September 1880 match vs Carlton

Saturday September 25 - Princes Oval
Crowd: "Between 10,000 and 12,000"

Melbourne 0.14
Carlton 0.5 (HT 0.3 to 0.2)

Match drawn

In their three previous matches during the season, Carlton had won one and two others had been draws so the last league match of the year was an opportunity for Melbourne to get one back over their old enemies. They were the better side all day but couldn't find a goal and had to settle for a draw.

In squally conditions Melbourne had to kick into the wind in the first half, but registered the first behind. They would continued to kick useless minor 'scores' for the rest of the day without ever being able to break through for a major. Each side had the ball in front of the opposition goal for long periods during the half without being able to convert.

The second half saw Melbourne make more futile efforts on goal, and restricted their opponents to a handful of chances, but wasted all their opportunities to end the year with a victory. Nash missed the best chance to give his side a win but missed an easy shot and both sides ended the afternoon scoreless.

Best were Aitken, Henderson and Simson.

Selected side
Adams, Aitken, Baker, Bennie, Booth, Boys, Downes, Henderson, Hopkins, Lamrock, W. Longden, Mackenzie, McDonald, Manifold, McKie, Nash, Power, Simson, Smart, Watson. Emergency - Young.

Some sources give the crowd as 8000-12,000 and the behinds as 15-5.

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Argus - 27/09/1880
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Australasian - 02/10/1880

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