September 1870 Match 1 vs Carlton

Saturday September 17 - Richmond Paddock

Melbourne 1
Carlton 0

Melbourne win by 1 goal

Goalkicker: James Byrne 1

Melbourne was hit by poor weather in the week leading up to the game, but on the Saturday the game was played in fine conditions in front of a respectable crowd.

Melbourne captain Henry Harrison won the toss and decided to kick with the wind. Byrne got a goal from a fine kick after 20 minutes, the only one scored all day. Carlton made some attacks during the day but usually had the ball at their defensive end. The two clubs played with vigour, and Carlton were kept out three times when the ball was on Melbourne's goal line.

The home side had their issues as well, four easy chances were missed - including three to Thomas who twice marked within 15 yards of goal and missed. A second goal was scored but it was disputed as the umpire didn't see it.

Best were Harrison, Byrne and Bell.

Harrison (c), Byrne (vc), Barker, Bell, Colles, Duff, Finlay, Freeman, C. Forrester, J. Forrester, Goldsmith, Hepburn, Hope, Loughnan, Morrell, Ryan, Riggall, Treacy, Towle, Williams. Emergency - E. Harrison, McLennan, Searll, Thomas.

Argus - 17/09/1870
Argus - 19/09/1870

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