Round 9 1901

Round 9, 1901
South Melbourne vs Melbourne
Saturday 22 June
Venue: Lake Oval
Attendance: Unknown

South Melbourne1.
Match Statistics

Melbourne win by 16 points

Goalkickers: Frank Langley 3, Graham Colclough 2, Vin Coutie 1, Austin Lewis 1, Laurie Ogilvie 1, Alf Tredinnick 1

First Game
Harry Boully
Vin Coutie (and first goal)

Last Game
Laurie Ogilvie

First Goal
Alf Tredinnick

The two sides were hard to split in the first half, with Melbourne opening a 10 point lead at the long break. The Reds then won the game in the third quarter with a marked improvement in their forward play, and they opened a four goal lead going into the last quarter.

South tried to mount a comeback in the last quarter by adding an extra ruckman, but Melbourne countered them with the same tactic. The result of the crowding around the ball was a hard quarter where South held their opposition to a point but only managed 1.3 of their own to fall well short of victory. South had also been handicapped with an injured player in the last quarter who was unable to make any impact.

Best were McGinis, Purse and Moodie.

Age - 24/06/1901
Australasian - 29/06/1901

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