Round 6 1956

Round 6, 1956
North Melbourne vs Melbourne
Saturday 19 May
Venue: Arden Street
Attendance: 11,000

North Melbourne4.
Match Statistics

Melbourne win by 42 points

Goalkickers: Ron Barassi 3, Stuart Spencer 3, Athol Webb 2, Robert B Johnson 1, Laurie Mithen 1, Ian Ridley 1


The unbeaten Demons, aiming to extend their club record winning streak to 12, were temporarily surprised by a pacy, skilful North Melbourne side who were expected to be beaten comfortably. The Roos took a comfortable lead into quarter time and remained in front at the long break.

In took until the second half for Melbourne to eventually ease to another win against an opposition attack who were so one dimensional that Jack Spencer kicked five of their six goals. Down the other end the Demons had six goal kickers, and would have had more if the North backmen hadn't defended stoutly.

It was another week where Melbourne had failed to kick more than a hundred points but had been rescued by a strong defence. They'd failed to top the ton at all so far in 1956.

Marquis, McMahen and Mithen were best. During the game Wilson replaced R. Johnson (cramp) and Bull replaced Ridley (cramp). Athol Webb severely bruised his chest and shins when he ran into a goalpost at full-speed and Cordner suffered a cut shin.

The win gave the Demons a two win and percentage lead at the top of the premiership table. A supporter donated a suit for the best player but Trevor Johnson and Ken Melville tied for the award.

Melbourne 17.21 d. North Melbourne 14.9

North Melbourne 12.16 d. Melbourne 3.5

Argus - 16/05/1956
Age - 22/05/1956
Age - 21/05/1956
Argus - 22/05/1956
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