Stan Binns

DOB: Unknown
Died: Unknown

From: Walpepup/Jeparit

Games: 0
Goals: 0

1938 Seconds follower who came to Melbourne when the club found employment for him. He was named on the final list but failed to play a senior game.

After being removed from Melbourne's training list in early June, Binns played two VFA games with Yarraville before being transferred to Mildura with his work.

Several years earlier he had trialled at Fitzroy but wasn't signed.

Other Players

Also shown as from Ouyen and Culgoa. May have been different players as the Ouyen Binns played in 1931. Possibly the Stanley Binns who died 22/09/1956 (Argus 24/09/1956)

Weekly Times - 05/06/1937
Argus - 27/01/1938
Weekly Times - 19/02/1938
Weekly Times - 09/04/1938
Argus - 23/04/1938
Weekly Times - 30/04/1938
Argus - 08/06/1938
Argus - 02/12/1938

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