September 1869 match vs 14th Regiment

25 September - Richmond Paddock

Melbourne 3
14th Regiment 0

Melbourne win

Goalkickers: Bill Gorman 2, Charles Carr 1

In a rough game several Melbourne players had their shirts torn from their back, including Freeman who suffered that fate three or four times, and one was punched in the face. It had been said that the soldiers had been practicing for the game for a number of months, but they were more noted for their violence than the football.

Nevertheless at the end of the match Melbourne captain Henry Harrison led three cheers for his opponents and joked that they had mistaken the hosts for "their enemy".

Carlton's visiting Bill Gorman - who had not travelled with his regular side to a match in Geelong - kicked the first goal after half an hour, added the second a further hour later and Carr wrapped the match up with a third to end Melbourne's season on a high.

Selected side
Barker, Bruford, James Byrne, Carr, Colles, Duff, Finlay, Freeman, Charles Forrester, J. Forrester, Goldsmith, E. Harrison, Henry Harrison, Hepburn, McLennan, McCracken, Ryan, Riggall, Petrie and Thomas

Some sources claim the game was played on the MCG proper and that it was the first time a price had been charge for admittance to the ground, and some that it was played on the Melbourne Ground. The papers of the day report that it was played on Richmond Paddock.

Australasian - 25/09/1869
Argus 27/09/1869
Australasian - 02/10/1869

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