belton.
R. Bennett 1943 Cleared from Longford, Tasmania
Berryman 1947 Seconds player (Age 26/04/1947). Possibly same as 1939-41 Berryman
Bishop 1941 Seconds player
Bishop 1943 Played in pre-season
M. Blacker 1942 Applied for a clearance to Melbourne from Hobart
AE Blokkeerus 1945 To Collingwood in June 1945
T. Bourke 1942 Pre-season player from Numurkah
M. Blackfurn 1945 From Blackburn
Bowsley 1941 Pre-season player from the Seconds
Bradley 1943 Seconds player
K. Bravo 1940 Seconds player from Williamstown
C. Brede 1945 Pre-season and Reserves player from Claremont. Forward.
Brunfield/Brumfield 1947 Pre-season forward
Burke 1941 Ex-Xavier player who 'returned' to Nathalia in July
K. Burke 1945 Pre-season rover from Moorabbin
Burles 1941 Dropped from list in pre-season
Bush 1944 Pre-season player
J. Callinan 1942 Recruit from Navy. Wore #16
Calm 1943 Pre-season player
Campbell 1940 Pre-season player from Cohuna
R. Campbell 1946 Possibly the 1948 Campbell
Campbell 1948-49 Reserves in 1948. Backman. Possibly R. Campbell
Carland 1943 Reserves player
M. Cavanough 1946
Cerini 1940 Pre-season practice match player. Later cleared to Sandringham. Probably Hunter Cerini.
Challis 1941 Pre-season player
Christensen 1949 Pre-season rover from Warragul
J. Cockburn 1945 To St Kilda in May 1946.
Collins 1948 Thirds
B. Collins 1947 Supplementary list player from Murrumbeena. Centreman. Also shown as from [https://trove.nla.gov.au/newspaper/article/22416057
L. Collins 1943 Seconds Defender
Conroy 1942 Recruit. Probably not Clem Conroy
J. Coombs 1943 From Swan Hill
G. Cordner 1943 From Melbourne Grammar. Plus 6 ft. Served in the navy. Possibly a misspelling of another Cordner.
Copsey 1943 Reserves player. Possibly Alf Copsey
Courtney 1949 Thirds. Possibly Michael Courtney
Coyne 1943 Seconds player
BT Cremmin 1944 From South Melbourne
L. Cribbs 1945 To Preston in April 1946.
D. Crowe 1947 Winger from the Navy who was recruited but did not play a senior match
Curley 1949 Recruit from Carnegie. Did not play seniors.
Cummings 1944 Pre-season player from Sandringham
Curtis 1949 Thirds. Possibly Greg Curtis
AC Davison 1942 From Footscray
S. Dawson 1945 Follower from Moorabbin
F. Dayton 1947 From Oakleigh. Probably Frank Deayton.
WB Deakin 1949 Pre-season recruit from Mooroopna
W. Dean 1945 Winger. Possibly Billy Deans
Dean 1943 Reserves player. Not Billy Deans
Derrick 1949 Pre-season Leongatha half forward
Deever 1948 Thirds
Delmenico 1948 Thirds
L. Dingle 1944 Wing from Sandringham. VFA Project profile
T. Dixon 1945 From Glenhuntly CYMS. Forward.
M. Doherty 1943 Argus - 03/06/1943
J. Donegan 1945 From Glenhuntly CYMS. Forward.
S. Dorgan 1947 Seconds player. Probably a misprint of Frank Dorgan
Dorney 1935 Pre-season forward
Downie 1944
P. Doyle 1948 Seconds in 1948. Forward. To Shepparton in 1949 after playing in pre-season
Edwards 1947 Pre-season rover.
