Round 5, 1977
Melbourne vs Richmond
Saturday 30 April
Venue: MCG
Attendance: 22,272

Match Statistics

Richmond win by 29 points

Goalkickers: Tony Dullard 2, Robert Flower 2, Laurie Fowler 2, Marty Lyons 2, Ross Brewer 1, Henry Coles 1, Allan Davis 1, Colin Graham 1, Gary Hardeman 1

Last Game
Paul Hurst

Five matches, five losses and once again inaccuracy once again cost the Demons as they bombarded the goals in the second half for 7.15. They were without captain Greg Wells, missing for the first time since 1971 with injury.

More noticeably the last fifteen minutes of the game was played out in a series of running skirmishes around the ground. The action kicked off when Hardeman was felled by Geoff Raines on the Member's wing. That started a skirmish between players which eventually enveloped a trainer and the club doctor. Laurie Fowler then started brawling with Raines.

The game restarted and Edwards of Richmond was hit heavily on the other wing leading to Pitura and Henry Coles fighting and being reported. Seconds later Hummel of Richmond was knocked out 50m off the ball. Coles and Pitura were both outed for two matches for striking each other.

The match had already been won by a Richmond burst lasting from the end of the second quarter until midway through the third. They had been poor for the first quarter and a half before they got to grips with the game and stopped fumbling.

The injury hit Demons were all but finished for season 1977 just five games in, and with precious few talls to call on it didn't look like things were going to get any better anytime soon.

Best were Fowler, Davis and Coles. Moir was replaced by Hurst at three quarter time, Flower was replaced by Baker in the last quarter. Henry Coles was suspended for two weeks for striking Richmond's John Pitura with a clenched fist to the side of the head during the last quarter

Melbourne 17.12.114 d. Richmond 16.17.113
Goals - M. Alves 6, Carroll 3, Walley 3, Flower 2, Mercoulia 2, Cook 1
Best - Hamilton, O'Keefe, Wingate

Under 19s
Richmond 15.15.105 d. Melbourne 10.14.74
Goals - Boccabella 2, Henne 2, Biffin 1, Caddaye 1, Hayes 1, Richards 1, Thomas 1, Zubin 1
Best - Thomas, Jones, Thomson


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