Tony King

Image DOB: 11 September 1955

King played 12 games for Hawthorn over three seasons before crossing to St Kilda midway through 1980 where he added four more. Later he became General Manager of the National Basketball League, and under his reign the attendances of the NBL quadrupled.

Melbourne signed him as their General Manager/CEO in 1987 and he remained in the role until 1992. Before the National Tennis Centre was built he floated a plan for the club to have a permanent home and training venue at the centre but it was thwarted.

In July 1992, King resigned, citing a lack of motivation in continuing in the job. The the new chairman Ian Ridley replaced King with Hassa Mann. King was later involved in the anti-merger campaign at Hawthorn.


Some sources suggest King was sacked by Ridley.

Canberra Times - 13/11/1986, 10/07/1992
Age - 16/03/1987, 09/12/1990

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