Egan 1944 Pre-season half back from Glen Iris
W. Else 1947-1948 Seconds player cleared to Camberwell in 1949
RG Evans 1945 From Hampton Scouts and RAAF. Also shown as D. Evans
AJ Farrington 1942 From Warragul
Ferguson 1948-49 Thirds in 1948. Possibly John Ferguson
D Flannagan 1946
Fisher 1943 Recruit from Werribee
Fitzpatrick 1948 Pre-season rover from Collingwood
G. Fleming 1947 Recruit who did not play seniors. Half back. From Aspendale
Foden 1942 Seconds player
GA Forbes 1944 From West Perth
Franklin 1945 Pre-season player
K. Fraser 1946 Follower from Scotch College. Probably Keith, born 06/05/1924
Fullard 1946 Played in an end of season match in Maffra
Gainsworthy 1940 Seconds player
Gallagher 1947 16-year-old forward from Rosebud
J. Gardiner 1943 Pre-season recruit. Forward from Tasmania who had been playing cricket with the MCC
G. Garland 1940 Pre-season player
B. Geraghty 1948 Wore #8. Ruckman who played in a tour game in Shepparton. Also shown as Gereghty.
Gill 1940 Pre-season practice match player
Gill 1948 Thirds. Possibly the 1952 Gill
W. Glen 1942-43 From Northcote CYMS. Reserves player in 1943.
L. Gough 1943 From Glen Ormond
Goudie 1943 Pre-season player from Western Australia
Graham 1937 Pre-season
Grant 1949 Thirds
Gravell 1941 Prahran player who trained in 1941. Almost certainly Norm Gravell.
H. Gray 1940 Pre-season practice match player
H Gray 1946 Seconds captain
JA Green 1944Probably not Jack Green
J. Green 1945 From Camden. Half-forward.
Greenaway 1941, 1943 Reserves player who served in the Air Force in 1942. Likely Arthur Greenaway.
Griggs 1945 Pre-season player from an Industrial League team (Age 02/04/1945)
LC Guthridge 1944 Pre-season half back from a local junior team
FR Haberman 1942 From Northcote Seconds. Possibly the Haberman who played seniors for Northcote in 1945.
Haley 1944 Reserves player from Werribee. Also shown as Hayley.
Hall 1940 Possibly the same Hall as 1941. Possibly Les Hall or Johnny Hall
Hall 1941 Possibly the same Hall as 1940. Possibly Les Hall
M, Harris 1942 From Northcote. May have played seconds in 1943.
K. Harris 1942-43 Reserves player in 1943. Defender. Previous club unknown
Hartley 1945
Harvey 1947-48 Thirds premiership player in 1947
H. Haw 1941 "Not yet" cleared in April 1941. Dropped from the list in June 1941. From Mitiamo
LH Hayley 1943 From Werribee
J. Heckle 1944 Pre-season back from MHSOB. Possibly Jim Heckle.
Hehir 1947 Pre-season rover
M. Harris 1942 Pre-season player from Preston. Probably Max Harris
Hayes 1943 From St Kevins
Hesford 1943 Pre-season half forward from Claremont
KA Heymanson 1942 Cleared to seconds from Richmond
Herbert 1943 From Hawthorn
Hermann/Homann 1943 Reserves player
Hexford 1943 Pre-season player from Western Australia
Hicks 1949 Thirds
RJ Higgs 1945 Cleared to the Seconds from Geelong. Cleared to Northcote in June
Hill 1942 Seconds player
E. Holliday 1945 From Renmark
M. Homann 1943 Recruit from an amateurs club
H. How 1941 Pre-season player from Mitiamo
HL Indian 1944-1945 From Wesley in 1944 and Services in 1945. Probably Jack Indian.
Inkson 1940 Pre-season practice match player
G. Janes 1945 13st follower from Hawthorn Districts
Jarrett 1942-1943 1942 recruit and 1943 Reserves player. Wing in 1943, back pocket in 1942
