Round 6 1962

Round 6, 1962
Melbourne vs South Melbourne
Saturday 26 May
Venue: MCG
Attendance: 25,137

South Melbourne1.
Match Statistics

Melbourne win by 46 points

Goalkickers: Frank Adams 2, Ron Barassi 2, Ray Dawson 1, Terry Gleeson 1, Laurie Mithen 1, Geoff Tunbridge 1

First Game
Jim Jenkinson

South Melbourne travelled to the MCG trying to break a hoodoo which had seen them not beat the Demons since 1952 but with debuting coach Noel McMahen at the helm they had a nightmare of a day.

It looked good at quarter time for McMahen and South, but his side managed just 0.9 for the rest of the game.

Melbourne's score was their lowest against South since their 1952 loss, but for South their 1.11 represented their lowest score ever against Melbourne, worse than a 2.3 winning score in 1898.

Dixon, Miller and Crompton were best. Frank Adams was replaced during the game due to a thigh bruise.

Melbourne 15.16 d. South Melbourne 8.9
Goals - Rowarth 4, Ingwersen 4, Carrol 2, Ireland 2, Matthews 1, Townsend 1, Vagg 1
Best - Ingwersen, Case, Jones

Under 19s
Melbourne 10.10 d. South Melbourne 5.13
Goals - Fisher 3, O'Brien 2, Bourke 2, Carboon 1, Rice 1, Whitelaw 1
Best - Corrigan, Carboon, Armitage

Football Record R7 1962
Age - 29/05/1962

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