Round 9 1980

Round 9, 1980
Melbourne vs Richmond
Saturday 24 May
Venue: MCG
Attendance: 27,217

Match Statistics

Richmond win by 93 points

Goalkickers: Andrew Moir 3, Tony Barnes 2, Michael Byrne 2, Henry Coles 2, Michael Seddon 2, Brent Crosswell 1, Robert Flower 1, Tony Martyn 1, Steven Smith 1

Last Game
Chris Woodman

First Goal
Tony Barnes (2nd game)

Statistical categories led:
Biggest loss against Richmond

Six goals down at the first break it only got worse. Richmond added another eight each in the second and the third before slowing down and allowing the Demons to limp to a five goal apiece last term. Poor Michael Seddon had even had his shorts torn off during the third quarter.

It could have been worse had the umpires not allowed Melbourne's defenders to maul champion forward Michael Roach. Tigers coach Tony Jewell argued that: “they did everything but tie his hands to his side”.

The treatment restricted Roach to three goals but Bruce Monteath covered him by booting eight - including four in the opening term. Despite Monteath's dominance up front it was Mark Lee who was his side's prime mover, winning 16 of the first 20 centre bounces of the match.

The Age described Richmond players "bustling to the front of the pack like old ladies muscling their way to the front of the hot bread kitchen queues on a Sunday morning".

Best were Flower, Coles and Elshaug.

The score is the 6th highest that the Demons have ever conceded.

Richmond 30.18.198 d. Melbourne 11.21.87
Goals - Maynard 3, Baker 2, Hunnibell 2, Bunn 1, Czarnecki 1, McLean 1, Whitfort 1
Best - Baker, Hunnibell, Pinnell

Under 19s
Richmond 21.19.145 d. Melbourne 11.13.79
Goals - Fanning 3, Bell 2, Kelly 2, Fidge 1, McKenzie 1, Sier 1, Whitworth 1
Best - McKaige, Locandro, Bell

Highest Score Conceded

Age - 26/05/1980
Football Record R10 1980

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