September 1886 match vs Richmond

11 September - Friendly Societies Ground

Melbourne 1.5, 1.6, 1.11, 5.18
Richmond 0.0, 0.2, 0.4, 2.6

Goalkickers: Lynar 2, Baird 2, Griffiths 1

The Reds met this incarnation of the Richmond club for the fourth time, and after three straight losses finally beat them.

Both sides were lacking key players, and Richmond especially had a number of players in the side from their Second 20. Melbourne won the toss and kicked with the advantage of the wind - they scored two behinds before Griffiths registered the first major of the day for the home team. A rally by the visitors from the kick-off was quickly thwarted by the Red defence.

With the wind in Richmond's favour in the second quarter they failed to make any headway into Melbourne's lead, with neither side scoring a goal. The third quarter was much of the same but with the Redlegs missing several good chances.

Having the breeze in their favour in the last quarter and only being a goal down despite not having scored one all day Richmond might have run over the top and won but were kept out by a strong defensive effort. Eventually Lynar extended the margin to two. Richmond got one back but immediately from the kickoff Baird restored the two goal buffer. They added two more at the end of the game to make it safe.

Best were Tuckfield, E. Lynar and Baird.

Selected team
G. Aitken, Burns, Bailey, Coulson, Dodds, Elliott, Edwards, Griffith, Hallet, Lynar, Lynar, Morrison, McCrindle, Murphy, Millard, Bairn, O'Bern, Robinson, Spooner, Seymour, Strachan, Tuckfield, Wilmot.

Some sources have Melbourne on 5.13 at full time, and some have 5.10

Herald - 10/09/1886
Sportsman - 15/09/1886
Australasian - 18/09/1886

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