M. Jeavons 1943 Defender from West Perth
Jockett 1946 Played in an end of season match in Maffra
Johnson 1947 Pre-season follower
R. Johnston 1948-49 Thirds. Possibly the 1951 Johnston
D. Jones 1945 East Hawthorn follower.
J. Jones 1945?-1946 Clearted to Richmond in May 1946
Jones 1949-50 Thirds
B. Jorgenson 1941 Pre-season player from Mildura
Joseph 1941 Seconds player. Possibly L. Josephs from 1942
L. Joseph 1942-43 Pre-season player. Wore #7 in 1942. Possibly Joseph from 1941. Forward
A. Joy 1940 Pre-season player
Kemp 1940 Pre-season player. Possibly Keith Kemp
Kendall 1940 Reserves player
Kennedy 1940 Pre-season player
J. Kennedy 1943 From CYMS
RL. Kennedy 1946 From Hawthorn
E. Kenny 1940 To Yarraville in June 1940. Unlikely to be Frank Kenny
J. Kermode 1945 Rover from South Yarra
Kerrins 1949 Pre-season player from Tatura
Kervil 1948Pre-season player from Swan Hill
Killeen 1948 Thirds
Kimber 1940 Pre-season player - may be Ron Kimberley misspelt
King 1946 Pre-season player from Gowansford
Kingsbury 1941 In selected side for R18, 1941. Probably Arthur Kingsbury.
W. Kingston 1943 Recruit from University
B. Knight 1944 Pre-season rover from Maffra
Knight 1947-1948 Thirds and pre-season player
Knoppstead 1940 Pre-season player
Lang 1942 Seconds player
HE/S. Larcombe 1943 Recruit from Navy
Leune 1940 Seconds player. Possibly a misspelling of Lennie
Lewis 1942 Seconds player
A. Laurie 1944 From Moorabbin
J. Lee 1945 Seconds player. To Oakleigh in 1946
K or E. Levey/Levy 1943 From Melbourne Grammar. Left at the start of 1945 to finish his studies at Melbourne Uni
R. Lewis 1943 Pre-season backman from University
W. Lewis 1941 17-year-old from Penshurst
Lindsay 1930s-1940s Seconds player. Also at Coburg. Served in WW2. Possibly D. Lindsay
W. Loch 1946 Pre-season player
FW Lovell 1943-1944 Seconds half-forward from the amateurs
R. Love 1948-49 1948 Thirds player who appeared in some games with the Seconds. Possibly Colin Love
JL Macartney 1942 From Ormond
R. Mainsbridge 1945-1946 Application for a clearance to Richmond in May 1946 rejected
Marchesi 1942 Recruit
Marion/Marlon 1947 Pre-season player sought by Essendon
Marone1943 Pre-season player.
Martin 1943 Pre-season centre from Cheltenham, recruited after winning their best and fairest. Not Bryan Martin
Martin 1945 Pre-season player
Mason 1949 Pre-season East Melbourne or East Malvern half back. Almost certainly Geoff Mason.
Matchett 1945 Pre-season player from Lascelles (Age 02/04/1945)
JW Mawby 1942-1943 Seconds player. From Burwood Meth.
F. McCarthy 1943-44 From Essendon Seconds. Nephew of Footscray/Collingwood's Con.
McCrawley 1948 Played in a tour game against the Central Goulburn League
McDonald 1943 Seconds player. Possibly Jack McDonald from 1944
McDonell 1949 From Croydon. Pre-season recruit but did not play seniors. Possibly NW McDonell.
McDonough 1942-43 Defender. 1942 seconds player who appeared in 1943 pre-season.
F. McGrath 1941 Pre-season player. Probably Frank McGrath.
McGregor 1946 Pre-season player from Glen Iris
McGregor 1946 Pre-season player from Army. Two different McGregors.
H. McInnes 1940 From Canberra
McIntyre 1948 Thirds
SM McIntyre 1943 Seconds player. Joined Oakleigh in 1946
McKell 1944 From Kalgoorie - trained in July
K. McKay 1943 From Hawthorn. Reserves player
McKenzie 1947 Seconds player
McKissock 1943 Defender
McLean 1944 from Nullawil
E. McLean 1940 Seconds player
McLean/McClean 1948-49 Possibly Ian McLean or Allan McLean
McNamara 1942 seconds player. May be same as Lyndsey McNamara from 1943 pre-season.
McPherson 1947 From Williamstown. Trained in pre-season but returned to his old side in March. Hugh or Malcolm.
Meagher 1948 Thirds
Melville 1943 Pre-season player from Scotch College]. Possibly Hugh Melville, born 28/06/1924
J. Mills 1949 18-year-old rover from Bendigo.
Minnis 1941 Seconds player
N. Mobberley 1942 Applied for a clearance to Melbourne from Richmond City. Seconds player].
A. Mollett 1942 Seconds player. Previous club unknown.
Molloy 1943
JW Morby 1942 From Burwood Methodist
K. Mortimer 1943 From CYMS. Reserves player
Mulhall 1943 Seconds player
Munday 1940's Joined Geelong in 1944. Possibly Jim Munday.
