Round 6 1937

Round 6, 1937
Footscray vs Melbourne
Saturday 29 May
Venue: Western Oval
Attendance: 17,000

Match Statistics

Melbourne win by 22 points

Goalkickers: Ron Baggott 5, Ron Barassi 3, Ted Buckley 1, Jack Mueller 1, Norm Smith 1

First goal
Ted Buckley (2nd game)

50 games
Maurie Gibb

After two weeks defending their winning streak against the other two unbeaten teams in the league the Demons added a sixth straight victory at the Western Oval, but not without some nervous moments.

In a tight game the two sides stayed closed together most of the day, but with the aid of the wind in the last quarter Melbourne were expected to run away with victory. The wind swung against them late in the match but they had already done enough to insulate themselves against a Footscray comeback.

Mueller, Wartman and Buckley were best.

Melbourne 17.18 d. Footscray 9.8
Goals - Bennett 4, Munday 3, Stewart 2, Coolahan 1, Reilly 1, Ball 1, Anderson 1, Waters 1, McDonagh 1, Backway 1, Emselle 1
Best - Emselle, Coolahan, Reilly

Football Record R7 1937

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