Round 6 1961

Round 6, 1961
Footscray vs Melbourne
Saturday 20 May
Venue: Western Oval
Attendance: 29,490

Match Statistics

Melbourne win by 25 points

Goalkickers: Laurie Mithen 6, Robert B Johnson 2, Frank Adams 1, Ron Barassi 1, Clyde Laidlaw 1, Ian Ridley 1, Geoff Tunbridge 1


Despite winning by almost 11 goals against Geelong in their previous match coach Norm Smith demanded his players train flat-out during their week off for the split round, and threatened to have them back at the MCG on Saturday for more if they didn't. He was pleased with their performance and excused them from the extra session.

A week later his methods were vindicated as his side's strong away form continued with a comfortable win at the Western Oval. Melbourne could have won by more but slowed down in the last quarter when the result was beyond doubt.

They had all but sewn the game up in the first quarter, kicking five in a row before the Bulldogs managed their first score against the wind. Against a faster, physically stronger and better marking team the home side were six goals down before kicking a much needed goal towards the end of the quarter. Melbourne's forwards were too good all day, with Laurie Mithen the best as he kicked 6.3.

The Dogs did better in the second quarter with the wind at their back and kept Melbourne goalless but added just three goals themselves due to wayward kicking. The visitors kicked away in the third before the wind cruelly dropped at the start of the last quarter leaving them with little chance of making up the gap.

Best were Hassa Mann, Laidlaw and Mithen. Ridley and Gleeson were replaced by Dawson and Len Mann respectively during the last quarter.

Footscray 10.11 d. Melbourne 8.5
Goals - Anderson 2, Rowarth 2, J. Leahy 1, Thorpe 1, Turner 1, Urwin 1
Best - Leslie, Collins, Carroll

Under 19s
Footscray 11.18 d. Melbourne 10.9
Goals - Mathews 4, Hancy 2, T. Johnston 2, Russell 1, O'Brien 1
Best - Mathews, Hancy, Russell

Age - 19/05/1961
Age - 29/05/1961
Football Record R7 1961

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