Murphy 1943 Possibly from Longford, Tasmania and then the RAAF
LH Murray 1942 From South Fremantle
J. Nagel/Nagle 1945 Half back from Chelsea
Nagel 1947 Pre-season player
R. Nankivell/Nankiville 1948 Follower from Kangaroo Flat. Wore #9 and Played in a tour match vs Central Goulburn Valley League
Naylor 1949-50 Thirds
Needham 1947 From Northern Tasmania
Negri 1946 Pre-season player
New 1943 Reserves rover
Newson 1943-1944 Reserves player
Nicol 1948-49 Thirds
Nielson 1949 Thirds
D. Nissen 1940s Ex-player who served during war. Possibly Donald Nissen
Noval/Novell 1943 Reserves player
J. O'Connell 1943 Reserves rover from Gardenvale. Also shown as from CYMS
O'Dea 1942 Seconds player
F. O'Halloran 1949
J. O'Heare 1949-50 Photo uploaded. Seconds
O'Keefe 1948-49 Thirds and Seconds in 1949
Oliver 1935 Pre-season forward
JJ O'Rourke 1948? Cleared to Echuca in April 1949. Shown as being from "unattached" so might not have played in 1948. Probably not Ernie O'Rourke
"Stork" Orford 1940 From Windsor, Brisbane. After the war returned to his old club in 1946.
O'Shea 1940 Seconds player. Probably same as 1941 O'Shea.
O'Shea 1941 Possibly LL O'Shea from 1944
LL O'Shea 1944 Seconds. To South Melbourne in June 1944. Possibly the O'Shea from 1941
Oxlade 1948 Thirds
NC Pardon 1943 https://trove.nla.gov.au/newspaper/article/11334908From Sandhurst Juniors]
G. Pengelly 1943 Pre-season backman
Perrie/Perry 1949-50 Thirds
Pearson 1954-1955 Thirds
G. Pevitt 1947-48 1947 Recruit who won a thirds premiership that year. Wing
Phillips 1949 Thirds
Playbird 1945 Moorabbin centreman
Playford 1945 Pre-season centre from Moorabbin
G. Prosser 1944 To St Kilda in June 1944
T. Pullen 1942 From Preston. VFA Project profile
H. Quinn 1943 Reserves player from CYMS. Possibly the same Quinn who played with Prahran, East Ballarat and captain/coached Morwell in 1951
Quinn 1947 Pre-season back pocket
G. Raphael 1943 Reserves player from Mordialloc. Also called Rachael.
W. Rattray 1947 Recruit who did not play seniors. Forward.
Reed 1941 Pre-season player from Seconds
Reid 1947 Recruit from Army/Bendigo
Rees 1948-1949 Seconds player who appeared in 1949 pre-season
R. Reid 1940-1941 Seconds player who served in the Navy in 1942. Possibly Ronald.
Richards 1944 Pre-season player from Glenorm
Richardson 1945 Cleared from St Kilda
Riley 1949 Thirds. Possibly the 1953-54 Riley
WE. Rippon 1944 Seconds rover from Parkdale. Nephew of Essendon's Ted
Roach 1947Ballarat wingman who was expected to play in Round 8, 1947 but did not appear
Rogers 1943 Forward
D. Rooney 1946-49 Seconds player.
R. Rooney 1946 Rover from Collingwood (Age 01/04/1946). Probably same as D. Rooney.
DR Rose 1945 From Services
Ross 1946 Pre-season player from Streatham
E. Rothwork/E.Rowell/E. Rothwell 1945 Pre-season forward/ruckman from Oakleigh
L. Royle 1943 Recruitfrom Bairnsdale or South Camberwell.
JJ Ryan 1943 From Camberwell CYMS
Ryan 1944 Reserves player. Probably Jim Ryan.
