September 1875 Match vs Albert Park

Saturday 18 September - Albert Park
Crowd - 3000

Albert Park 0
Melbourne 0

Match drawn

Having already beaten Albert Park three times in 1875, Melbourne were desperate for another win after two draws. They were unable to win, continuing their faltering finish to the season.

A strong sea breeze blew across the ground, frequently carrying the ball out of bounds and drastically affecting goalkicking accuracy. Melbourne had what advantage there was from the wind in the first half, and had the ball in close proximity to the Parkites' goal for most of the term but numerous shots were carried across goal by the wind.

Conversely, in the second half Albert Park had the best of the attack but they too were inaccurate. Melbourne occasionally rallied, but never had another gilt edged chance to take the lead.

Best were Bennie, Longden, Sillett.

Selected side
Bennie, Bennie, Booth, Carr, Cullen, Davidson, Down, Forrester, Freeman, Hammill, Johnson, Kneen, Longden, Nicholas, Sillett, Scott, Stokes, Towle, Watson, Williams. Emergencies - Goldsmith, Horan, Henderson, Landon.

Argus - 18/09/1875
Australasian - 25/09/1875

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