Wally Spry

Image DOB: 20 June 1863
Died: 11 July 1934

Life Member - 1952

Club timekeeper from 1890 to 1931.

He was well known for his association with a bell from the 1825 convict ship Lysander. The Melbourne club acquired the bell in 1921. It had previously been owned by the Coburg Fire Brigade.

To celebrate his almost 40 years with the club he was presented with a stop watch in 1927.

His son George Spry acted as timekeeper from 1932 until 1951 when Harold Phingsthorne took over. By then the Lysander bell had been replaced by the modern siren.

He was 71-years-old when he died. Herald says he remained as timekeeper until a fortnight before his death.

Life Members

Age - 19/08/1931
Herald - 11/07/1934
Argus - 12/07/1934
Football Record R10 1934

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