Round 7 1969

Round 7, 1969
Carlton vs Melbourne
Saturday 17 May
Venue: Princes Park
Attendance: 15,150

Match Statistics

Carlton win by 30 points

Goalkickers: Blair Campbell 5, Stan Alves 2, Max Walker 2, Denis Clark 1, Ross Dillon 1, Greg Parke 1


Already in crisis mode thanks to losing their first six matches, the Demons battled a lengthy injury list for their visit to Carlton. Not surprisingly, they were beaten easily.

The Blues welcomed Ron Barassi back to their playing ranks. Their coach came out of retirement to play a final game for the Blues, take his game tally to 50 at Carlton and qualify his son as a potential Blue under the father/son rule. He was forced from the ground in the third quarter after tearing his hamstring.

John Beckwith used his pre-match speech to whip up his players by telling them that Barassi's comeback was insulting to them. At first, it looked as if his side had paid attention. It wasn't until Carlton's coach left the game that his side took over. Melbourne had matched them in the physical stakes and in the air for most of the day but they were too inexperienced to go on with it. Defenders Paul Rowlands and David Hone had been brave in defence all day before the Blues finally got on top.

Best were Campbell, Fowler and Lakes. Biffin and Lakes were replaced by Vagg and Letcher respectively in the last quarter.

Carlton 11.19 drew Melbourne 11.19
Goals - Powell 2, Wells 2, Sinclair 2, Stone 1, Sampson 1, Hayes 1, Mitchell 1, Emselle 1
Best - Wells, Colcott, Anderson

Under 19s
Carlton 11.10.76 d. Melbourne 5.15.45
Goals - Stephenson 2, Missen 1, Cook 1, Walker 1
Best - Gowdie, McKenzie, Brown

Age - 19/05/1969
Age - 20/05/1969
Football Record R8 1969

Blueseum match report

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