Round 8 1930

Round 8, 1930
Carlton vs Melbourne
Saturday 21 June
Venue: Princes Park
Attendance: 30,000

Match Statistics

Melbourne win by 2 points

Goalkickers: Harry Crapper 2, Robert C Johnson 2, Jimmy Davidson 1, George Margitich 1, Bill Vanthoff 1, Ivor Warne-Smith 1, Stan Wittman 1


The Redlegs took a good recent record against the Blues into their match, and despite coming off two straight losses they recovered to take the points against the home side.

On a heavy ground with a tricky wind blowing a poor opening quarter saw Melbourne wastefully kick just one goal from seven scoring attempts. Carlton got the first goal after a minute, and they had three on the board before Melbourne broke a run of five behinds with the first goal to Crapper.

In the second quarter Melbourne won aerial supremacy, and piled on five goals to grab a seven point lead at half time after turning back a last desperate attempt from the home side in the dying seconds.

It was the Blues turn to be wasteful in the third, leaving Melbourne in the lead before the momentum swung again and for the second time that day the Reds kicked six behinds in a quarter but a late goal from Margitich kept them in front.

Carlton took the lead early in the last quarter, and Melbourne were left trying desperately to break through. At first they could only manage behinds, but kicked four in a row to get back in front of by two points. Crapper then kicked what would ultimately be the winning goal to provide breathing room before Carlton kicked a late goal to cut the margin back under a goal. They ran out of time and were beaten.

It took a heroic performance by the defence to hold Carlton out long enough to get the visitors to the final bell with their lead intact.

The victory improved Melbourne's record to 6-2 and put them firmly in the mix for the top four.

Johnson, Cutler and Wittman were Melbourne's best. During the game Wittman was bitten by an opponent.

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