Round 8 1982

Round 8, 1982
Fitzroy vs Melbourne
Saturday 15 May
Venue: Waverley
Attendance: 25,856

Match Statistics

Melbourne win by 65 points

Goalkickers: Mark Jackson 6, Gerard Healy 4, Alan Johnson 3, Stephen McCarthy 3, Kelly O'Donnell 3, Adrian Battiston 2, Robert Flower 2, Brent Crosswell 1, Roger Ellingworth 1

First Goal
Stephen McCarthy (2nd game)

Statistical categories led:
Highest score at Waverley
Highest score in Round 8

With the Demons having suffered four straight losses at the Lions touted as premiership contenders, Melbourne served up a first quarter which caused everyone to sit up and take notice. Seven goals and the Roys were effectively done for the day.

Melbourne had suffered honourable losses to the top three sides in the previous three weeks and unleashed their frustrations on a Fitzroy side who took a battering.

The Lions were still in touch at half-time, but their opponents delivered a third quarter worthy of any VFL team that year. And one which had fans asking why they couldn't see that sort of everything every week - or at least a few times a year. 10 goals to 2 gave them a ten goal lead at the last change and they coasted home to a popular victory.

Best on ground Adrian Battiston, who had been piledriven into the Waverley turf multiple times that day, summed up the feeling of victory by saying "It hurts a lot less when you win". O'Donnell and Johnson were also amongst the best. Giles was replaced in the selected side by McLean due to a knee injury while Robert Flower suffered a corked thigh.

After what would remain Melbourne's highest ever score at Waverley Ron Barassi said "I am a very happy man".

Melbourne 12.12 d. Fitzroy 11.15
Goals - McGlashan 4, Catoggio 2, Castles 1, Clayton 1, Elshaug 1, Seddon 1, Sutcliffe 1, Young 1
Best - Lawson, Tossol, McGlashan

Under 19s
Melbourne 22.13.145 d. Fitzroy 13.11.89
Goals - Bergman 6, Fidge 4, Rugolo 4, Philby 2, Howard 2, Dawson 1, Fisher 1, R. Howard 1, McDonald 1
Best - Connolly, Withers, Howard

Canberra Times - 16/05/1982
Age - 17/05/1982
Football Record R9 1982

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