W. Sadler 1943 From CYMS. Reserves player
Sadler 1946 Pre-season player
Scollary 1943 Cleared to South Melbourne during the year.
Shaw 1949 Pre-season rover from Yallourn
R. Sheahan 1944 From Werribee
Simmons 1949 Pre-season player from Koondrook
SS Sinclair 1944 From Swan Districts. Applied for clearance in 1944.
EG Sleeth 1942-43 1942 pre-season forward from Ormond Juniors. Returned to be a Seconds player in 1943, shown as a rover
Slee 1947-1948 Backman from Shepparton, recruited at the end of 1947 and played in pre-season of 1948.
C. Smith 1940s Ex-player who served during war.
M. Smith 1935 Pre-season forward. Probably a mispelling of Norm Smith
D. Spain 1944 Probably from Elsternwick like K. Spain
Steele 1942 Seconds. Played in a services game in Geelong. Possibly Ray Steele from University Blacks.
J. Stenthal/Steinthal 1949-50 Wore #24 in 1950.
Stretton 1946 Follower from Duntroon. Almost certainly Alan.
Stitch 1941 Seconds player
C. Sitch 1945 Joined Coburg in 1946. VFA Project profile. Also shown as Fitch
Stocks 1944-1945 Ruckman who Played for Melbourne against Ballarat League
Stuart-Jones 1948-49 Thirds
Stubley 1945 Pre-season player from Greensborough (Age 02/04/1945)
JL Sullivan 1941-1942 Rover from South Melbourne. First trained with club in June 1941. Cleared in May 1942. Played Seconds. Also shown as a wing.
Summers 1947 From Northern Tasmania
Surler 1944 Pre-season half-forward/centre from South Australia
Sutherland 1941-1942 Seconds half-forward flank and 1942 pre-season player.
Sutherland 1948-49 Thirds. From Lakes Entrance.
J. Symons 1949
Tanis 1944 Pre-season player from MHSOB
Tate 1948-49 Thirds and Seconds in 1949
K. Taylor 1940s Ex-player who served during war.
L. Taylor 1945 Pre-season player from a Federal Districts League club
LE Taylor 1944 From Camden
Taylor 1948 Seconds player - to Camberwell in 1949. VFA Project profile
Thompson 1944 Pre-season centre half-forward from Prahran District
Thompson 1947 Thirds premiership player. Probably the Thompson who played in the 1947 Exhibition Match vs Carlton.
Thompson 1948 Pre-season centre from Shepparton
K. Tisdale 1944Pre-season follower from Sunshine
FC Tregaskis 1945 Seconds player cleared to Port Melbourne in April 1946
J. Tucker 1948 18yo pre-season ruck from Melbourne Grammar.
Turley 1949 Pre-season ruckman from Carnegie
R. Turnbull 1942 Pre-season player from Old Melburnians
Wallace 1941 Seconds player
Walsh 1948 From Prahran. Almost certainly Paddy Walsh.
J. Walsh 1949 Picture uploaded
P. Walsh 1946 Pre-season half-forward from Murrumbeena (Age 01/04/1946). Possibly Paddy Walsh
T. Walsh 1949 Possibly Anthony Walsh
Watson 1943 "Grandson of the former trainer"
Watt 1940
R. Watt 1945 Half-back from Malvern. Probably Ron Watt from 1946.
West 1948-49 Thirds
White 1940 Seconds player
Whyte 1941 Seconds player. Possibly the same as 1940's
Whiffen/Wiffen 1944 Reserves player from Sandringham
F. Williams 1940 Seconds player
R. Williams 1940 Seconds player
Willis 1943 Pre-season player from Avenel
Wilson 1943 Recruit
NP. Wilson 1944 Cheltenham recruit. Not Norm Wilson
K. Wilson 1946 Pre-season player from Cheltenham. Brother of Norm Wilson
M. Wilson 1946 Pre-season player. Possibly Mac Wilson
C. Winduss/Windunn 1944 Tall half-back or half-forward from Armadale CYMS
Winward 1943 Pre-season ruckman from Norwood (SA)
G. Wisdom 1943 Pre-season wingman from East Melbourne
NH Wood 1942 From Brighton. Probably the same as N. Woods
R Wood 1949 Pre-season recruit from St Kilda Seconds
Woods 1943 A 1943 Seconds side is shown as having three Woods.
