Round 7 1909

Round 7, 1909
Melbourne vs Geelong
Monday 7 June
Venue: MCG
Attendance: 8,495

Match Statistics

Melbourne win by 79 points

Goalkickers: Harry Brereton 9, Jack Smith 3, Joe Hodgkins 2, Jim Fitzpatrick 1, Frank Harris 1, Paddy Mills 1, Len Norman 1


With both teams playing their second game in three days, Melbourne had the benefit of being able to play at home against a side who had to travel to get there - and Geelong looked worn out from the start. They stuck with Melbourne, who had also played a tough game two days earlier, until half time before falling apart.

Despite Vin Coutie failing to land a goal, Melbourne lapped their opponents. First year player Harry Brereton took over as the focal point of the side and booted nine. It was the first time a league player had that many in a game since 1899.

Even though the sides kicked three goals apiece in the first quarter the signs were already good for Melbourne who were playing the better football and were handicapped only by their inability to kick straight for goal.

In the second half they corrected the issue and ran away to a rampant victory. The only aspect of the game in which the visitors could still compete during the second half was in the ruck, but with Brereton kicking five goals for the quarter the game was over. Six goals from six shots put Geelong away, and Melbourne rubbed it in during the last quarter. It stood as Melbourne's biggest win over Geelong until the 2021 Preliminary Final.

Best were Brereton, Purse and Pearce.

Newspapers suggest Brereton only kicked seven.

Argus - 08/06/1909

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