September 1873 match vs East Melbourne

Saturday 20 September - ((Richmond Paddock|Melbourne Ground)

Melbourne 1
East Melbourne 0 (half time 1-0)

Goalkicker: Austin Loughnan 1

For the second consecutive weekend poor weather hampered games, but this time the scheduled contests remained on. East Melbourne kicked with the wind in the first half, but were first on the defence and the opening goal came early in the game from Loughnan.

From there the contest was dull, the cold and damp ruined it as a spectacle and even with a player advantage the junior club could only launch one serious attack on Melbourne's goal all afternoon.

After the half time break play went on for 20 scoreless minuets, before more torrential rain fell and the game was called off.

Best were Byrne, Miller and Goldsmith

Australasian - 27/09/1873

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