Semi Final 1941

Semi Final, 1941
Melbourne vs Carlton
Saturday 13 September
Venue: MCG
Attendance: 59,435

Match Statistics

Melbourne win by 27 points

Goalkickers: Ron Baggott 6, Jack Mueller 5, Percy Beames 2, Maurie Gibb 2, Norm Smith 1

First Game
Don Cordner

Last Game
Rowley Fischer

Having lost to the Blues in the last Home and Away game of the season as well as an earlier engagement during the season, Melbourne learnt their lesson and dramatically changed their lineup going into the finals. Mueller was isolated in the goalsquare by the hard work of Smith and Baggott, and the Demons booted away to a comfortable lead at the first change.

It had rained the night before but the ground held up well. Melbourne got the first of the day with the third kick, following on from a free in the centre, when Mueller converted. They kicked the first three, as Carlton were being solidly beaten in the rucks and around the ground. The rovers dominated, and even with Norm Smith well held, the Demons showed how potent an attacking side they were by their second and third options (Mueller and Baggott) adding 11 goals between them. At the other end their defence was strong in keeping the Blues out.

On a heavy ground the margin was too much for the Blues to cope with, and negated their natural speed advantage. They struck back in the third quarter, but late goals to Baggott, Mueller and Beames gave the Demons a seven goal lead at the final change. Carlton switched players all over the ground for the last quarter and started to pile on the pressure - they got three goals in a row before Mueller kicked a steadier to end the Blue resistance and put the Demons through to their third consecutive Grand Final.

Mueller, Baggott and La Fontaine were best. Dowsing replaced Hingston (shoulder) at three-quarter time. During the last quarter Smith was limping badly and unable to have much impact.

Before the game Fitzroy training staff assisted their Melbourne counterparts. Players were given a shampoo by a white-coated barber and a well-known Melbourne orchestra leader played a harmonica to soothe player nerves.

B: Emselle, McGrath, D. Cordner
HB: Hingston, T. Cordner, Lock
C: Anderson, La Fontaine, Daly
HF: Gibb, Baggott, Wartman
F: Dullard, Smith, Heal
Foll: Mueller, Fischer, Beames
19th: Dowsing

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