Round 6 1954

Round 6, 1954
St. Kilda vs Melbourne
Saturday 22 May
Venue: Junction Oval
Attendance: 16,000

St. Kilda0.36.98.1214.15.99
Match Statistics

St. Kilda win by 21 points

Goalkickers: Frank Adams 4, Stuart Spencer 3, Bob McKenzie 2, Lance Arnold 1, Tony Bull 1, Denis Cordner 1


Melbourne's promising start to the season came to a halt as they blew a six goal lead at the first change to be comfortably beaten by the Saints. They started as favourites and early on their pace troubled St Kilda. When they were 34 points in front at quarter time it looked as if they would live up to the pre-match expectations before the home side launched a major comeback.

St Kilda had threatened early in the first quarter but only managed three behinds before Melbourne took hold. The comeback began quickly with two goals at the start of the second quarter and St Kilda cut the gap to four points. The third quarter was practically even, with scores level at three quarter before St Kilda ran away with the match in the final term. They booted the first two goals of the term to take a 14 point lead, and kicked 6.3 to three goals straight in total. It was St Kilda's best score against Melbourne since 1940.

Best were McMahen, Williams and McLean. Carroll replaced McMahen (leg) during the last quarter due to injury. Mithen was concussed and had to leave the game at half time.

Melbourne 8.15 d. St Kilda 2.12

Melbourne 14.16 d. 2.3

Sporting Globe gives the crowd as 21,000. Other sources suggest it was Mithen went off at half time.

Age - 21/05/1954
Sporting Globe - 22/05/1954
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