E. Woods 1941-1943 Seconds
J. Woods 1943 From Footscray
N. Woods 1941-1943 Seconds. Probably the same as NH Wood
E. Woods 1944 Half-forward from Western Australia. Reserves player. Also shown as J. Woods
H or G Younger 1945 From Bacchus Marsh or Darley One of these players was Mick Younger


Adams 1953 Thirds
B. Andersen 1956 Cleared to Box Hill before 1957
Anderson 1952 Thirds
Apted 1956Reserve in the 1956 Exhibition Game vs North West Football Union
Baker 1951-52 Thirds. Thirds vice-captain in 1952
Baker 1958 Thirds
P. Barber 1954 Thirds player from Mentone
Beer 1955 Thirds
Bell 1956-58 Thirds. Seconds in 1958
S. Biggs 1956 From McKinnon
Bodinnar 1952 Thirds
Bosch 1959 Seconds
Box 1957 Thirds
Brain 1958 Thirds
Browne 1956 Thirds
H. Burrows 1957 From Murrumbeena
R. Carlson 1950 Toured Tasmania. Photo at http://trove.nla.gov.au/ndp/del/article/52781328
Carlin 1950 Seconds player. Possibly the same as R. Carlson.
Carson 1958 Thirds
Carteris 1954 Pre-season centre from Yarrawonga
Chandler 1951 Thirds
Chapple 1955 Thirds From Aspendale
W. Clark 1955 Seconds
M. Close 1955-56 Thirds. From Murrumbeena Juniors. To Dandenong in 1958. VFA Project profile
Collins 1956 Thirds
GP Conroy 1955-56 Thirds. From Armadale CYMS
Cooke 1951 Thirds
Cotter 1954-55 Thirds. Probably the N. Cotter cleared to Camberwell in 1959
Crozier 1958 Thirds
Crutchfield 1958 Thirds
P. Cumming 1955-56 Thirds. From Gardenvale CYMS
G. Cutler 1953-1954 Thirds player who was cleared to the senior side in the 1954 pre-season.
AW Daley 1952 To Moorabbin June 1952
Davis 1956 Thirds
Daymond 1954 Thirds
N. Dickson 1952 From Red Cliffs. Shown as "to be considered when available" due to military training
J. Elliott 1952 Supplementary list player
Escreet 1965 Reserves
R. Evans 1955-59 Thirds in 1958. From MHSOB. Wore #42 in 1959 when promoted to supplementary list. The 1958/59 one is not Dick Evans
Fitzgerald 1951-52 Thirds
K. Fitzgerald 1956 From North Melbourne thirds
Foard 1956 Thirds
Garrett 1952 Thirds
Gatford 1953 Thirds
Germaine 1951-1952 Possibly Lou Germaine
Gill 1950 Seconds. Possibly Barry Gill or the 1948 Gill.
Gill 1954 Thirds. Possibly Barry Gill
M. Gainger 1956-59 Thirds from 1956-1958. Also seconds in 1958. Wore #39 in 1959.
Max Ga???rold 1954 20-year-old full back from Eltham. Full name obscured.
Goodluck 1952 Thirds
Grant 1956-57 Thirds. Possibly Lee Grant
JE Greenway 1952 From Old Xaverians in July 1952
Grierson 1954-1955 1954 pre-season player from South Bendigo
MG Grunden 1958 From Millgrove
Halfpenny 1958 Thirds
G. Harris 1957-59 Fourths/Thirds/Seconds
Hart 1950 Seconds
Haycroft 1954-55 Thirds
M. Hawes 1954 Wore #15. Probably Bill Hawes
Heath 1955 Thirds
SN Hollow 1950 Seconds. From St Kilda
B. Howell 1955 Pre-season player from CGO Boys
Jeffrey 1958 Thirds. Probably B. Jeffrey from 1960.
Jennings 1958 Thirds
Johnson 1950-51 Thirds captain 1953 and 1954. Possibly Neville Johnson.
