Round 8 1909

Round 8, 1909
Fitzroy vs Melbourne
Saturday 12 June
Venue: Brunswick Street
Attendance: Unknown

Match Statistics

Melbourne win by 13 points

Goalkickers: Vin Coutie 3, Len Norman 3, Harry Brereton 1, Ted Leach 1


A match marred by a number of brawls on the field, and a large spectator brawl at the end of the game. Newspaper reports described the teams "like Philistines of old they smote each other hip and thigh. They improved upon the Philistines' methods by also smiting each other eye and nose. It was one of those mad ebullitions which occasionally disfigure football and sport".

The game itself played second fiddle to the brawls and ill-feeling, but when the two sides decided to play football Melbourne were the better team. It also didn't help the quality of the match that the turf at the Fitzroy ground was in a poor state. The home side could have had a larger lead at quarter time but missed a number of good chances, and the advantage swung around to Melbourne in the second quarter as they held Fitzroy goalless.

The violence reached its peak in the second half, with the crowd even getting involved as players fought near the fence. In the middle of the chaos Fitzroy kept Melbourne scoreless but added only three points themselves and left the scores equal. Fitzroy only scored points at the start of the last quarter, and Melbourne took their chances far better.

At the finish, police escorted Melbourne players to the dressing room due to the angry crowd attempting to attack them. Stones were throw at the team as they exited the ground.

Best were H. Purse, Harris and Pearce.

Argus - 14/06/1909
Punch - 17/06/1909

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