Keith Cheong

Image DOB: Unknown
Died: 30 September 1995

Life Member - 1990

Advertising executive and co-founder of Cheong Shanahan Advertising who challenged for a position on the board at the end of 1982, and was appointed to join it in December that year. He had previously worked as a volunteer in the marketing division and

He served on the committee until being defeated in an election at the end of 1992. At the end of the 1990 season he challenged Stuart Spencer for the club presidency, the vote was tied 6-6 when it went to the board and Spencer used his casting vote to defeat it.

In 1986, Cheong was Director of club marketing.


Ran for election as an MCC representative on the football club committee in 1982, but was appointed to the board on 13.12.82 so likely lost the election.

Aged 55 in December 1990 and 60 when he died in October 1995.

Age - 20/11/1982, 29/08/1986, 25/11/1990, 09/12/1990, 24/11/1991, 18/12/1992, 04/10/1995

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