September 1881 match vs Hotham

Saturday 10 September - Melbourne Ground
Crowd - "About 4000"

Melbourne 3.17
Hotham 3.2 (half time 1.9-0.0)

Match drawn

Goalkickers: F. Baker 1, C. Baker 1, Downes 1

On a warm day with light wind the two teams went into battle in front of a small crowd at the Melbourne Ground. Stiffe had the first shot on goal for the home side from a place kick but missed, and the same player also missed a running attempt not long after.

Hotham were continually forced to defend their goal, and after Melbourne's sixth behind the visitors' goal was put under siege for 10 minutes straight. A number of shots were made at the Hotham goal but none were effective until Baker finally opened the scoring.

Shortly after the start of the second half Hotham scored their first behind of the match, but soon after C. Baker registered Melbourne's second major of the afternoon.

The second goal gave Hotham a rev-up and they lifted their game, scoring their first goal of the afternoon. After C. Baker missed two shots on goal they then scored an equaliser. Melbourne continued to attack without reward until Downes scored the third to take the lead back.

Shortly before the close of play Hotham scored another equaliser, and despite two opportunities to win the game Melbourne could only register behinds and the match ended in a draw. The Reds had registered 15 more scoring shots for the day.

Best were Aitken, Lawrence and McDonald.

Selected team
J. Adams, D. Aitken, C. Baker, R. Booth, W. Boys, H. Lawrence, J. McDonald, M. Mackenzie, W. Manifold, F. Pitcher, C. Power, T. Power, D. Barnard, C. Rosser, J. Rosser, W. Stiffe, H. Syme, S. Thewlis, J. Watson, J. Wilson.

Some sources have Hotham on 0.1 at half time and Melbourne finishing on 16 behinds

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