Round 8 1973

Round 8, 1973
Melbourne vs Essendon
Saturday 26 May
Venue: Waverley
Attendance: 25,392

Match Statistics

Essendon win by 10 points

Goalkickers: Peter Dilnot 2, Graham Osborne 2, Ray Biffin 1, Mike Collins 1, Peter Keenan 1, Glenn Swan 1, John Tilbrook 1, Greg Wells 1

First Goal
Peter Dilnot (4th game)
Glenn Swan (3rd game)

Even though they'd beaten South Melbourne the previous week, Ian Ridley put the Demons through their toughest training session of the year and after hanging with the Bombers all day it looked as if Melbourne had run out of legs in the third quarter.

They rallied in the last term, and made a strong challenge which nearly got them over the line. Essendon had been forced to use both their reserves before half time due to injury and they had to fight hard to hold on in the last term.

Best were Wells, Osborne and Clark. Brewer (cramp) was replaced by Swann at three-quarter time, and Collins by Ritterman during the last quarter. Peter Keenan also suffered a knock to the head, while he and Don McKenzie were reported for striking each other. Keenan received a four week ban.

Stephen Kerley was booked for striking Essendon forward Pat Wellington with a fist to the face and was outed for two games despite a not guilty plea based around the idea that he was trying to clear McKenzie from the fracas with Keenan and accidentally hit Wellington.

Essendon 14.12 d. Melbourne 11.13
Goals - Flower 3, Payne 2, Cumming 1, Delmenico 1, Mills 1, Owens 1, Shields 1, Williamson 1
Best - Delmenico, Williamson, Cumming

Under 19s
Essendon 18.26 d. Melbourne 7.8
Goals - McMullin 3, McLean 2, Meades 1, Woods 1
Best - Doran, Meades, McMullin


Age - 28/05/1973
Football Record R9 1973

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