Jones 1952-55 Thirds captain in 1955
B. Joyner 1959 From Ferntree Gully
R. Kellett 1955 Probably Hayden Kellett
Kennedy 1950 From Bairnsdale. Also shown as Kallady
Knersh 1953 Pre-season wing recruit
AE Kruse 1951 From Black Rock
K. Larkin 1959 From Bentleigh
W. Leach 1955 From East Ringwood
Lewis 1957 Thirds
D. Longey 1955 Possibly a misspelling of G. Longney
T. Magee 1956? Shown as being cleared to Yarraville in 1957. Possibly Tom Magee, but he had already gone from MFC to Caulfield in 1955.
H. Marks 1953 From Prahran in June
Martin 1958 Thirds
D. McConachy 1953 From South Melbourne. Probably same as McConaghy.
McConaghy 1953-58 Thirds in 53/54, Seconds in 58
NW McDonell 1950 From Camberwell to the Seconds
J McDonald 1951 From Camberwell. Possibly the same as NW McDonell.
McDonald 1953 Thirds. Probably Ian McDonald
McDonald 1958 Thirds
E. McGowan 1955 Thirds From Hamilton. Also shown as from Murrumbeena. Probably Ed McGowan.
McIntyre 1950 Pre-season player from Yallourn
McNamara 1950 Seconds
Meuleman 1957 Thirds
A. Mollison 1950 From Surrey Hills
Morgan 1956-57 Thirds
Morton 1958 Thirds. Possibly Ken Morton
Moule 1956-57 Reserves and Thirds
R. Neville 1958 From Prahran Thirds
O'Brien 1954 Thirds
O'Hare/O'Heare 1950 Seconds
O'Keefe 1950-1951 Seconds. Probably the same as the 1948-49 O'Keefe
G. O'Keefe 1952 Listed as "to be considered when available" due to illness. Possibly the same as the 1948-49 O'Keefe
JR O'Neil 1955 From Mentone
D. Parkinson 1958 From Footscray Seconds
Pevitt 1950 Seconds
PT Phelan 1955-56 Thirds. From Bentleigh CYMS
Pollard 1952 Thirds
Power 1951 Thirds. Probably John Power
Rankin 1958 Seconds
TD Rankin 1959 Promoted from the Fourths. Possibly the same as the 1958 Rankin.
Raynor 1957 Thirds
J. Reid 1954Pre-season player from Glenhuntly
Reynolds 1958 Thirds
RA Robertson 1951 From Mordialloc. Wore #11. Probably Russ Robinson
Robinson 1956-57 Thirds
R. Robinson 1951 Dropped from the list in April 1952. Possibly Russ Robinson.
M. Russell 1951 From St Kilda/Old Scotch. Probably Manson Russell, born 26/12/1929
Ryan 1951 Thirds
L. Scotland 1957 Fourths
L. Seawood 1956-57 1956 Fourths, 1957 Thirds
Sharkey 1955 Thirds
NJ Sheahan 1959 From Devonport
Short 1950 Seconds player
Smith 1950 Thirds
H. Smith 1951 From Geelong. Probably Lloyd Smith
Smythe 1950 Seconds player
Steel 1958 Thirds
Stewart 1950 Pre-season recruit rover from Western District.
R. Stoniel 1950 To Box Hill in May 1951
Strickland 1955 Seconds player
P. Strownix 1954 From Croydon Juniors
Taylor 1953 Pre-season wing recruit
Taylor 1956
Thorne 1955-56 Thirds
Tonge 1951 Thirds
Tonkin 1951-52 Thirds
B. Tonzing 1959 From Merbein
Webster 1951-54 Thirds. Probably Fred Webster
Wellington 1958 Thirds
PW Westmore 1955, 1957 Unattached in 1955. From South Bendigo in 1957.
Wheatley 1950 Seconds
Whitehead 1951 Thirds. Possibly Bill Whitehead.
Wildie 1956-57 Thirds
D.E Williams 1952 Thirds. Cleared to senior side in July.
Williams 1958 Thirds
Wills 1951 Thirds
B. Wilson 1953 Thirds. From Ormond
Woods 1953 Pre-season follower from Wangaratta
Young 1958 Thirds
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